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638895 tn?1223066826 I am debating on having reconstruction surgery with the skin expansion. Can anyone let me know how they did with it and what to expect?
Avatar f tn And, it requires what would likely (in the past) be considered an over-expansion of the breast that is to be radiated. Then, it is about a year wait - AFTER - radiation is complete before you put in the implant. As far as silicone vs saline, well, saline will can show wrinkles through the skin - if you have had a skin sparing type of mastectomy. Whereas a silicone implant will not. But, again, you need a surgeon to give you these answers.
Avatar f tn Even though my doctors assured me that the IGM had not returned I did not believe them. I went in for surgery on May 15 to have tissue expanders put in, I was certain that when they cut me open they would find abscesses. When I awoke in recovery I asked my husband and he said they had NOT found any evidence of the GM. I was so relieved. I'm sure you all are the only people on earth that know the relief I felt. Yesterday was my first tissue expansion and it went well.
1222635 tn?1366396286 Well one of the things you have to remember is that your joints are still softened and loose because not all of the joint-softening hormones have left your system. that being said...a lot of women gain a bra-band and/or shoe size due to joint softening and expansion..and it's not really something you can get back. just an unfortunate part of pregnancy...
Avatar f tn When it hurts I just ice it and take a little tylenol or Advil. They actually started expansion at the time of surgery and I will go for my first in office expansion on the 4th, then once a week for several weeks, as long as I can tolerate being done that quickly. I couldn't look at my scar for a week, but know I'm okay. I am considering it a work in progress. I will have the other breast augmented when the expander is removed. I also had an mri. My DCIS never showed on a mammo.
Avatar f tn Due to DCIS, I had a mastectomy of my right breast and a tram flap last May. No chemo, no radioation. The tram flap did not take and I ended up with huge wounds on my abdomen and breast. I am now healed and my plastic surgeon says I can have now an implant placed in my breast area. He suggested I start with an expander, have scar revision done on my tummy, and in about 8 weeks (after the skin has stretched) have implants placed.
Avatar n tn It has been four and a half weeks since my surgery. I was hoping to get back to my normal breast size which is a D cup. My question is, will the radiation stop the breast reconstuction process? Will the radiation affect the expanders? Will it hurt to wait until I am fully expanded? Please help answer some of these questions. I need some opinions. Thanks This discussion is related to <a href=''>Radiation in tissue expander</a>.
Avatar n tn 5 months since his surgery. He went to a meeting today and went into a higher altitude. Now he can not see anything but black when sittin upright. Is this something serious, or will it go away once he adjusts to the altitude?
Avatar f tn I actually have many questions. First, I had a double mastectomy almost 3 years ago with just an expander and silicone implants. Cancer had occurred 3 times, 2 times on the right and once on the left, so I decided to do a double mastectomy. I am still not finished the completion of reconstruction, as the one breast is off center and lower then the other one, and also has a dent in it.
Avatar n tn When you say expand, do you mean to expand the arch size of the jaw? That would require surgery most likely although a palatal expander or some other appliance may be able to do it but I think at your age, it may be difficult as you've stopped growing. You may need to consult with an orthodontist and get it evaluated. Sorry, I don't handle cases such as yours so I can't speak with full confidence about what may or may be a good option for you.
Avatar n tn The center for restorative Breast surgery now offers this option routinely to those women who are either thin and athletic or who for other reasons are not candidates for our procedures that borrow from the abdominal fatty excess. "Stacked" DIEP Flap Pioneered at my surgeon's center, the "stacked Flap" provides another option for the thin woman who needs reconstruction of only one breast.
Avatar f tn Earlier last week I saw my plastic surgeon for an expansion. Gosh, that night it was so painful...(like my 1st week after the mastecomy)--Has anyone experienced this? And if so is this what I can expect on every visit? Also, I will be seeing my oncologist this week for the first time. My plastic guy said I maybe treated either with chemo or tampen. ---that I maybe on the fence for chemo. Any input from you ladies would be greatly appreciated. God bless each and every one of you.
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Avatar m tn Hello, Dysplasia means change in the morphology of cells or an abnormality in development. This generally consists of an expansion of immature cells, with a corresponding decrease in the number and location of mature cells. It is the earliest form of pre-cancerous lesion and it has to be found out whether it is a low grade or high grade dysplasia or malignancy. I hope it helps.
