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Avatar f tn It costs as much to have the implants removed and have a breast lift as it does to have implants. Right now you could probably get reasonable FIXED RATE financing to have this done. Ask at the Doctors office, look on the net for reviews of this sort of thing... When I had my implants removed, I also had a mastopexy (or breast lift). I was very happy with my results and very glad to have the effects from the silicon gradually disappear.
937868 tn?1379188559 Hello, i had breast implants surgery in 1986 ( silicone implants), now they are broken The silicone is out of The implants, do you recomended surgery to remove these implants? I was diagnosted with fibromyalgia and every day i'm more sick...can anybody tell me the adverad reactions of The broken silicone implants and how dangerous is The surgery and anestesia....
Avatar n tn I had Breast implants put in on 20th of April this year, my Right breast has healed perfectly and without hassle, however my left breast has been cauising some problems. 2 weeks after the surgery i was back in surgery as my doctor said that my body is rejecting the left implant, he took it out, cleaned it, put it back in and stitched it up again, now it is happening again, he said the implant will have to come out.
214901 tn?1227571155 In the situation noted above, I try to make sure that every breast augmentation patient is fitted for implants and makes their own decision about size (with my help, if desired) prior to the procedure. I never try to dictate my aesthetics to the patient. I then let the patient know what costs are involved should they request an alteration of their size after the surgery.
Avatar f tn I am a 32 year old female with breast implants (under the muscle). I had them done almost 10 years ago and want to have them re-done. I found out about a year ago during a mammogram that I have a cyst in my right breast and now I can feel another one in my left breast. Do you think that I need to have these cysts removed before I decide to have my breasts re-done or could the plastic surgeon remove them during the surgery?
Avatar n tn this has nothing to do with ttc but i am ttc and i have to know before i make a big i plan on having my breast done before summer comes. i want the saline implants at about mayb a 30c or a 38b i now wear a 28a or sometimes i can even go without bras or were childrens training bras.
Avatar n tn This is not a complaint that I am aware of occurring in many years of medical practice and breast augmentation surgery. Your post-operative infections may have resulted in increased vascularity to the area, particularly if that is the area of your incision. Sometimes laser therapy may be helpful. Assuming your subsequent surgery occurs without complication, I would not expect it to make this problem worse.
Avatar n tn My cardiothoracic surgeon and cosmetic surgeon both did not see any problems for me to undergo breast augmentation surgery. I had it about a month after my heart surgery. I don't know about your specific conditions but I'd check with a cardiologist and a cosmetic surgeon (board certified) and see what they think. Your cosmetic surgeon might need a written 'okay' from your cardiologist before going ahead with the surgery. Good luck!
Avatar f tn After 3rd mammo (first 2 not good enough quality) was told I need a biopsy. Since I have saline breast implants over the chest muscle what is the best biopsy to get? Do not want to deal with a ruptured implant on top of this. Want the least invasive method as I have experienced a DVT and blood clot (pregnancy related) in the past so any surgery concerns me. I have an Aunt on my Fathers side that had breast cancer that only known family history of breast cancer.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with Fibrocystic breast disease, I've also been wanting to get breast implants for a while but now I don't know if implants are a good idea? Do you know if implants would interfere with this disease? Any comment/ suggestion is greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn The problem with surgery for capsule contracture associated with breast implants, is that it is impossible to predict the success of the procedure. In many cases, removal or partial removal of the scar tissue with or without implant repositioning, will result in soft symmetrical breasts. However, there is a real risk that capsule formation will recur. Removal of the implants will completely eliminate the problem since the scar tissue is reacting to the implants.
172023 tn?1334675884 Some of the existing scar tissue capsule surrounding your implants would be removed at the time of surgery and your tissues should exfpand without problem. Gel implants were always available for reconstructive purposes and they could easily be used in place of your current saline implants. They are probably a better choice for you because of your relatively thin tissue covering the implants. Finally, insurance coverage will depend on both your policy and the state laws where your live.
Avatar n tn Score one more for the lawyers). There are ways to reconstruct without using any implants; but it's a much bigger surgery. No doubt, if she's interested in reconstruction, she'll hear about all the choices. And for women who really don't want to go through the extra surgery, but want to look ok in clothes, there are very natural-looking prostheses (falsies) that either fit into a bra or even some that stick directly to the chest and don't require special bras.
