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232264 tn?1191252080 I talked to you about this in a earlier post. I was put on 400 mg of Seroquel while I was in treatment. And that was too much. I slowly started tapering off of them by 25 mg at a time. About a year ago I finally got off of them. But I still needed something to help me sleep. So my addiction Dr put me on Rozerem. It did nothing to me! So eventually I went back on the Seroquel, I only take 25 mg now, and it works great for me. I have tried just about every non addictive sleep med.
Avatar m tn Medications in the elderly is tricky, just as it is in children. The geriatric population tends to be more sensitive to medications and often require closer monitoring. Is your grandmother being seen by a doctor who specializes in geriatric patients? If not, that may be something to think about. The only medication you listed that I could imagine might be an issue is the Seroquel, the other medications shouldn't really cause a behavioral/mood issue.
Avatar m tn ) She was hospitalized and medications were changed. She has not been diagnosed with alzheimers or dementia, but was given Seroquel in the hospital to calm her down. After 2-3 months she has been having vision problems and some mouth movements like licking her lips often. Should she discontinue the Seroquel? If so, how would you withdraw from a small dose?
Avatar n tn hello, my 94-yo mother is in a convalescent hospital and gets agitated w/yelling and some persecution-complex behaviors, etc. they just started her on Seroquel, but i've read that that carries dangerous side effects; even the drug company says it causes 1.6--1.7 times greater death statistics. what is a better agitation medication for elderly women w/dementia and/or short-term memory loss. they also suggested Depakote.
Avatar n tn Combining Ambien and Seroquel can cause central nervous system and respiratory depressant effects, especially in elderly or debilitated patients. Please discuss with your doctor for alternate medications. In the meantime, I would strongly caution you not to drive or operate heavy machinery while on these medications as you might injure yourself or others. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn this is what i read online the exact actions my son was demostrating Some patients who take Seroquel may develop muscle movements that they cannot control. This is more likely to happen in elderly patients, especially women. The chance that this will happen or that it will become permanent is greater in those who take Seroquel in higher doses or for a long time. Muscle problems may also occur after short-term treatment with low doses.
251908 tn?1189759431 get in and get an echo and a heart holtier!!!!!! I have the same issue, and there is something wrong with two of my valves. what is your resting heart rate oh I am 27. I live with one of those polar heart montiors from target!!!
Avatar m tn They're pretty new, and they're mostly used for psychiatric diseases. But in the relatively short time they've been around (since the 1990s), doctors have been finding more and more applications for these drugs -- including nausea, vomiting, and vertigo. Which only casts the net of risk that much wider. I'm talking about atypical antipsychotics like Seroquel, Abilify, Solian, Lonasen and Risperdal.
Avatar m tn Seroquel (the brand name for the other medication you speak of) is an antipsychotic and from what the prescription label states it should not be used in people who are elderly who have dementia but you could discuss this with a neurologist, in the meantime look up the medication website. Namenda is one of several medications that helped some family members I know who have dementia. It would be best to consult with a neurologist and discuss all this with them.
Avatar f tn Instead, last year some Canadian scientists discovered that an anti-epilepsy drug, Depakene which is also called Valporic Acid (I think that's how it's spelled), stops the plaques that form in the brain which leads to dementia. In addition, it should help him sleep better. That particular medicine will sometimes deplete Folic Acid in the body, so he should have that as a supplement. VPA also goes by several other trade names.
Avatar f tn I am concerned in that because is elderly that he is being medicated for something neurological they were unable to diagnose. I had an elderly friend of the family whom my mother knew. He was in the hospital and he had some blood loss after surgery. He started talking incoherently because of this and they almost gave him Risperdal for "psychosis". Of course my mother stopped them and he did not have any "psychosis" but imagine if she hadn't.
Avatar f tn I hope you'll be able to keep in touch with us -- may I ask why you were prescribed Seroquel in the first place? My research, combined with some anecdotal evidence, indicates that this "atypical anti-psychotic" was developed as a treatment for schizophrenia -- a drug that, incomparison to the old days of the "Major Tranquilizers" that is, Thorazine and Stelazine, etc.
