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5644233 tn?1371561286 I am looking to get breast implants. I am a small A and want to be a B or so. Does anyone know which implant is better to get? How much does it usually cost? How long is the recovery? Any of these questions will help me make a closer choice :)!
Avatar f tn It costs as much to have the implants removed and have a breast lift as it does to have implants. Right now you could probably get reasonable FIXED RATE financing to have this done. Ask at the Doctors office, look on the net for reviews of this sort of thing... When I had my implants removed, I also had a mastopexy (or breast lift). I was very happy with my results and very glad to have the effects from the silicon gradually disappear.
Avatar n tn I am considering breast implants, i have spoke to my surgeon and he said it was wise to consult a doctor. I am in the process of switching rheumatologist. I also was reading about a chemical in some people called HLA-B27 that makes them very sick if they get breast implants. Could you tell me what my risks and complications would be if i were to go through with this procedure?
Avatar n tn this has nothing to do with ttc but i am ttc and i have to know before i make a big i plan on having my breast done before summer comes. i want the saline implants at about mayb a 30c or a 38b i now wear a 28a or sometimes i can even go without bras or were childrens training bras.
Avatar n tn i need mvp repair robotically and afib maze procedure. i have breast implants. how can they perform this surgery and not cause the implants to rupture? will plastic surgeon be with the cardiologist at the same time in operating room? yikes that seems too impossible to imagine.
169867 tn?1327602254 I was wondering if anyone had any personla experience of or knew of any websites or anywhere where I can get more info on breastfeeding and breast implants. I'm 25 weeks pregnant and have implants (over the muscle) but need more info before I can make any decision to breastfeed. I have already got 4 children (all breastfed) and have had my implants a couple of years, so this is all new to me. I'm hoping it will still be possible, I'm usually leaking by now but so far not a thing...
Avatar n tn I had breast implants in for 20 years. I went in regularly and had them checked. I did not, however, breast feed my kids. I waited until I was done. The doctor kept telling me he thought everything was fine. I began having major health issues. I told a friend how I was feeling and she asked me if I happened to have implants. I couldn't believe it! She said that many girls have sued the implant company and gotten money because they have gotten ill from the implants.
Avatar n tn I posted last week regarding the questions about my DCIS diagnosis on 2/9. I went to a plastic surgeon this week, and he and my surgeon are trying to work out a date for my surgery. The earliest time for the two doctors and the hospital (that I prefer) to have a time to all work together is March 31. This seems like we are waiting to long for this. Could the DCIS spread and become invasive after waiting this long?
Avatar n tn Mine was free and quote was good for 6 mos. fun trying on the implants. Make sure all doubts and questions are answered and she is having surgery for the right reasons. Check out and feel comfortable with the surgeon and staff. Also have found that the most expensive does not necessarily mean the best. Compare surgeons in surrounding towns too. Good Luck!
Avatar f tn I prefer breast implants to be placed under the muscle. I have very little breast tissue and have heard that people with no breast tissue or little breast tissue will get better results if the implants are placed under the muscle. And I will most probably be getting implants within couple of months. I have already talked to a surgeon Dr. Robert Backstein of Steeles Avenue Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Toronto, but haven't confirmed of getting the surgery.
Avatar n tn WoW...... Didn't expect all the personal feed-back... Glad I Could be of some help! This just goes to show that much of many months prior was due to personal conflicts (As Always Suspected) I'LL ALWAYS ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS PERTAINING TO HCV & BREAST CANCER!!!! (I AM a Survivor & Proud of it) Ya'll Take Care... & Luv Ya (As Always) Thank-You For The Inquiries, Hope I was able to provide some Help, Hope, & Answers!!! Well gotta go to bed... Good - Night All....
Avatar n tn Well I went to the surgeon last night and he told me I wouldn't like the end result of expanders/implants due to me being so large breasted. I am a 36DD and he says I have so much skin and areola that it wouldn't be symetrical and I wouldn't be satisfied with the end result. I was almost actually looking forward to the breast reduction because I wanted to go down to a 36B. He says it is my final decision and that I need to discuss with my PS. I will go to him next week.
