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Avatar f tn I am so frustrated! My left breast is like a whole cup bigger than my right one. It also seems my belly is larger on the left. The baby did originate from my left ovary. Could that be why? Or is it just my body being odd? I feel like I need to put a breast pad in my bra on one side. My boobs were the same size before pregnancy. Will they even out after baby girl arrives? Or am I stuck with it?
Avatar f tn i've noticed my breast getting bigger
Avatar n tn I'am almost 15 and my right breast is almost a cup size bigger than my left. First saw them growing at different rates at around 12. I definitely feel a little more pain on the right one during or before period and occasionally there is this pinkish patch on the far right on it. My left has a normal breast and feel to it but my right one is starting to worry me. I've scheduled a ultrasound in 2 weeks anybody went through anything similar or has any advice?? Thank you!
Avatar n tn I am w/f 21 years old. I noticed my left breast is visabily larger than my right. I noticed a lump that is getting bigger. I went to my family doctor, he agreed. He sent me to a surgeon, he felt the lump, then did an ultra sound. He said the lump is all normal breast tissue, but it is painful. Have you ever had the feeling that something isn't right? I want to go to another doctor, but I can't really afford to go and be told the same thing...anyone have any information?
Avatar f tn i have noticed in the last year i found my right breast is bigger than the left, its hurts some times can not wear bras as its hurt
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Avatar n tn My left scrotum has been bigger than my right for about 1 and a half months now. You can clearly see it in the mirror too. Sometimes it aches for a bit when I sit down a long time or randomly. Ive also noticed theres been a decrease of semen I produce when masturbating... today my friend accidentally threw a mini football at me and hit my testicles. A few hours later I noticed that it got a bit larger around the upper part of my scrotum.
Avatar f tn m 15 wks, and my left breast is definitely bigger than the right. Naturally, accdg to the doc, one is bigger than the other (unless you are surgically altered), so it seems common for one to grow at a different rate during pregnancy. I'm not worried about it for that reason, and it's not a full cup size bigger, so I can still deal with normal bras. Is yours so much bigger that a bra is not working for the left side?
1386249 tn?1303092096 I am having a bit more tenderness and pain on my left breast than my right. I wonder if that is something to think about.
Avatar n tn Hello Dr. Rosenberg, Can one side of the breast be much bigger than the other (if both sides start out the same pre-op to begin with) and still have Capsular Contracture? I am not sure if I am having some sort of capsular contracture as my right breast is much bigger and 'squarer' than then other breast. It is also more firm and I can feel knuckles of the implant. I am 12 weeks post-op and the breast had dropped 3 weeks post-op. How do I get rid of these knuckles?
492921 tn?1321289896 Mine have always been different. With my first, Righty always did a full ounce better than Lefty, until I had an episode of mastitis in Righty, after which Lefty always produced an ounce more. With my second pregnancy, I think Lefty continued to always outproduce Righty. This is very normal and a frequently asked question. I guess just like both of our feet aren't always the same, and some ppl have 2 different eyes, our boobs are not identically made.
1387136 tn?1280982873 Lining: 6.2mm Trilaminar pattern. Left ovary: 0nly one dominant follicle, 16.5. Nothing bigger than 10mm in the right ovary.
Avatar n tn s very normal for 1 breast to be more full than the other seen as your right is bigger than your left.
8762956 tn?1406304757 even tho am breastfeeding but the right breast is always. Full of breast milk always. Bigger.
Avatar f tn I actually have the trouble right now where my left boob is getting bigger than my right my right one is getting bigger but not as fast as my left
Avatar n tn I talked with the dr about my size and what he thought I should do. My right breast was bigger than my left, so he said to go larger on my left and a implant on my right to even it out. So I agreed. About a month and 1/2 I noticed that my right was larger than my left still and I wasnt happy with that. I had a Dr's appt today with him and it was said that yes the wrong implant was put in the wrong breast, the larger implant was suppost to be put in the left, but was put in my right!!
Avatar n tn if your one breast if four times bigger than the right....
Avatar f tn m 23+5 and last night I noticed a little clear liquid coming out of my left nipple is this normal? Also my left breast has grown bigger than the right one is this normal sorry tmi!
Avatar f tn So I just started to breast feed on Wednesday well I became very ill so I have to pump. I have been pumping every 2-3 hours. My right breast has not been putting off as much as the left but now my left breast is a lot bigger then my right and I don't know what to do.... Is this normal??
Avatar n tn Recently after getting a core biopsy on my left breat I've been cautious about breast self exam. I've noticed that my left breast is bigger than my right breast. Is that normal? Is it a symptom for something. The biopsy results found a benign tumor. My mother was diagnosed with cancer 20years ago, but she is fine now. I am 34yrs old. Should I be concerned? I would appreciate your response. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Hello. I am 16 years old and my right labia minora lip is bigger than the left. I don't know if this has any relation to it but my right breast is either a bit bigger than my left. Does the fact I masturbate have to do with it? I am fatter than the normal for my height, if I get thinner, my breasts and labia minora lips will be same-sized? Or will they get the same size when I get older?
Avatar f tn Actually pregnant or not every woman has one boob bigger. Mines actually look decent but before being pregnant the left was bigger than my right! Ahahah even my fiancé knows which one of my boobs is bigger.