Avatar m tn She is so drugged up now, she couldn`t recognize her daughter plus she drools and she see`s things like blood and bugsThey are giving her 300mg of Seroquel,20mg of Prozac And when they put her in time-out, they give her Ativan,what can we do 2 stop this? Someone please help us. She doesn`t deserve this in her final years. She is 88yrs old, weighs120lbs,said a man aid gave her a sponge bath, I can`t imagine how she felt. It must have felt like a rape to her because she is so pure and naive.
Avatar n tn I have read all the bad things about giving the elderly antipychotics. Which do you think caused these symptoms? The air in brain or neuroleptics? The air had gone a few weeks later when the nursing home sent her for a CT scan due to fear of CVA however, all the symptons I mentioned earlier were still present. There was no CVA. When we tried to sit her in a chair a week or two after this she was so stiff it took two and three people to bend her.
Avatar f tn After an analysis of study data, the Food and Drug Administration required that all antipsychotics’ labels contain a warning that the drugs were associated with a heightened risk of heart failure in elderly patients. The new study, an analysis of more than 250,000 Medicaid records, is the first to rigorously document that risk for the newer drugs in adults over 30 without previous heart problems.
Avatar m tn There are some concerns and contraindacations about the use of antipsychotics in people who are elderly and have dementia which would be noted on the medication websites. It would be important to find out why they considered the use of these medications to begin with. Also they need to diagnose the cause of the dementia as what would be used to treat it might vary dependent on that.
Avatar f tn I can't imagine how she wouldn't be confused given her electrolyte status and I've been told that a severe UTI in the elderly also has that effect. It troubles me that she seems to be being treated for dementia when, as a family member, it seems more to me like depression or some sort of grief reaction that she isn't recognizing.
Avatar m tn do not stop taking it before talking to your doctor, she or he may know something we do not yes, there has been an increase in the amount of patients who are given a-typical anti-ps like seroquel and resperdol during opiate wd in some cases it is just not needed, when one of the facilties i worked at used medications like these it was to control syptoms, hallucinations, extreme aggresive behavior, uncontolled anxiety, and in some cases crowd control there is simple no way of knowing whats going
Avatar n tn the most common Seroquel side effects included: Dry mouth -- in up to 44 percent of people (see Seroquel and Dry Mouth) Drowsiness -- up to 34 percent High triglycerides -- up to 23 percent Headaches -- up to 21 percent Agitation -- up to 20 percent Dizziness -- up to 18 percent High cholesterol -- up to 16 percent Weakness -- up to 10 percent Constipation -- up to 10 percent Fatigue -- up to 10 percent.
Avatar f tn tardive dyskonesia - you're partially right about long-term use contributing to the onset. However, in some of these newer psychotropic agents -like Seroquel, there is a potential. Since I've seen tardive dyskinesia first hand, I think it's critical for anyone who is taking this class of drugs to be aware of the potential This info. is taken from the package insert, and I didn't know if you had read it.
Avatar f tn My 91 year old mother almost died one month ago from prolonged congestive heart failure. She was even in a hospice unit in a hospital but rallied. She is in an independent living arrangment with hospice at home and additional aids. She is on 24/7 oxygen and breathing treatments 3 x daily. The most troubling aspect is the uncertainty of her prognosis and the ups and downs that the family has been through.
155056 tn?1333642288 There are warnings on the prescription labels about the use of antipsychotics in elderly people with dementia. The best thing to do is to have her see a gerontologist who could make a conclusive diagnosis as to whether she has dementia and the cause of the dementia.
Avatar f tn there are a lot of meds that cause issues in the elderly. We have learned to stay away from SSRI re-uptake inhibitors, she also has to stay away from anti psycotic drugs which will make it worse. We finally found a doctor who says there are 3 groups of seniors, those with dementia, those with dementia and depression and those just with depression and they all need to be treated differently. As we have gotten my mom off of these meds, the hallucinations have stopped.
Avatar m tn If tolerance develops----sometimes it doesn't in elderly folks (probably absorption issues) then i am sure you and your doc will deal with that then. No need for premature changes to something working. Yeah bc?
4173517 tn?1350602301 I'm not trying to scare u and I'm not trying to post stuff negative I know I'm support to help people by ive seen commercials about Zoloft that are not that great but idk how it would effect u I mean I'm not really sure most meds effect people in many different ways I would try getting something else
Avatar m tn And only six months! Now on to the next stage.what do people think about meds for hyper avtivity in an 8 yr old?