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3112530 tn?1434032033 I have a history of DDD/DJD and have had continuous steroid shots over the years. My last steroid shot was Nov. 2012. I noticed my right breast was enlarged and the nipple was somewhat painful. I had a mammogram done and it showed negative. The nipple pain has somewhat decreased but the breast is still enlarged. My doctor said he can do some 'minor surgery' or something like that. What type of procedure would be required here? Appreciate your comments.
Avatar f tn Surgeon suggested 3 month follow up.But just right after my surgery I felt a shooting pain in my right breast upper quadrant and after8 months surgeon advised to me go through another surgery to remove the newly formed lump.Surgeon says it is better to remove the area than waiting it to turn malignant.
Avatar f tn You really do need to have a breast surgeon do the surgery if at all possible. The sentinel node biopsy eliminates the need for complete axillary lymph node removal unless cancer is found in the sentinel nodes. The fewer lymph nodes removed, the less the chance of complications such as lymphedema. A great deal of your decision should be based on the actual tumor, i.e. the size, the type, the grade.
Avatar n tn It is common for the CA 125 to go up after surgery just from the irritation of the lining of the abdomen. It does not mean the cancer is growing. I cannot comment on your lymph nodes and would rely on your doctor's judgement. It is a very stressful experience!
Avatar f tn At 40 yrs. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a radical right mast. Dec. 15, 2004. My cancer in the breast was microscopic and throughout the breast, also had lymph nodes they took out 31 and had cancer in 30nodes. I received AC chemo then Taxotere, radiation and received Herceptin for 1yr. This past Sept 2008, I was finally ready for reconstruction. The surgeon took the Latt. muscle from my back to help with reconstruction and put in a expander.
Avatar n tn I am a 43 female. I have had a total hesterectomy. I am having pain under my right breast which wraps around to my back.
Avatar m tn t want to deal with the fact it may turn cancerous. But breast surgery is nothing compared to kidney surgery, and it is good to know the risks going in. I would also talk to your family doctor. They can sometimes help you interpret the 'specialist speak'. I personally would want some statistics behind what they are saying. If it is a 1% or 2% chance of turning cancerous - then I'd let it be because surgery carries much more than a 2% risk of bad outcomes.
418191 tn?1205195521 Doctor, Could you please look at a pic that was taken last April when I had my appendix out. He said to my husband right after that he wished he took my ovary too while in there. I've had a lot of pain in it. Do you think it looks like anything other then just cysts?? Would you recommend removing it? If you give me an e mail address to send it to I will forward it. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I recently discovered a lump in my breast under my right nipple at 3 o'clock. My GYN sent me for a diagonistic mamogram and ultrasound. The report states: FINDINGS:In the patient's palpable area there is an area of architectural distortion which somewhat holds up on spot compression views. It goes on to say: In the patient's palpable area there is a 2.1x1.7x1.6 cm echogenic area with a hypoechoic area measuring approx. 1 cm centrally. Biopsy is recommended.
Avatar n tn php Your doctor is doing the right thing by giving you an MRI in light of your breast cancer diagnosis. She is erring on the side of caution, and I totally understand why here. I can't imagine how hard this is, and people telling you that you're over reacting isn't helping, I'm sure. They're probably trying to be helpful, but I think waiting for results is one of the hardest parts of the medical process.
Avatar m tn It was there when I went to bed the night before my surgery and when I woke up it was gone. My mother has had breast cancer 3 times in her left armpit. So anyone would understand why I'm so scared. The doctor will not tell me anything except that the surgern will tell me what is going on. This time is very different from the last time. My lump does not move and it does not hurt. Anyone that would be able to tell me anything would be great.
Avatar n tn I have a friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Between the time she was diagnosed and had a lumpectomy the tumors had doubled in size. She had positivee and negative nodes. A couple of weeks later she had a port put in then soon after started chemo once every 3 weeks for a several months. She was suppose to have a month off before she started radiation.
1251633 tn?1269040572 For the last 8 years I have been plagued with a recurring redness, swelling and on 2 occassions the drainage of pus from my right breast. An initial biopsy done 8 years ago showed all was benign but why does this keep occurring? Every doctor I see has no real explanation, though the latest went so far as to say the the gland in my right breast is just faulty and keeps clogging because of the inversion, likening it to getting a big zit beneath the nipple. I am not really buying any of it.
Avatar n tn There appears to be a new cluster of microcalcification identified within the immediate subareolar zone of the right breast.The right breast stroma is moderately dense with scattered heterogeneity noted as well. I found two female General Surgeons that only do breast surgery in my town.. One of the doctor's has had a bilateral mysectomy for cancer in one breast. The other Doctor did the surgery. Let me know if you think I should still wait six months.
Avatar f tn I found a lump in my right breast. Had a mamogram last September and one last week. Did not find anything wrong with the new or previous mamogram and no difference between the two mamograms. Had an ultasound that did not find anything wrong. I went away happy. Then the doctor called and recommended I see a surgen due to my lumpy (his words) breasts and this makes the detection of cancer harder. Went to see the surgen today. He said that upon examination could not find any thing wrong, but !
Avatar n tn I do not know about breast surgery but there is a forum here , about cosmetic surgery check it out, my gut tells me go back to the Doc who did it and ask him whats going on ..
Avatar n tn My wife has a DCIS in her left breast and she did a mastectomy and the Microscopic Description is as follows:- 1-Extensive DCIS of intermediate to low grade with two foci of early invasion. One is of conventional invasive type and the other is of mucinous type. There is accasional foci of lymphovascular invasion. 2- Fibrosis, adenosis and cystic changes. The nipple shows DCIS but with no Paget's disease. 3- Eleven reactive lymph node but with no tumor spread. 4- Muximum tumor size is 8.0cm.
Avatar n tn I think your term "left there" is not quite correct. It isn't unusual at all that there will be some bleeding following most types of biopsies. A hematoma is NEVER "left there" intentionally; it develops after the procedure. I am not aware that a hematoma can encourage cancer growth. I'm also not familiar with the breakdown of a hematoma .... they are usually absorbed but this may take a considerable amount of time.
1544682 tn?1294286541 My Aunt had a large mass and some lympnodes removed from her right breast,That resulted in her having Cancer,The breast is swollen and turned Black in color,Went to Dr.They have never seen anything like this,Took a needle drawed blood out of the breast,Two weeks later,Starting to Swall more and very painful...What do you think is wrong?