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232264 tn?1191252080 I was depressed, it turns out from benzos, and the dr said I was atypical bipolar and started me on seroquel. Seoquel was like a bad acid dream, visions in my head, made me so out of it, and my heart rate went up to >125. Some people seem to tolerate it for as simple a use as a sleep aid, but my heart rate has still not gone back to normal.
Avatar f tn my doctor gave me seroquel for sleep also, it does tend to make me groggy the next day,so she said for me to try to lower the dose to 25 mgs, it is a common side effect of seroquel and i guess if it effects you this way then it will always effect you this way, my doc told me this side effect doesnt go away with time. but if it helps you sleep while going through withdrawals than take advantage of the times where you CAN sleep...
Avatar m tn I would want to know from the members of this forum about how many people are using Seroquel only as a sleeping aid in doses of 25 mg and 50 mg.All suggestions and answers are welcome.
8520825 tn?1398515060 Some may remain bound to tissues, so it can take days to months to fully get rid of a drug, but the levels are likely to be too low to notice, and with such a short half life and only moderate lipid solubility, I don't think Seroquel will hang around for too long. Some people think that this effect can cause drug interactions, but I don't know how much evidence there is for this. Receptors will adapt over time, but I don't know how fast the process is.
Avatar f tn I started taking Xanax four months ago for sleep, I developed health anxiety and couldn't sleep. I started out at .5mg then soon was at 1mg before bed. I currently have myself tapered down to .125 mg in the morning and .25mg at night. My problem is I am no longer sleeping. I take clonindine and aetnlol they were helpful with sleep during the beginning of my taper, now not so much. I have seroquel 50mg, my question is has anyone tried this? Did it work?
Avatar n tn I have been trying to come off xanax for 2 month. i was taking 2 xanax at bedtime to sleep. im now down to only taking 1/4 per night, and im having problems sleeping at night, the last 4 night i havent got maybe 2 hr of sleep.
Avatar f tn I thought he was giving me the seroquel to help stablize my moods and help with sleep. A replacement for the xanax and ambien. Didn't think the seroquel would react in such a violent way. Took last 2 xanax Moday-a little jittery and sluggish but ok...just scared after reading so much about DONT go cold turkey. He is out of town -so er would the answer. Thanks....
Avatar m tn My Dr. gave me seroquel and Effexor so that I can start weening off the Xanax but it does not seem to be working. First of all the Seroquel is for Bipolar disease which I don't have, I have trouble sleeping and the anxiety is due to no drinking and my stress related job. I don't have panic attacks and I don't feel scared of people or other things but I do have anxiety from all the traveling that I do.
Avatar f tn I was stable until I lost my Jon and apartment and had a few sleepless nights and then came Seroquel and my life is in ruins! I can't miss work, I have no health insurance and I have been so sick for so long I don't know how much more I can take.
Avatar m tn I decided to put the boat in the water to do some fishing and I couldn't even concentrate! Has anyone taken Seroquel and Effexor at the same time, and if so what were the feelings youo experienced your first time. Any inputs are greatly appreciated!
425312 tn?1279969779 Why is it that when I take a xanax or a seroquel that the muscles in my legs start going crazy. for example. this afternoon I was feeling blah and too a seroquel to just get some sleep and my legs started going crazy.?
Avatar f tn I've been taking seroquel 700mg for a little over a month now and started to get side effects like bone pain and restless leg syndrome so I stopped cold turkey it's been about 4 days since I last took it and I'm wondering how long withdrawals will last I searched everywhere on the net and can't seem to find a solid answer I've been able to manage the insomnia with some xanax ambien and temazepam and norco that I have I've been feeling a slight depression and a little panicky any help will be wel
605458 tn?1265086851 I was put on Seroquel XR and could not tolerate it... I couldn't get up in the morning, driving was iffy and I was constantly tired throughout the day.. I'm back on a regular dose of 200mg/night (I take this drug specifically because it helps me sleep, otherwise I can't sleep). The suggestion of breaking out the dose throughout the day seems like it may be worth a try.....
Avatar f tn Okay now back to Seroquel. If a person goes off Seroquel and they need an antipsychotic, after a while the psychosis will return. If its treating mood stabilization same thing. That's not "addiction". That's the symptoms returning. That would be like saying if you went off insulin, your blood sugar level would get dangerously high. Of ocurse it would because the symptoms of diabetes would return.
Avatar f tn I was just thinking, my husband started seroquel last week and has pretty much slept since then. As I already told you, he is bipolar. He no longer has anxiety and when he is awake, he is way more calmer than before. Soooo, I started to search the web and found out that they give a lot of people going through w/d this drug. More herion users than anyone else....but they have found that it helps with opiod users as well. Hmmmm, this may have me excited.
420308 tn?1203044862 5mg of Effexor ER, 200mg of Lamictal, 60 mg of Buspar, 1200 mg of Neurontin, 600mg of Seroquel and .5 mg of Xanax ER as needed. I feel better than I ever had in my life, but the only problem I have now is excessive weight gain--about 30 lbs. I am currently 5'7 and 188 lbs. I want to get my weight down to 160 lbs. As a New Year's resolution I have been working out between 30-60 minutes 5 days a week combining cardio and weight training.
