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Avatar n tn I'am almost 15 and my right breast is almost a cup size bigger than my left. First saw them growing at different rates at around 12. I definitely feel a little more pain on the right one during or before period and occasionally there is this pinkish patch on the far right on it. My left has a normal breast and feel to it but my right one is starting to worry me. I've scheduled a ultrasound in 2 weeks anybody went through anything similar or has any advice?? Thank you!
Avatar f tn i have noticed in the last year i found my right breast is bigger than the left, its hurts some times can not wear bras as its hurt
492921 tn?1321289896 Mine have always been different. With my first, Righty always did a full ounce better than Lefty, until I had an episode of mastitis in Righty, after which Lefty always produced an ounce more. With my second pregnancy, I think Lefty continued to always outproduce Righty. This is very normal and a frequently asked question. I guess just like both of our feet aren't always the same, and some ppl have 2 different eyes, our boobs are not identically made.
550546 tn?1249410039 ), and used it right away when I got home. I discovered that my right breast is no where near as good as my left. Usually, when I pump, I get about 2-3 oz from my left breast ... and barely 0.5 oz from my right. But when my baby feeds straight from my breast, he never seems 'upset' that he's not getting enough. Is there a way to help my right breast catch up to my left? Or is it doomed to be inadequate while I breastfeed?
Avatar f tn m 23+5 and last night I noticed a little clear liquid coming out of my left nipple is this normal? Also my left breast has grown bigger than the right one is this normal sorry tmi!
Avatar f tn I actually have the trouble right now where my left boob is getting bigger than my right my right one is getting bigger but not as fast as my left
8762956 tn?1406304757 even tho am breastfeeding but the right breast is always. Full of breast milk always. Bigger.
Avatar n tn s very normal for 1 breast to be more full than the other seen as your right is bigger than your left.
Avatar f tn So I just started to breast feed on Wednesday well I became very ill so I have to pump. I have been pumping every 2-3 hours. My right breast has not been putting off as much as the left but now my left breast is a lot bigger then my right and I don't know what to do.... Is this normal??
Avatar f tn My mom noticed my left breast is bigger than my right breast in a photo, and the left breast is bit sore and it has a thickness feel to it like its full. compared to my right breast. i did self exam n my breast and had my mom check it out as well she didnt feel any lumps she said. just a bit of thickness when i look in the mirror the left nipple looks bigger than the right.
Avatar f tn Just found this link and thought will message here for some answers and if any have relief from this. I am 28. And my left breast is also a bit bigger (larger compared to the right one... I can easily see the difference.. Is it normal? I normally dont put a bra when at home. Is the pain due to that?
644974 tn?1312758070 I have the same pain in the left breast in exactly the same place and I am 26 wks. It's been going on for sometime now. That breast is a lot bigger than the other normally and more fibrous, so I tend to get pain in that one leading upto my periods also. The pain is ok in the day but in the morning after I have been lying on it, it pains. I like you have worried, but there are no visible lumps and my breasts are lumpy at the moment anyway.
Avatar n tn The problem that I have is that the left breast is expanding quicker than the right. Left if already a cup size bigger than the right. hehehe.
Avatar f tn Actually pregnant or not every woman has one boob bigger. Mines actually look decent but before being pregnant the left was bigger than my right! Ahahah even my fiancé knows which one of my boobs is bigger.
Avatar f tn I'm 23 years old , 3 years ago I noticed a small lymphnode on my left armpit. approximately 1 cm with round shape and smooth, soo I had a breast ultrasound , and showed everything normal and the lymphnode that i've noticed was reactive gland 1 cm,but it didn't dissapear and the fact that it won't go away makes me worried ( size and shape in unchanged of course). ???! Also these days I'm feeling a undefined discomfort on my left breast (It's not pain) ??!
Avatar n tn I am 8 weeks and 5 days pregnant and as normal my breast are starting to increase in size. But I have noticed that my right breast is getting bigger than my left. You can tell just by looking at them. Will they balance out. Im really worried about this.
Avatar f tn No matter what your age you should be taken seriously !! This could be due to dense breast tissue (lumpy feeling breasts) but it could also be a Fibroadenoma or a cyst; both of which are benign. If I were you I would see another Dr.; a breast specialist if possible. You need a better answer than "one breast is bigger than the other". That is very poor medical practice to my way of thinking. Get a second opinion but I wouldn't worry that it might be cancer .... not likely at all.
Avatar f tn I have history of breast cancer on my right breast 3 years ago. My surgeon did a lumpectomy, it was all contained and I had my radiation therapy. This year my mammogram showed some abnormalities on my left breast. I was ordered to have ultrasound. They found nothing on the ultrasound. I was told that it was just a duct. However, everytime I felt the lump it seems to be getting bigger. Should I consult my OB-GYN to have breast exam?
Avatar f tn ve been having horrible rib pain under my left breast, I noticed over the weekend when I was standing in front of my full length mirror that my left breast is bigger than my right....like a lot bigger and heavier. I had a dr appt yesterday and she told me it's because I'm just really little and it's not common but it happens. Anyone else have this?
Avatar f tn I would like to say my left breast is at least 1 cup size bigger than my right, my left breast used to only be slightly bigger than my left. My breasts are very lumpy with lumps ranging in size from feeling like a piece of sand to a chewed up stick of gum. If I lay on my right side, so my left shoulder is pointing towards the ceiling, and I check my breasts there are a couple rubber-band feeling tissue (like if you set a rubber band on its side on a flat surface and touched it).
893889 tn?1294276977 My left breast is way more swollen and sore then my right one. My period is due in about 6 days... I dont always have sore breast before my period... sometimes I do and sometimes I dont. However, this month both breast started to become sore about 7dpo and now the left one is wayyyy worse than the right. It is noticable how much bigger it is when my shirt is off. I tested today which I know is probably too early. I figured I was out this month because the bf and I were both sick during o days.
7381903 tn?1391464888 I think it's just all part of the pregnancy. Like my right boob is bigger then my left but my left nipple is a lot more sensitive and it'll turn a different color then my right one.
Avatar f tn s a girl and i did the breast test if ur left breast is bigger than the right its a girl if the right is bigger than the left its a boy well my left is bigger lol i did a couple of more shows more a girl than a boy so my fingers are crossed :-)
Avatar n tn If you have dark hair growing around your nipple,it could indicate excessive androgen production,the typical "male" hormone that women also produce.This can be a sign of a medical condition known as polycystic ovary disease.