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Avatar n tn I just found out I have the early stages of carcanomia in the right breast. I had three little cysts biopsied and they found a cancer cell in each, but not in the tissue or surrounding areas. They are 2 at 2cm and 1 at 3 cm. What are my options. Can I have a lumpectomy on the three or removal of the entire right breast? I don't want a totally masectomny.
Avatar f tn Hi, Those bust enhancing creams on the market right now are a waste of money. My Mom tried some very expensive cream and ended up getting her breasts surgically enhanced because everything she tried did not work. Surgery is about the only thing that would change the shape and/or enlarge them. I would think long and hard about that decision if you do consider surgery.
Avatar n tn Hello, I just had my right breast remove about 7 months ago , now my left breast is burning and painful but I cant find any signs of a lump do I need to br concern?
Avatar f tn i am having problems with my breast. My breast is a cup and i did a surgery and took out a lump which the doctor told me that its none cancerous so i have nothing to worry about. I notice that at the tip of my nipple every 2 months it grow and fall off and so it continue. I taught it was something normal until i ask a doctor at my work place and she said that its abnormal and i should run a test.what is wrong with me?
Avatar f tn i had a breast exam and it came back good now my right breast is bleeding and havein pai what is it
Avatar f tn now i am breast feeding.my right side breast sightly big, painful and spread to backside and hands. what happening. the milk is low secretion compare to left side breast.
Avatar f tn I had a right breast excision on September 2, 2009 and am still experiencing a lot of pain in my breast as well as my arm. Is this normal. I notice that it hurts more in the cold weather and after I exercise at the gym. Please advise as I am worried.
Avatar n tn the Right Breast. I have had breast surgery 8 or 9 times, fortunately all non-cancerous and now pre-cancerous. The vast majority of my masses occur in my left breat. I understand that this is typical for masses to occur predominately in one breast or the other. My search is for statistics on left vs. right breast masses. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I recently had a revised reconstructive surgery (April 2008) to have the implant in my right breast enlarged. The plastic surgeon indicated that she had to pull some of my skin up to accommodate the implant. Within the last 2 weeks, I have been experiencing tenderness under my right breast (on the rib) which is aggravated when I wear a bra. When I don't wear a bra, the tenderness seems to go away, or is not all that noticeable.
Avatar n tn You might jot down any concern that comes to mind between now and your scheduled surgery. Microcalcifications are merely an indication that the breast is reacting to some abnormality within the tissue and now as you indicate there is a defined mass. Regards ..
Avatar f tn I had double bypass surgery 5 weeks ago. I am having a lot of pain in right breast. It seems deep inside, aggravated when I walk a short distance and also hurts when I take deep breath or when I move the wrong way. Was told it may be from the drain site but I am concerned it hasn't subsided and not sure who to call, my own dr, my surgeon or my cardiologist, this is giving me a great deal of anxiety. Anyone else experience this, I have heard some say left breast pain, but this is my right.
3112530 tn?1434035633 I have a history of DDD/DJD and have had continuous steroid shots over the years. My last steroid shot was Nov. 2012. I noticed my right breast was enlarged and the nipple was somewhat painful. I had a mammogram done and it showed negative. The nipple pain has somewhat decreased but the breast is still enlarged. My doctor said he can do some 'minor surgery' or something like that. What type of procedure would be required here? Appreciate your comments.
107860 tn?1302930340 I may have surgery under my left breast, is it okay, while ur pregnant? or should I wait until the baby is born?
Avatar n tn Hi - under my old screen name Pretigem i wrote the first post about Indeterminate microcalcification of right breast and I did go and have stereotactc biopsy - the whole procedure ran very smooth - couldnt be happier and would recommend that over being in hospital, and put under anesthesia. I know its not possible in every case to have it, but if you could, it does save a lot of stress as compared to going in hospital. Although i was a wreck for a week - thank God it turned out to be benign.
Avatar n tn Hi all, I've presented with calcifications of the right breast for at least eight years. Each time I have a mammogram, I'm sent back for a sonogram. This time I'm being sent back for another series of more exact mammograms, and I'm scared at this change of protocol. What's up? Also, when do doctors reach a final conclusion that a certain set of calcifications are benign, or do they want reassurance each time they show up on a mammo? Finally, how worried should I be?
Avatar n tn I am a 43 female. I have had a total hesterectomy. I am having pain under my right breast which wraps around to my back.
