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Avatar f tn well neway I'm pumping right now till he able to latch the breast. Yesterday my pump got left in my husband car an he was at work which is a 45 min drive. An I couldn'tgo out cause its cold ffor me to be out. Now my breast are HUGE an SORE!! I think my milk bagged up from that one day. Any help on what to do at least sooth the pain. I'm still pumping tho!
Avatar n tn Hi, Breast massage does not cause spread of cancer cells to the lymph nodes. It is ok to have the massages, but it would be best to consult your doctor before it. Good luck.
Avatar m tn I am only 18 years old. My left breast has been experiencing some sharp pains only at night when I'm laying down or just sitting there. Its been going on for about 2 weeks now. I don't know what it could be and I'm scared. I would go to the doctors but I have no type of insures right now. I have my boyfriend check my heart beat every day and night and he says it always feels normal. Also The pain some times go to right under my collar bone. What can it be?
Avatar n tn Perhaps even something as wild as an inflammed disk in the middle your back could be pinching a nerve which, would account for the deep pain that seems to be behing the breast bone. I had a miopathic massage done when I had severe aching up and down my left arm which included aching in the left armpit and breast as well as numbness in the fingers. The massage therapist pin pointed the exact place the pinched nerve was and after several sessions it was fine and I am symptom free.
Avatar m tn Part 1 I subscribed a massage service (first time & always wanted to experience one) while in Singapore at the end of July 2010. The massage parlor looked normal, nothing amiss being located in Little India, Singapore. I only requested for upper body Thai massage. The P.I.C. assigned a Vietnamese lady to me. At first, I was asked to stripped down to my underwear but I declined since I felt it was unnecessary (did not know about the need to strip down).
Avatar f tn I'm at high risk for breast cancer and for about a month, I've been experiencing a strange "tingling" in the upper, outer area of my left breast. It's not constant, nor is it painful in any way. There are no lumps I can feel, yet this strange feeling (almost like a "let-down" when nursing) certainly catches my attention when it happens. I can't seem to correlate it to any specific time or movement. My next mammo is scheduled for May. Could this be something of concern?
Avatar f tn Last night I got a sharp pain in my left breast I tried letting her breastfeed and still pain I massaged it and it seemed to help for a few mins it only hurts when it gets touched wrong breastfeeding doesn't hurt it what could be wrong
Avatar f tn I noticed just recently that my right breast gets much fuller than the left breast, and also noticed a hard lump like feeling on the top part of my left breast. It has made me a bit frightened and am wondering what could have happened, after I noticed it and my milk supply reduced in the area but is now back. I'm not sure whether I should be worried by this or not. Right now, I'm still breasfeeding on both sides. Does breastfeeding increase d chances of bc or what? Please help !!!!!
Avatar f tn i had a lot of pain from my right breast as soon as the anaesthetic wore of i went back to the hospital and they gave me morfin injection i asked at the time if something was wrong as i had discomfort form my left breast but my right was extremely painful, they said because i had my implants but under the muscle and i had more muscle on my right side that is why there was more pain one side.
Avatar n tn I had a breast implant operation done in August this year and my left breast healing normal, but my right breast anytime I give my self the massage a few little knots appear under the skin, is not painful, but I am worried, and the thing about it is that I got the procedure done in Venezuela and I live in Trinidad so I cannot see my doctor, I will like to know if this is something serious.
Avatar f tn it hasn't felt better and really hurts all the time. my left breast is fine but my right one is in no way fine. it only happend after i stopped breastfeeding...any advice?
2020005 tn?1476662562 Today I've noticed my left breast and nipple is MUCH more sensitive than my right, it's painful to touch, it definitely feels like there's something not right with it, any input, what to do, see a doctor?!
Avatar n tn Today I look in the mirror and compare the breast the Left breast looks abnormal compared to the right breast. What should I do ?
Avatar n tn even when i do have a bra on the pain still goes when i touch it if i touch my right breast a certain way my left one hurts . Breast Cancer does run in my family. Sometimes it knocks the wind out of me not because it hurts so much idk why it does.
Avatar n tn If the pain is still too much, you should try some OTC pain relief medications, wear lose clothes, breast massage and breast exercises to help with the pain. It would be best to schedule an appointment and see your doctor for a proper clinical examination. Do let us know how you are doing. Hope this helps. Good luck.
Avatar n tn He never did prescribe me any meds for the infection I might or might not have. The ultrasound showed a cyst in my left breast but they said it looked ok. I guess my question is...is it possible that having a cyst in one breast would cause pain in both? And why wouldn't a Dr prescribe medication if he thought there was an infection going on?