Avatar f tn Hi. I am 34 years old and have had saline filled breast implants for 12 years now. For the past few months I have had severe left side chest pain, back pain and left arm tingling. I now have high blood pressure and tachycardia and am on a beta-blocker for this. Recent labs show a high Rheumatoid factor and very high IgG. I am currently under the care of a cardiologist for the chest pain and will be doing further testing soon.
Avatar f tn I have no problem with plastic surgery, or implants or whatever, but honestly...why would you want to be so huge? Her boobs must have arrived at any particular destination 10 minutes ahead of her. Can you imagine trying to shop? And her back...must have been killing her. No thanks!
Avatar n tn Hi there! I initially had breast augmentation with saline implants in '98. In '02 I decided to go a little bigger.(Mcghan 390cc filled to 430 cc's) Dr. said I was borderline for needing lift, but thought implants alone would be sufficient. The first couple of years they looked great, but now my nipple is looking a little low on breast mound. I was wondering if I had lift if I could get away with using same implants, or do I need a new set? If I got new ones could I get silicone?
Avatar f tn I have implants that are 10 years old. I have gained weight and now have back issues, is BR possible w/out touching the implants themselves??? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Cosmetic--Reconstructive-Surgery/Breast-Reduction-Vs--Breast-Lift-/show/1710648">Breast Reduction Vs Breast Lift </a>.
643558 tn?1258406109 My implants are under the muscle, I had the surgery back in 2003. I do not have any troubles with breastfeeding. I have 525cc for each breast, which took me from a 32A to a 32D. My OB/GYN said that he knew cases were women went too large and ended up causing damage from stretching, but not in my case. I had a friend in Atlanta that had her implants over the muscle, and the incision was around her nipple, and she still breastfed her baby without any problems. I think you should be fine.
Avatar n tn There isn't any muscle taken and it's pretty straight forward a surgery with a 6 to 8 week recovery time frame. You have options of silicone or saline implants. The expansion process can be very irritating and painful after each fill. They also tend to create wierd shapes depending on what was pressed against them. Sometimes they stay square all day long. Very odd :) And then there is the second but easier surgery of placing the implant.
169867 tn?1327602254 I've had my implants for two years, they are over the muscle and I have under the breast scars. I have had absolutley no problems so far with feeding, my milk seems abundant and Blaise is now 8 days old, was 9lb 9oz at birth and when weighed today was 10lb 4oz!! Hopefully we will be able to continue feeding happily without any issues.
Avatar n tn I had idc in 2002, L breast, had 2 lumpectomies, 9wks radation and 1 yr of tamoxifen. Had to stop tamox due to tumor on ovary. Had a hysterectomy in 2004. Unfortunately I have had multiple lumps reoccur in both breasts, luckily benign. Due to the surgeries and radation the implants that I had from 1995 underwent some strange changes, especially the L one. In 2006 I had "reconstructive surgery" as it was called to replace the implants and remove a good amount of scar tissue.
Avatar n tn I have breasts that are not symmetrical and have considered getting some sort of reconstructive surgery done but no implants. I am active and don't mind having smaller breasts but I do mind that they are different in size. This has more to do also with how my areolas are positioned, one being larger than the other, one being higher up than the other.
Avatar n tn Many implants under the muscle will move either down and out or up and out. These are the two paths of least resistance. The stronger you get, the more the implants will displace. Usually not a problem. I have done several professional body builders sub pec implants and they have done well for years and are happy with resting appearance.
Avatar n tn Dear Gayle8937, Over the internet without ability to see and evaluate it is impossible to advise either way. It is best to have this looked at by your doctor who can better assess through physical examination.
Avatar n tn my wife had a breast implant in2009 a year later they had to be removed, because her body was rejecting them, she had surgery and got new implants done, now a year later her doctor told her that her body is rejecting the implants again, what can be done to avoid this?
Avatar f tn Mindy lifts can be done with or without implants, if you haven't had this done yet I recommend Dr. Meza in Cuernavaca, Mexico, he is board-certified and does beautiful work. Also probably less expensive than traveling within the US.
976316 tn?1248210206 I just had open heart surgery a valve replaced 2 weeks ago. Yesterday started having sever right breast pain I have implants. Is this normal are should I be worried.the pain is so bad I can't but be worried. Also my thyroids have gotten way out of wak.