Avatar n tn I recently discovered a lump in my breast under my right nipple at 3 o'clock. My GYN sent me for a diagonistic mamogram and ultrasound. The report states: FINDINGS:In the patient's palpable area there is an area of architectural distortion which somewhat holds up on spot compression views. It goes on to say: In the patient's palpable area there is a 2.1x1.7x1.6 cm echogenic area with a hypoechoic area measuring approx. 1 cm centrally. Biopsy is recommended. Consider ultrasound guided biopsy.
Avatar n tn Highly suggestive of malignancy- appropiate action should be taken. I am 73 years old I can feel the lump on the bottom of my right breast. It feels hard and kind of like a chord I discovered this 3 weeks ago. I had a breast exam 3 months ago and nothing was felt. based on the size could it be this was caught early? I also have been taking premarin for many years. My questions are how likely is this to be cancer. could it be a fibroid tumor or is that unlikely?
174515 tn?1191710869 i have a history of fibrocystic breast and had surgery done about 10 years ago. while i was having cysts removed i had a breast reduction. part of it was relocating my nipples. (sorry if TMI) the doctor has told me that i probably would not be able to breast feed, but i have done some research and seen where it is possible sometimes. the LeLeche League website says it is possibel etc.. i started leaking from one breast this morning.
Avatar n tn I am 38 years old and have been dealing with lumps in my right breast for about 6 years. I have had a successful ultrasound guided needle aspiration and have had a non successful needle aspiration and a biopsy. I have 22 lumps in my right breast, I was told that we do not have to worry about 20 of them. The one that I had the biopsy on was diagnosed as fibroadenoma and we need to keep an eye on it.
Avatar f tn Dear All - i had surgery about 18 months ago to remove the lump in my right breast due to GM, it has been fine by and large, although it took a long time for the incision to heal. Now am expecting another child, and would like to breast feed if i can. Question to you all - do you know if it is okay to breast feed? is it going to bring back the mastitis?
Avatar n tn A hematoma developed shortly after the surgery. I also have a seroma. My breast is still extremely swollen and very painful. The doctor has done one aspiration of my breast due to the build up of blood. He is waiting for my wound to heal and then he is going to do a revision. I am still bleeding and have no feeling in the nipple of the breast that I had surgery in. I also still have a lot of pain. Has anyone else gone through this? Any hints?
Avatar n tn My doctor took slides of my right breast discharge and scheduled me for diagnostic mammogram July 12th. My discharge come back negative but in my mammogram showed a small 1/2 mass with fingers growing and of ill defined shape. I was then sent for an Ultrasound and the Radiologist stated he didn't think it was cancer. He had a very difficult time finding it on the test. I went for a FNA and was told it was Fat Necrosis but need further investigating.
394017 tn?1255018132 to help keep your lungs inflated after surgery to help prevent you from getting pneumonia which can occur with decreased activity right after surgery.... how are you now? have you gotten your biopsy results back from your lumpectomy? what stage cancer were you diagnosed with before lumpectomy? please let me know how you are doing? i hope your pain is gone now....good luck and keep me posted.....
311310 tn?1214442997 My Doctor did not tell me what kind of surgery I will be having.. However I think is between two...right? I'd like to know what I'm in store for. I remember her saying saying that it should be one small incision and then one bigger one.. She said depending on how it is.. It might also have to be an open one?? ( i have no idea what this means) She said that we can scedule the surgery as an ASAP- because they are getting bigger and I am in a lot of pain. Does anyone know what that term means? ..
Avatar m tn Monday, I see the wound care specialist/surgeon who I suspect will 'want' perform another open excision to "connect the holes" that I have. I dread any further surgery because of the severity of my asthma following surgeries. I am not comfortable with this surgeon any more and look forward to being seen at Toronto College Hospital. On a humourous note, a (male) friend of mine said that he and I should go off to a nudist colony.
Avatar n tn AM 41YRS OLD, I HAD A BEGNIN BREAST SURGERY ON MY LEFT BREAST WHEN I WAS 19YRS. NOW I NOTICED, MY RIGHT BREAST IS GETTING LARGER AND DISCOMFORT,IT ITCHES 2 WEEKS AFTER MY PERIODS. DO U THINK ITS NORMAL? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/261575'>Breast itching</a>.
Avatar n tn About 3 or 4 years ago i had surgery for a binign cyst in my right breast. After the surgery, if i squeezed my right breast a greenish puss discharge would come out following a little blood. I told the people at the doctors office and they told me it was probably just due to post surgery and to watch it. After a while the green puss and blood stopped coming and my breast seemed fine. Ever since then i have had no problems until at least a year and a half after my surgery the cyst came back.