Avatar n tn The pain would come and go, but my breast never expressed like it had with my first baby. My left breast became noticably larger than my right. I thought the pain and swelling would go away after I stopped nursing/pumping. Six weeks after I stopped nursing and pumping, I was still having pain. I went to the doctor's thinking I might have that kind of breast cancer that doesn't get a lump. I had an ultrasound and nothing was found.
Avatar f tn Also my pain seemed to center in the middle of my chest, down the whole length of my sternum after fluctuating back and forth between the right and left sides of my chest. It hurt more toward the left side of my sternum. Then it would be all over my chest, shoulder blade, neck, and arm again. One time I tried massage in order to relieve the symptoms in my shoulder blade and upper back. It didn’t help.
Avatar f tn iam breast feeding my baby, since i was really young i started having this slight pain in my left breast with left breast slightly larger than the right one. and over the years it started to get stronger but in very distance periods. around my second trimester i started to feel the pain more sharper and experianced lymph nodes pain under armpit,under breast and at the sides of it.then around the 3rd trimester it came back much stronger and including pain at the neck,back and sholder..
Avatar f tn The symptoms you describe could be due to the hormonal changes related to your menstrual cycle. You should take some oral pain relief medications, warm compresses and breast massage and see if it helps with your symptoms. Let us know about how you are doing and if you have any other doubts. Hope this helps. Regards.
Avatar f tn I'm 30 weeks with twins and I woke up this morning with a sharp achy pain under my left breast. It's very persistent and won't go away. I tried drinking water, getting up and moving around, etc. The pain has come and gone before but usually when I am laying on my right side. Right now it hurts no matter how I'm laying or sitting And the pain was enough to pull me out of a very hard sleep. Any ideas of what I could do to help relieve it enough to sleep?
229857 tn?1319033507 My fiance noticed last night a small (about the size of a penny) bump on my the side of my left breast. It is pretty painful when I touch it. Could it be changes from having a baby a few months ago... or could it be because in preg again? Or could it be something else? I think my dad's mom died from breast cancer and so did my mom's dad's (my grandpa) mom. So it does run in my family but im not thinking that right now. What do you think?
Avatar f tn After returning back, the next day, while taking bath, I noticed the lymph node on my left leg swollen. I also had a swollen eye lid with pain and swelling in the right thigh. Not sure if that was because of the tight socks that I was wearing previous day and due to the long drive. However, since I had never seen a lymph node swelling in my life previously, I started worrying more. My doctor then asked me to increase the dosage of prozac to 40 mg a day, and stop clonazepam.
Avatar f tn Hi, I got a breast augmentation over 3 weeks ago. My right side was healed in a matter of 2 weeks. My left feels tight....and not as relaxed as other. I am doing the messaging.............every day 3 times... Is this normal?.... Is the tightness swelling? I am worried that it's perhaps capsular? If not,... How long before you can determine it is a capsular...?
Avatar n tn Have you noticed any abnormal features on breast self examination like skin changes, breast lump, nipple discharge , etc Have you seen a breast specialist or your doctor for your symptoms? Till then you could try some warm compresses, breast massage and oral pain relief medications. The cahnces that this is cancer are minimal and this looks to be mastitis - but nthing can be said with surety. Let us know about what your doctor or breast specialist advises.
Avatar f tn Where would i get one of these? I tried a normal sports bra but im getting shooting pains in my left breast. Is it a good sign that im getting pain? Something has to be posative with this right!?
229857 tn?1319033507 My fiance noticed last night a small (about the size of a penny) bump on my the side of my left breast. It is pretty painful when I touch it. Could it be changes from having a baby a few months ago... or could it be because in preg again? Or could it be something else? I think my dad's mom died from breast cancer and so did my mom's dad's (my grandpa) mom. So it does run in my family but im not thinking that right now. What do you think?
Avatar n tn For the past 2 months I have had this horrible pain in my left breast. It comes and goes and often is not in the same place each time that it comes back. Two days ago, my breast hurt really bad so I squeezed my nipple and out came some very thick, white discharge. I waited a couple of hours and then squeezed it again. Again more came out but not as much as the first time. The pain is now in my nipple area and it is more annoying than anything.
Avatar n tn I am 34 years old and just found a breast lump in the lower right hand section of my left breast. It is tender to the touch but not painful. It is movable...I almost didn't think it was a lump because it just felt a little more dense than the rest of my breast. I am so scared. Any advice?