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5644233 tn?1371561286 I am looking to get breast implants. I am a small A and want to be a B or so. Does anyone know which implant is better to get? How much does it usually cost? How long is the recovery? Any of these questions will help me make a closer choice :)!
214901 tn?1227571155 In the situation noted above, I try to make sure that every breast augmentation patient is fitted for implants and makes their own decision about size (with my help, if desired) prior to the procedure. I never try to dictate my aesthetics to the patient. I then let the patient know what costs are involved should they request an alteration of their size after the surgery.
Avatar n tn breast implants add a whole new meaning to the word hepa"TITIS". sorry couldn't resist.
172023 tn?1334675884 I'd like to have them replaced (they are only 200cc implants) with more natural looking silicone implants, and I'd like to go bigger, perhaps a B or small C. Will I necessarily need to have tissue expanders again? I'd hate that. Will there be any problems choosing silicone implants? They are using them again, aren't they? Do insurance companies consider this cosmetic and thus won't pay, or will they consider it as reconstruction?
Avatar n tn I am waiting to have my breast surgery, it is to correct a tuberous condition, and I waited until I had my kids to consider it. I am not sure if you are asking about problems with the implnats themselves, or with another pregnancy and breastfeeding. Implant surgery has the normal surgical/anesthesia risks. The implants themselves will fail(burst/leak etc) at some point and need to be replaced.
1360564 tn?1277562701 He discussed removing the encapsulated implants, making an incision around the areola and vertically down to the breast crease and repositioning the breasts. I want the end result to be 34 B-C breasts with some fullness them and not saggy, shapeless teardrop breasts. Can you please give me recommendations, comments, before and after scenarios, and any other helpful information to help me make a decision or to be more comfortable with the implant removal and repositioning? Thank you!
Avatar n tn The occasioinal long term problems usually involve some degree of capsule contracture (hardening feel of the breast implant due to scar tissue constriction around the implant) and implant rupture. I see both problems relatively rarely. In either case, the problem can be resolved with surgical correction (release of the capsule or removal and replacement of the implant). The alternative treatment would be complete removal of the implant without replacement.
Avatar n tn I have had implants since August of last year. Went from b/c to 36 DDD. Both me and my husband LOVE THEM. They are a little different at first but once the swelling subsides and initial healing, they are pretty real for us. mine are under the muscle but no lift and if you try hard you can tell something is different, easier for me than my husband. I have not had any soreness or pain in several months so touching, etc is business as usual.
Avatar n tn I was a 34 b cup prior to pregnancy always wanted to be larger. Stretched to a 36 d during my pregnancy. I loved it. Now I am a 34 b/c. My breasts sag a good bit. I look like Ihave the breasts of a much older woman with stretch marks and there is no lift to them whatsoever.(Shouldve been happy with those good ol B's while I had them) Im pretty sure the only reason I can fit into a c now is because of all that extra skin. I want to fix this with implants but I want to have more children.
Avatar n tn It is nice to know I'm not alone. I still don't know whether to change the plans from implants to TRAM flaps or the like instead.
Avatar f tn i was just wondering if I could go and get the surgery done, b/c I already have an appointment in may, and I really really want to get the breast implants done. I was told I have hep c, a very very mild case, where I don't even need treatment or anything, but eventually I will get it some time in my life. I know people that have it and got implants but I just wanted to double check on it, b/c I really want them. Im so scared.
Avatar n tn When you have them removed, they could do a small tuck to tighten the skin, if the doctor thinks there will be a sag problem. Talk to the doctor.
Avatar f tn Mine didn't with my daughter (14) I was a C after breast feeding DDD. My son (8) DDD after breast feeding GG. They never went down. This is my 3rd pregnancy and scared to see how big they'll get.
Avatar n tn I'm a 36-B, and I really just want to go up to a full C cup. I would like some basic advice about the safe is it, how much it generally costs, how I can get financing and, most importantly, which doctor in North Carolina is the best qualified (i.e. years of experience, success rate, clean record). Thank you so much!!
Avatar n tn ( I'm 32W with baby #2 I really want to breastfeed him but I don't want my boobs to get smaller lol. Did anyone have the same issue or will they maybe get bigger and back to a C cup like I was before my first pregnancy?
Avatar n tn Because I was a deflated A (I was a large B before my first child) then got implants which made me a C and now I'm a D and only 17 weeks so I'm thinking I'll get to DD's at least!
