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Avatar n tn I found a breast lump in early July and biopsy revealed a benign mass in early September. My mom died of breast cancer at 44. Since finding the lump, I've been suffering from some intermittent sharp pain in my right shoulder area. It started off dull and not very frequent. Now it's more frequent although I don't know that I can classify it as "severe". The painful areas hurt to touch. I have tender, painful areas in my right shoulder and a few spots on my left side too.
Avatar n tn A few days ago, I noticed a small lump had formed on my upper back, just above the shoulder blade. At the time it was basically the same tone as the rest of my skin, but felt like something hard about the size of a pea just under the skin. Over the past few days it has gotten rather red (with tenderness and slight redness surrounding it for about an inch) and is somewhat painful when pressed.
Avatar n tn Tired of Docs looking at me like Im a nut case. Left shoulder pain, shoulder blade pian, down into left arm and elbow now too, and up into left side of neck and ear. Add to the mix, heart probs and when I say my left side hurts, they check my heart and say..nothing wrong there, and ignore the shoulder stuff.. MRI shows nothing, x-ray shows pain reliver helps somtimes...hurts every single day...som days so bad I dont want to move...any suggestions?
211940 tn?1267884866 Her pain in her elbow, upper arm and shoulder went away! I don't want to second guess my doctors, but at the same time, the constant pain, the resultant very high blood pressure (even though I've been on bp medication) which I think comes from the high stress of living with this terrible pain in my upper arm, elbow, and shoulder requires that I search on my own, like everyone here is also doing, for an answer that will work for me.
Avatar m tn This weekend my wife tasked me to feel an area of her upper back, just below her neck and to the left, between her shoulder blade and her spine. I felt the area and found a lump, just under the skin, about the size of a lima bean. I thought it felt somewhat rubbery, and I could grab the sides of it and pull it away a little, but it's in a wierd place for a growth of this kind. She also has a much smaller one right where her skull and neck come together.
Avatar n tn i have a lump on my upper right side just below my shoulder ,i have had this lump now for 2 months and it is not getting any smaller.please could you give me a diagnosis.
155639 tn?1251742203 I have two small bumps that feel like they are under the skin on my left shoulder. They could be bites but they are not itchy. Any ideas?
Avatar m tn It started to get better but then I got the same pain in the right shoulder which travelled down my arm. At this point a lump appeared on my left side accross my 1st rib which was very painful to touch. The doctor I saw said it could be costocondritis. However the lump seemed to go away after a few days but the pain remained in my right shoulder. It then moved through my chest area around my heart and I had difficulty breathing as it hurt too much to expand my lungs fully.
Avatar f tn I have pain and discomfort in my shoulder too. Had an MRI in July - implants were intact. August - Severe stabbing pains upper area of right breast. DR says "wait for surgery - must be due to the implants". Surgeon who has agreed to remove implants told me "if silicone is in my body implants need to come out quickly. Also states 'Silicone can not do this to the body. Doesn't cause these side effects.
Avatar n tn for prevention you probably want to work on proper upper body posture (maybe periodic use of shoulder supports/braces) and the appropriate strengthening exercises. If you do improve your clavicle bump problem I'd be curious to know, because i've been working on mines for almost a full year now.
Avatar n tn For the last week or so I have been having stabbing pain in my left upper quadrant, just under my breast. When I take a deep breath the pain intesifies severely. Today, the pain spread from the front of my body into the back and also up into my left shoulder. I am not sure if it is related or not, but I have had some pain on my left side around where my kidney is for about the same amount of time. Does anybody know what this could be?
Avatar n tn Has anyone ever heard of chronic pancreatitis with enzyme levels in the high end of normal? His pain is in his upper left abdomine and at times wraps around to his back. The pain never goes away and sometimes peaks at a 8 or 9 on a scale of 1 - 10. He has just started to see a physcologist that specializes in chronic pain. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Good luck to your daughter.
Avatar m tn I have this small (slightly painful most of the time) lump under my left shoulder blade. Sometimes the pain can increase and radiate down my arm but it's nothing unbearable. On a 1 to 10, I would say the pain - at its worst - is a 4 . The lump is not really visible but you can feel it when you push down and move back and forth in that area. Sometimes, when I stretch that area (turning my neck to the right and looking down), I feel it pop/snap (just a lil bit, not always).
Avatar n tn He guys I really hope you all find out exactly what is wrong because I have been having alot of this pain now for 9 Months My pain consist of my upper back right between the two shoulder blades,it is mostly on my right side of the upper part of my shoulder blade. I have alot of headaches, pains in my arms, tenderness in the feet, right up the back of my head, sometimes nunbness in the fingers, experiencing alot of pain, feels like there is something in under my right rib cage.