Avatar m tn ICU reported bilateral traumatic haemopneumothorax. Cardiothoracic team decided that surgery was not an option to repair the ribs. Consultant report reads- Left sided multiple rib fractures (8 seen on x-ray) and loss of volume in the left hemithorax. The diaphragm had lost its contour completely and there was the possibility that the left phrenic nerve has been damaged. There was also chest cage deformity as a result which will prevent the expansion of the left lung to its maximum. Dr.
Avatar n tn Hi Doctor, Wanted to know about how long does it take for the incession/scar to heal completely?? The reason I ask is because I had breast cancer in the right breast, but had a double mastectomy. Now I notice that the left breast scar is completely healed. But now the right side where the cancer was is almost but not complete, still a little bit about an inch in size not healed. Is this normal?
Avatar n tn I recently had an ultrasound guided biopsy of the breast and the result is Fibroadenoma. I then had an ultrasound done for 6 month f/u and the radiologist said that the lump got a little bigger. He thinks its just scarring tissue but he recommended to take it out since it got bigger. I had this lump for about 20 years now, but just finally decided to get it biopsied. Should I take it out since there are some cancer that lies underneath the lump?
3541656 tn?1348191261 I am having really bad rib pain on my left side right under my breast. I told my doctor and she said it could be from my underwire in my bra or the expansion of my ribs for organs and baby but I went braless today and still had the pain. It hurts worst at night. Does anyone else have this problem and have any tips for me.. cant sleep?
Avatar n tn I am being told to wait and see regarding surgery? Is it possible the aorta will not increase over time beyond the 4.9cm or is it a fore gone conclusion it will eventually increase in size?
Avatar n tn I am not certain what your waist has to do with this. I see many patients who are full waisted and are overweight. 5'10" is tall, and your weight is not excessive. You should be eligible for expansion, or flap sugery unless there is something I do not know. Have you had radiation or extensive scarring on your abdomen? If so, then perhaps your best option may be the latissimus or back surgery. You should not give up but prevail.
Avatar f tn The surgery was pretty intense, as you would imagine. About 6 weeks after surgery, my symptoms started to return. In February I had another MRI, which shows the cyst is back, and now is 17 x 21 cm. My doctor says to leave well enough alone, and wait until my symptoms get worse or see if cyst grows. My question is how often should I have an MRI to check to see if it is growing, and if I do end up having to have surgery again, how do I know it won't come back again.
314692 tn?1214080510 I have been told by my plastic surgeon that this would not be a problem, because any problems that MAY arise due to rads could be fixed. I was also told by my (2nd opinion) breast oncology surgeon that rads dont ALWAYS jack up the implant. However my oncology surgeon is VERY against immediate recon when rads are involved. He thinks I should wait up to a year. I REALLY want immediate recon because I am only 41 and waiting up to 12mos is not something I want to do.
1530342 tn?1405016490 he endorsed President Obama’s Medicaid expansion plan. While clearly the right move on policy grounds, Sandoval’s decision was a political surprise – conservative groups have made it abundantly clear to GOP governors that activists on the right consider this policy an outrageous betrayal of conservative principles that would not be tolerated. It took a month for Sandoval to get some company, but New Mexico’s Republican governor, Susana Martinez, ended up endorsing Medicaid expansion, too.
Avatar f tn I had scoliosis surgery in 1978 with Harrington rod on my thoracic spine. I have had a lot of pain over the years worsening with age. I had an MRI of my cspine due to arm and some fingers going numb and pain in my brachial plexus area and neck. I knew my cspine was a mess in 15 years ago when I had mris done but it is really bad now and am being referred to a neurosurgeon. I can't help but think I am headed for a complete revision or fusion of cspine.
Avatar f tn I had scoliosis surgery in 1978 with Harrington rod on my thoracic spine. I have had a lot of pain over the years worsening with age. I had an MRI of my cspine due to arm and some fingers going numb and pain in my brachial plexus area and neck. I knew my cspine was a mess in 15 years ago when I had mris done but it is really bad now and am being referred to a neurosurgeon. I can't help but think I am headed for a complete revision or fusion of cspine.