Avatar f tn (still feeding my nb) but i was thinking when im finished I might consider a boob job.. going from a AAA 32 to just back to what i was before my first pregnancy (just a nice perky B lol)they just look so sad YEA IM INSECURE ABOUT THEM...they are just for myself and my husband. ..does anyone have them and regret them? I know the prices can be so different but I was curious about that too...
Avatar n tn A friend of mine told me that her friend had a breast augmentation before she got pregnant and when she decided to breast feed, b/c of the scar tissue it hurt her real bad everytime she would breast feed...which she could only handle for about three months. I am just scared to death about pain, but I guess all I can do it try. I just wanted other opinions if you have had breast augmentation and have breast feed or if you know of anyone who has. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I had a breast reduction about 4 years ago. I went from DD to a middle C. After the surgery I had more confidence in myself and started eating well and working out. I've lost weight since then but my breasts have sagged sooooo much! I am now a small A cup! They are very small, saggy, and have no firmness. I am worried b/c I do want children someday and I'm only 21 years old and my breasts look so much older. This has down played my confidence in myself. I can no longer fill bras.
Avatar f tn Currently 34A and just want to be a full B or a very small C. I was told that a lot of factors affect final outcome and i cannot compare other women's breasts to what mine will look like. Im feeling the pressure as surgery is 2 weeks away. Ive also been reading the answers on breastfeeding.
Avatar f tn My expanders are currently filled to 800cc which is giving me a very small breast result of about a small B cup. My PS tells me that I will have to have custom made LARGE implants to get back to a C-D cup. I don't understand how some women can achieve a C up with 450cc and I am barely a B with 800cc? Thanks for your help, this is a great site that offers invaluable information!
Avatar n tn In 1999, I got breast implants to go from a 32A to a 32D. I have regretted getting them that big since day one. I wish I'd gotten a small C cup and am considering getting them reduced. I am wondering if the skin would be all saggy now and it would look bad if I got the reduction. Has anyone had a reduction and how did it turn out? I know the skin is stretched considerably because I went so big. The reason I don't like them is because I feel like nothing fits me very well.
Avatar n tn I too have this problem! It stated soon after a got a breast lift and implants to correct a slight tubular breast disorder. I was wondering if it could have anything to do with the implants or the scars or just the fact that my breasts are bigger than they were. My problem, though, is that its a very strong oder! I'm not sure if people can smell it but I constantly worry that they can.
Avatar f tn I started with a small 36 B/C; it's only been three weeks, the swelling continues to go down. I got upset on account that while the diameter and circumference is larger and expand to the side, my breasts do not push out from my rib cage much. If it wasn't for a well formed VS bra, you would never know I had breast implants. I do not look good in a tankTop & I do not have cleavage.
2146297 tn?1337574892 No, I would not want to have augmentation because I have always been pretty comfortable with my own skin. I've been a B to C all my life so perhaps that also factors in . I listen to the plastic surgeons talk on Doctor Radio and honestly they creep me out with the details of some of these body shaping surgeries.
581359 tn?1454010042 Okay - with my first two pregnancies my breast size went from a B/C cup to beyond a DD while breastfeeding....2 years after... I lost way too much weight - very unhealthy and has some personal issues going on and went down to an A cup when I decided to get mine done. I went with a full C - but shortly after the surgery I gained some weight and became a little more healthy that they turned out to be a D ... prepregnancy/after augmentation I was wearing a size 0 or 2...
Avatar f tn I was wondering how long does it take for the skin to stop stretching from the implants? i used a bandaid to cover my left nipple due to painful sensitivity but had to remove it because my skin on the right of my nipple began to tear from the bandaid. Is that normal after almost 2 months from surgery? also, when i go to bed, it feels like i can't breathe easy. I was a b cup to a c cup so not a huge change. Lying down, it hurts (left side only) to take a deep breath.
Avatar f tn You will get use to them. I went from a 36FF to a 36D. It is quite a shock at first. Just think you will be able to wear cute bras and not have the straps digging into your shoulders. If after a while your still not happy with them you can always have a small implant put in.
Avatar f tn I would like for them to be a bit fuller and rounder. Maybe a small C. I dont even know if I can do that. Anyway, I would appreciate any feedback you have. I know I will be judged by this decision (my family is going to flip) but it's not so much for the world to see, its for me to feel comfortable in my own skin.
433680 tn?1220549541 I'm an RN and work 12 hour shifts, so when I eventually have a baby, I will bottle feed....b/c like you, I'll have to go right back to work and won't have time to pump while at work....Also, I personally wouldn't feel comfortable breastfeeding...not out of embarassment, just overall......Just do research and do what you think is best! Lots of luck!