Avatar n tn Age 15, male. 125 lbs Alright, well there is a lump like thing on my left side of my neck. It has been there for at least a year and a half (maybe longer). There is like two parts of it, but its sort of like a cyst. They are located in the same area so I'm pretty sure it's definitely related. Its not connected to my skin, but is connected (as far as I can tell) to my neck. It's not a hard lump, I want to say it is a little squishy but not too squishy.
Avatar f tn I had a lipoma removed by excision years ago on my upper back, close to my shoulder, strictly for cosmetic reasons. Hope this helps, but please note that my comments are not intended as a replacement for medical advice.
Avatar f tn now its moved to in between my shoulder blade. today it has moved to my right shoulder. the pain is intense and i cannot sleep with it. My left ear is sore and i get swelling behind my ear also, my sinuses are a problem, as the decompression surgery involved cutting away the sinus membrane on both sides. i have a cough as its due to nasal dripping irritating. i have today though had severe pain in the middle of my chest, quite sharp spasms of pain. could any of this be related.
494669 tn?1275366075 Since then the aches, cramps, tingling, cold sensations and such have gotten worse and expanded to the shoulder, neck back, armpit and rib area. My left side of my chest does hurt at times and I think I am having a heart attack, but again the cardiologist says it is just fine. Is it possible to have some sort of infection in your muscles or nerves or something?
Avatar n tn Right now my right lobe is swollen, I have hashitoxosis, and yes it feels like a golf ball at times, my jaw and ears hurt, shoulder pain and headaches. (last time it was all on my left side).... I had to keep pushing this time to gey them to run more tests, when he found the antibodies in April, he said the lab made a mistake last July when I first started seeing him. Have a full thyroid panel done. Others here know more than I about numbers, Uptake scans, biopsies etc....
Avatar n tn Hi I have had this pain in my shoulder more like my upper shoulder above the blade. and when I touch the area it hurts and feels very weird kind of like a knot but way worse like rubberbands or something. It isn't normal. and when I use my arm lift something etc it kinda bothers me. I was wondering if anyone knew what it could be? I am going to see a doc this week and try and figure it out bc it is not getting any better it just gets worse and hurts.
1079962 tn?1256052693 A few years ago I noticed I had a lump on my upper back towards the left shoulder it at the time also had a small black dot in the middle. I experienced pain with it as well. I thought it went away so I thought nothing of it until recently I noticed it is still there and the black dot is a little bigger and the pain is more intense this time with it. It is like a burning pain that generates around the lump and continues to my upper back & neck areas, with intense pain in the lump area.
5648368 tn?1371627864 Following a trigger point injection over two months ago of lidocaine and Markane that did not improve the muscle pain and spasms in my shoulder, neck and back, I was left with a painful knot that I can physically feel under my skin at the point of injection in my upper back just under my right shoulder blade.
Avatar n tn After the surgery the pain did subside for a short while, but only to come back at full force and then some. I can feel a small lump and thought I might have yet another cyst, but have been back to my surgeon 2 times and he is not concerned. He wanted to send me to physical therapy, and this did not settle well with me, because I have not even had any xray/MRI/CTscan on this area. What is there is an underlying condition and physical therapy would just harm it.
Avatar n tn ER/PR neg HEU2 neg, which was MISSED by mammagram, I felt a lump and the US confirmed it. At the time I asked for scans to be sure it had not spread, they said there was no need since I had no symptoms, I knew this was wrong but I was scared and wanting to get the cancer out. I had a mastecomy and node removal followed by dose dense chemo, I couldn't handle the taxol and stopped after one treatment. anyway..I had reconstruction with tissue expander starting in March.
Avatar n tn I have lost weight recently and noticed the lump, but also I have noticed a lump in the upper part of my stomach, which probably has me worried more. I don't know if this is related, but it is making me look like I am pregnant. I just wonder if any or all of this chest and stomach stuff is related? Let me know if anyone has any insight on this.
Avatar n tn For about a week now, I've had shoulder blade pain, on the right. It's worse at night, when I lay down, and everyday motions hurt. The last few days, however, my right arm has been tingly - akin to when it falls asleep, only not so bad, and it doesn't go away. Today, they achy pain/tingliness (sp?) has radiated to the right side of my neck. Occasionally, when the shoulder blad pain flares up, my underarm and chest burn as well. This is all on my right side.