Avatar f tn I, 56-year-old female was on wellbutrin and seroquel for the last 2.5 years for GAD and depression, following a psychotic 5 days in an acute care hospital. i also take provigil as needed for daytime sleepiness. The wellbutrin was 100sr generic, and seroquel 75, of which I take 1/3 of seroquel as needed for anxiety.
Avatar n tn I have been on Wellbutrin for depression and Seroquel for sleep for about two weeks now. I have lost some weight from the depression and from taking Wellbutrin. The weight loss is about 20lbs. Will I regain my appetite or will I continue to have a lousy appetite? Also I have had several crying jags in the second week of this medication. Is this normal to have these? Sometimes I have about three of them a day? I told my psychiatrist and he said everyone cries is that bad?
Avatar f tn I used it years ago for Borderline Personality Disorder and Depression. It is way, way stronger than Xanax which is also very strong, so I would not be taking anything if you are on Serequel. It's a sedative and tranquilizer. Clonidine is not addictive and fantastic for withdrawing but you have to check with your doctor if you can take together. I really would not think it would be ok but you need to check. Like A.B.N.
Avatar n tn how much seroquel, xanax, and alcohol causes an overdose. im qworried about my sister, she ha been prescribed xanax for 8 years now at 2mg a day, so her tolerance is well established. she is also an alcoholic. thankfully, she knows not to combine xanax while drinking, but what about the addition of seroquel? could she OD from the pill combination alone? would then the addition of alcohol just pretty much seal her fate?
Avatar m tn Started taking seroquel 25mg., at bedtime, and they want to taper me off xanax..Terrifies me!! I'm it all together seroquel makes me sleep like a bear, and I do seem calmer the next day..Way different calm than xanax. Also on 3 blood pressure meds., and paxil 40mg. Help!!
Avatar n tn I have previously taken at various different times, Celxa, Lexapro, Effexor, Cymbalta, Klonopin, ativan, wellbutrin and trazadone. I recently saw a new Dr and he put me on Seroquel xr 50 mg to be taken at night. He said to still use the klonopin as needed. I suffer from depression, anxiety, insommnia and he believes I am bipolar.
584628 tn?1218601971 Obviously im on too much medication, but theres a long story behind that. anyways, I have been on 30mg adderalXR 3 times a day and 50 mg seroquel at night and 2mg xanax(as needed) for the past 9 months. I have never ever been the type of person whos weight fluctuates. About 3 months ago I started taking 20mg lexapro at night with the 50mg seroquel. All I know is i used to be a size 4...ive been a size 4 for the past 8 years probably...NOW, i am a size 10 or 12...
222369 tn?1274478235 of the GABA receptors in my brain and too much adrenaline----the xanax and seroquel bind to those receptors and help the brain shut down and go to sleep. Never had any problems with weight gain or making my hungry...but then again, I'm kind of like a person who can always be hungry, and have a not sure if that is a good measure. Still researching how to do it naturally without xanax----if anyone has had any luck, please let me know. Thanks!
1965148 tn?1354982234 Ya this is true! I am taking Depakote and Seroquel and those have helped my manic episodes. It helps me level out because I am so up a lot with a lot of energy. So these medicines are a great choice for me. look into it and see if this will help you too.
358304 tn?1409713092 My anxiety is very bad right now and I need sleep. SOOO sleep deprived. Hopefully this seroquel xr 50mg will help with insomnia, anxiety and appetite soon.
605458 tn?1265086851 Ringing in ears, tingling all over, and hyper last night starting about 1 hour after took med. had to take Xanax to sleep. Slept in way too late and was drowsy ALL day. I will give it 2 weeks if possible, but I don't know.
689327 tn?1240232764 Did Lexapro make you feel dull neither happy or sad I couldn't cry and even though I had horrible anxiety attacks hence the xanax the lexapro made me feel horrible, I have been off of it since May and I can't believe the difference.I can cry when I am sad I feel the difference between right and wrong, my kids can't believe the difference since I have been off the Lexapro had anyone else experienced that dull feeling while on the Lexapro?
Avatar m tn was on klonpin 11 yrs prior to xanax.. but just methadone and xanax since 04...i know about the mix or my combo vey well on very low doses of each..the xanax 0.5 5aday..methadone 10 mgs aday..was at 1 time 160 mgs i detoxed at home 2 yrs away from it 45 days then back at the dose im the questshion?? my shrink has added lamictail to my combo,,i asked him if it would had any further respatory depression..he just kinda nodded his head..wating oin his nest 8 min patient..
Avatar m tn My question about the benzos is should i tell my new doc, the only one i can find aside from the one ive been seeing who takes my insurance that ive been diagnosed with schizophrenia, and am on seroquel, celexa, risperidal or should i omitt these parts and tell him the plain truth about how libruim helps me by, helping me keep my anxiety under control so i can work, which not working is causing dire straights for me, basically that the reason i need it along with helping anxiety in general.