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Avatar f tn 1 week ago I had my Thyroid removed. Now I have a very painful lump on the upper left side of my neck, below jaw bone. I have a lot of hot sweats, day & night, & also get goose bumps if too cold. Not sure if this lump is related to past dental work or thyroidectomy??
Avatar n tn I'm 23, and I just discovered a small lump on my neck below my ear, behind my jaw. It's only on the left side, and it's very hard. At the end of October, I went to the health center at my law school for an on and off fever, weight loss, and other miscellaneous symptoms. They did the mono blood test and I was positive. I seemed to get through it pretty easily, though my throat was miserable for 2 weeks or so and I was exhausted for those two weeks as well.
Avatar n tn I had a severe head cold 2 weeks ago, one night I noticed a lump on my neck, right a the base of the neck on, beginning of the spine. It does not hurt me. It's a soft mass, however at times it feels as if it burns inside of me. Not a pinching feeling but a burn sensation. When I get aggervated it seems to flare. Question #1 what type of doctor do I see for this? Question #2 : Is this something of much concern? Thank you.
Avatar n tn So i have 4 lumps in my groin (2 on each side), one under each arm, and 4 on my neck (2 on each side). Also 2 under my chin. I really hope they find out what this is.
Avatar n tn Hi, Has the lump increased in size in these 3 years? If it were due an injury it would have healed by now. It is advisable that you schedule an appointment with a doctor at your earliest and undergo a clinical examination and possibly some tests like X ray and CT scan.
Avatar n tn I am 19 years old, and I noticed a pea sized lump behind my left ear on the upper part of my neck. I didn't notice it until it started hurting 2 days ago. Ever since then, it has had a dull ache....and it hurts when I press on it or move my neck too far. Does this sound like a cyst or is it something more serious? Thanks!
Avatar n tn i found a bean sized lump on the upper left side on the back of my neck it is not painfull it is mobile it doesnt feel solid but its not soft either i was thinking lymph node but i wasnt sure if there is one on the left side of the neck can anyone help?
Avatar f tn i have a huge lump on font of neck and both inside ears infected and two lumps on left ear lobe and tiredness
Avatar n tn Last night I noticed a lump on the back of my neck, on the right side, at the base of my skull. It's about the size of a penny and doesn't seem to be moving around or anything. It isn't real painful, only if I poke at it. I haven't had any visual issues, nor terrible headaches or nausea or anything. I had my family and a couple friends feel it and they all said it feels like a tension knot.
Avatar n tn I ignored them thinking that I just have severe PMS symptoms. About six months ago I noticed a lump on the right side of my neck. The doctors have checked me for diabetes, mono, thyroid, lupus, and many other things. I have also had a CT on the neck and an upper GI. The upper GI came back clear and the ct showed that i had a mass in my neck but they didnt do anything about it. Lymphoma is strong in my family and I am a little nervous. What should I do?
Avatar n tn I will have it on monday. The ordered it for the neck and left clavicle (the lump is located about an inch below my clavicle, and I think it ends about 3 inches below the clavicle), without contrast. What will the CT scan tell them? Will it help them come closer to a diagnosis? Thanks again for your help!!!
198703 tn?1207713828 it is very hard for me to tell .. but there is nothign on the other side of my neck that feels like this (it does not hurt).. its been there for a while.. but seems much easier to find now.. also I have been getting "chills" in my jar.. when I am not cold.. it just seems to tense up in my jaw and also all in the back of my neck below the skull . and it causes me to shiver.. I get a pressure in my head as well as more consistent headaches..
Avatar n tn I have had a painless lump in my neck for several years. It is on the left side in the same area where my lymph nodes typically swell up when I have a cold. It is behind the upper part of my jaw, below my ear. It is hard, painless (unless I press it rather hard), immovable and about an inch in size. I have had two doctors who have been aware of it, but dismissed it. The first one put me on antibiotics to make it go down, but they did not do anything.
Avatar m tn I am worried about a lump which I have noticed on the back of my neck. It is right in the centre of the back neck and ends about 1/2cm before my hairline. It is more noticable when I lean my head forward or lay down. I cannot notice it if my neck is in a normal, standing position.The lump is slightly closer to my head than my back. It is solid, it almost feels like bone. It does hurt slightly when I poke at it.
Avatar m tn Today I found a lump on my upper outside left arm. Right at the top outside of bicep area. The lump itself doesn't hurt, the muscle around it is a little sore. It is not sore to the touch. I haven't been to see anyone yet, it is the weekend. It is over an inch long (horizontal) almost an inch high and protrudes almost to the point you can see it visually outside the arm. I have had no injury there at all. I am looking for suggestions.
Avatar f tn About 6 months or so I have a lump in front of ear that is above the ear level on right side of skull. It is hard and seems to have not grown. Sort of like when you hit your head and get a bump, which I did a year or so ago. I am now aware of it and it worries me/ What do you think?
Avatar n tn However, when I do that, it seems as though a day or two later, the lump hardens, and it takes weeks, if not months to go away. Even more recently, I got a lump on the upper portion of my forehead (right side) that became large, and very sore. I never touched it because it was nothing like a pimple. It took about a week to reduce in size, then go away. 7 days later, it grew back in the same exact place, and is following the same pattern over again.
Avatar f tn Two days ago I noticed a lump on my the left side of the back of my neck, today I looked at it again and it has moved down and grown twice as big. It does not hurt, although sometimes it feels like a dull ache, depending on the way I move my arm. It feels hard almost like bone. What could it be?
Avatar m tn Evrytime I breathe my upper spine cracks and my neck is stiff all day can a neck x ray show upper spine problem spreads the stiffness to my neck and throat I have generalized anxiety disorder
Avatar f tn OK, my father has this lump that comes up on his forehead every now and then... but its soft. I gets about as big as a nickle and then it goes away completely....Its been going on for about 2 years now. He wears hats 24/7, so were thinking that it ma be a like a swollen sweat gland or something. the man dont like going to the doctor, so if we could get and idea of ma be what it is...
Avatar m tn Hi, I have a pretty good size lump on the back of my neck. I can move it around, as if its connected to the inside of my skin. I started developing it years ago, like at least 7 years. It has slowly grown over time. It started out the size of a pimple & I think I remember popind it (Sorry to gross ya out). When I popped it, a very white substance came out, not yellowish like a pimples. As it grew I could no longer pop it, its just a big lump now.
Avatar n tn My 7 yr old daughter developed a lump in her neck just behind her scm on the left side of her neck. Four months ago I took her to the pediatrician about it and he told me it was nothing kids have lumps. I took her to a different pediatrician last week and he said it needed to be checked immediately as it has hardened and it not painfull at all to my daughter. We seen a ear, nose and throat specialist on friday and he told me that it needs to come out asap.
Avatar n tn Forgot to add: The lump on your neck...The glands in your neck are usually swollen with mono. Also, we tried Tagamet and Prilosec for the neausea, but only Mylanta has helped.
Avatar n tn t notice this lump nor did my husband. I just recently had some more radiotherapy on my neck and my doc was looking at the area of exit and said I needed to moisturise it as its very red which is burnt from the radiotherapy. When I got home I tried to look at this area when I noticed this lump. I showed my husband and he prodded it and asked did it hurt which, it didn't really just felt a bit tender.
Avatar n tn A number of days later the lumps seemed to gradually disappear but on the left side of my head near towards the neck behind my ear a lump started to form. It didn't really bother me until it grow a wider 5cm round. I got really worried. It was sort've sort and hard at the same time, when I got it checked by my family doctor he said it seemed abit squeezy.