Avatar n tn Putting aside cosmetic concerns, looking at the scope of surgery in a TramFlap vs. implants after extenders, it seems that the implants are a safer easier route. Is this the right medical conclusion? My biggest concerns after a double masectomy are risk in the surgery, post op potential complcation and medically living with whatever choice. Years later is my own skin healthier than implant? . I Do not really care how they look in the nude.
Avatar f tn I had a breast lift with silicone implants and a mini tummy tuck 5 weeks ago. Approximately 2 weeks after surgery the incision area under both breasts opened quite quickly. Within a couple of days the wounds were significantly large and weeping. For the last 3 weeks I have been on oral antibiotics and treating the wounds twice a day with silver sulfadiazine. I don't see any sign of healing and my PS will determine today if I need to be seen by a specialist.
Avatar n tn I went back two days later for another ultrasound so they could guide the wire in there to find the spot and remove it, but it was gone!I have many questions but the one that stands out is that I have implants and the breast that is in question has a flod in it could that fold be hiding the spot that they found on the first ultrasound? I have asked my doctor for an MRI to try and see if there is something that we might be missing but he has said that he would like to do another ultrasound!
Avatar f tn when it comes to breast cancer but the risk is certainly lowered be a great amount. Implants can also make it more difficult for any future discovery of an abnormality if it should occur. I'm still in favor of it in your case though. Good Luck ....
Avatar n tn Hi All, Sorry for asking so many questions, as I mentioned earlier my sister had a Mastectomy at early age (35yrs) and now would like to go for the implants. So, I need some information regarding this pros and cons of reconstruction. I would appreciate if you can let me know the sites where I can find some more information and also your experiences on re construction. Thank You.
Avatar n tn Hi All, Sorry for asking so many questions, as I mentioned earlier my sister had a Mastectomy at early age (35yrs) and now would like to go for the implants. So, I need some information regarding this pros and cons of reconstruction. I would appreciate if you can let me know the sites where I can find some more information and also your experiences on re construction. Thank You.
Avatar n tn I am not really into implants. I would prefer a fat transfer, your own fat to place in the breast. Check out some sites I'm sure a lot of reconstructive surgeon know this.
224988 tn?1208108297 Ok, I have just had breast implants (for about 1 month now) and now I am looking into liposuction. The Dr. who did my implants does liposuction (one of the newest types...liposcrulture) but I'm thinking about smartlipo instead. I have been researching both for a long time and I think with the facts I have read smartlipo sounds better for me. However I do have some question!
Avatar m tn org/posts/Breast-Cancer/Trans-flap-vs-implants/show/1308880#post_5999697 Unfortunately, there is always the possibility of a recurrence, so you would need to continue to have follow-up surveillance according to the recommendations of your oncologist. Bestwishes...
Avatar n tn High Risk 3 immediate famlly members with breast cancer 2. Very dense breast tissue,pain, burning and dishcharge from one breast. Do you have a list of questions I should ask?
Avatar f tn // This additional link below,(Sue Young) also gives important suggestions compiled from posts on pre and post-surgery preparations I really hope that this will help a little and I wish you the best and good luck on whatever you decide.
Avatar n tn Hi... just wondering if anyone has managed to breast feed after having a breast reduction?
Avatar n tn I had a lumpectomy of lt. breast 7 yrs ago and now cancer has returned in lt. breast. Mammos and US suggest IBC and went on Antibiotic regime and then aspiration and nothing to aspirate thinking maybe Mastitis or seratoma. Now, the drs. suggest going in and removing breast. Because I continually receive bad mammos and some form of mass that needs removing each year or so....8 operations on left breast! Geneaologists recommended to my remove both breasts as a precautionary measure.
Avatar f tn Tissue and skin is removed from that donor area along with it's own blood supply. This is major surgery. You are also cut at the breast area. Your profile says you had lumpectomies so the cut you receive there will depend on your previous scars. Ask your surgeon to give you the same cut for each breast so you achieve symmetry. He'll be able to do that for you and should be able to draw that on your chest for you to see just how he plans to achieve the desired effect.
Avatar n tn I am in the "asking questions" stage before seeing a plastic surgeon as I am considering breast implants to enlarge a "barely A" to a "C" cup. I am wondering if cost of implants has anything to do with outcome. One nurse told me about tissue expanders before the actual implant will give a better look, any truth to this? Also, since the shell of the implant is silicone any reason to not choose silicone fill?