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Avatar f tn I delivered my son at 33+5. He is doing great just a little stay in the NICU. well neway I'm pumping right now till he able to latch the breast. Yesterday my pump got left in my husband car an he was at work which is a 45 min drive. An I couldn'tgo out cause its cold ffor me to be out. Now my breast are HUGE an SORE!! I think my milk bagged up from that one day. Any help on what to do at least sooth the pain. I'm still pumping tho!
Avatar n tn So lately when I pump I.noticed my right has been putting out more milk than my left and that only 1 or 2 pores are releasing milk but on my right there's a bunch of pores where milk comes out of when I finish pumping my left still is full and heavy...
Avatar f tn Last night I got a sharp pain in my left breast I tried letting her breastfeed and still pain I massaged it and it seemed to help for a few mins it only hurts when it gets touched wrong breastfeeding doesn't hurt it what could be wrong
Avatar f tn If you massage breast and you don't feel an obvious knot like bulge then you shouldn't have a clogged milk duct but you could just be super sore especially since you are leaking already. If it doesn't go away, I would definitely talk to the Dr cause you don't want to get an infection before you have your Lil one.
Avatar m tn I am only 18 years old. My left breast has been experiencing some sharp pains only at night when I'm laying down or just sitting there. Its been going on for about 2 weeks now. I don't know what it could be and I'm scared. I would go to the doctors but I have no type of insures right now. I have my boyfriend check my heart beat every day and night and he says it always feels normal. Also The pain some times go to right under my collar bone. What can it be?
480331 tn?1310403529 Okay, I am not sure if I do it right but it works for me. I basically just squeeze all around my breast....top, bottom and left and right sides. While I am doing this I can see a huge amount of milk come out my nipple, so I just assumed I am doing it right. It will only last for about a minute or so. So I stop and start again a few minutes later and WHAM there is a burst of milk again!! This has truly saved me! I am sure I look quite silly but it works!
Avatar f tn I just had a massage that finished with some intense body rubbing. The masseuse insisted on taking off her pants but I told her to leave them on. There was kissing, breast sucking, frottage with my penis over and into her vagina(while she kept her pants on) and fingering of her vagina with pants on. Does this constitute as a risk for any std? Super anxious. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Massage massage massage!!!! It might be little painful but it was the only thing that helped me!! Use both hands and make circles and apply some pressure....
915119 tn?1341948989 I have been having pain on both of my breast. The pain is on the sides of my breast. Even after I pump they feel full from where the pain is. Is this normal? I can't even touch them because they hurt so bad. I can't even get my arms too close to my breast because of the pain. I also have been having a fever, but the doctor said I had pnumonia. Could it be because of the pnumonia or is it something else?
Avatar f tn I noticed just recently that my right breast gets much fuller than the left breast, and also noticed a hard lump like feeling on the top part of my left breast. It has made me a bit frightened and am wondering what could have happened, after I noticed it and my milk supply reduced in the area but is now back. I'm not sure whether I should be worried by this or not. Right now, I'm still breasfeeding on both sides. Does breastfeeding increase d chances of bc or what? Please help !!!!!
Avatar f tn t latch at all and I noticed my left breast was pumping stringy milk. I googled it and it said it can be mastitis. Anyone else go through this?
Avatar n tn Hello: I was at this massage parlor and I heard from a friend that the lady will massage you and follow up with a hand job, so I went. However she used her breasts/nipples instead of her hands to stimulate me till I ejeculate (***). Am I at risk at all with HIV/STDs infections? I mean I didn't see any squirt of but there would be breast milk in her breasts, right? Should I go see a doctor to do some tests? Thanks a million.
Avatar n tn So I have been pumping the last 6 days and my are soft all over except for the left one on the bottom there's this spot that is hard and hurts a lot when I touch it has anyone else been through this
Avatar f tn Take a hot shower and massage the affected breast. You can also do the hot compresses and massage. Its doing both together that really helps. Afterward you should try pumping/nursing. You should repeat this frequently until the duct clears.
Avatar n tn I had a breast implant operation done in August this year and my left breast healing normal, but my right breast anytime I give my self the massage a few little knots appear under the skin, is not painful, but I am worried, and the thing about it is that I got the procedure done in Venezuela and I live in Trinidad so I cannot see my doctor, I will like to know if this is something serious.
Avatar f tn I'm at high risk for breast cancer and for about a month, I've been experiencing a strange "tingling" in the upper, outer area of my left breast. It's not constant, nor is it painful in any way. There are no lumps I can feel, yet this strange feeling (almost like a "let-down" when nursing) certainly catches my attention when it happens. I can't seem to correlate it to any specific time or movement. My next mammo is scheduled for May.
Avatar m tn one month back i went to massage centure and there was chines ladies working there and one of them did massage for me.after we finished i sucked her breast for 2 to 5 sec only and i feel swite taste in my mouth and i don't know if she is HIV positive or not. Question is; Is there any chance of transfer hiv to me if she is infucted with hiv? 2-now i have some fever and pain in stomk.is that hiv? 3-when can i go for test? please help me i cannot sleep.
Avatar f tn 4 days ago, I just realised that my right breast is smaller than my right, probably by half a size or less. My right breast is more plump, full and round while my left breast is smaller, not as perky and pointy. It feels like my left has more muscle while my left is fatty? I am not sure if my breasts have always had this much different in size and feels but I am now worried that; 1. Does the massage where they pinch my body fats affect the fats in my boobs?
Avatar f tn i had a lot of pain from my right breast as soon as the anaesthetic wore of i went back to the hospital and they gave me morfin injection i asked at the time if something was wrong as i had discomfort form my left breast but my right was extremely painful, they said because i had my implants but under the muscle and i had more muscle on my right side that is why there was more pain one side.
689528 tn?1364135841 Just wondering how you would know if you had an infection in your breast?! The last 2 days I've had a bit of pain in my left breast. It's more of a dull pain that's deeper in the tissue and when he feeds it hurts a little. Not sure what's going on or what it could be. My other breast is fine. My left one is always slightly larger too so I don't know if I'd be able to tell if it was swollen. I woke up this am and was quite full and it was definitely more painful then too!
Avatar f tn After a breast reduction 5 weeks ago my surgeon now informed me the lump under my left nipple is fat necrosis. My PS kind of dismissed my concerns and said to massage the area to help break up the mass. Should I seek a 2nd opinion from my GYN? Should I get a mammogram or ultrasound at this point?
Avatar f tn t felt better and really hurts all the time. my left breast is fine but my right one is in no way fine. it only happend after i stopped breastfeeding...any advice?
Avatar f tn for the past week i have felt some discomfort in my left breast on the side near my arm, it is not in one area but feels like it goes all around. I have just gotten off my period is it normal to feel this in only one breast if it is related to my period. Also i never had any problems until i stopped taking my birth control pills about 4 months ago. Does birth control pills sometimes supress the feelings in your breast.
Avatar n tn After doing that, I began to have pain around my right breast in the intercostal area. When I am standing , walking, I have no or little pain, but when I am sitting or laying down, I have pain around right breast. It feel if something in the area would pop, it would feel better. Does anyone else have this. I have been to rheumatologist . Had a ct scan of cheat, all normal, I also have had heart checked and stomach checked. All normal.
Avatar f tn I had a breast biopsy 5 days ago to remove calcifications from my left breast and I'm still waiting for the test results. Since the biopsy I've been having pain not only in the breast but also under my left arm. Is this normal? And should my breast be still tender after 5 days? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/259524'>Breast Cyst Pain</a>.