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Avatar f tn every since i stopped its felt like ive had a clogged duct or something in my right breast. i went to the doctors right when i started feeling it...they didnt say much but it should go away and there were no lumps found in it or anything. i even tried to pump again to see if it was a clogged duct and i could somehow make it feel better. it hasn't felt better and really hurts all the time. my left breast is fine but my right one is in no way fine.
Avatar f tn they dont seem to be isolated lumps but one big lumpy painful mass. My left breast is larger than my right and the fattiness seems to have increased in the area above my nipple. I feel like i have troubled the doctor enough with anxieties with regards to my breasts... do you think this is anything to be concerned about.
Avatar m tn This breast is sensitive on the right top area to squeeze, not the nipple but the breast. I have an appointment with a gyno for the first time on Monday and I am afraid I may have Mastitis or an absess or a cyst. What does anyone else think? If I could I would post a photo of the area on my nipple.
Avatar f tn Since the symptoms, I have been doing self exams to be on the safe side. I have found a very small lump in my right breast near my armpit. Should I be worried?
Avatar f tn When I visited my health center, the PA did a breast examination on me and told me that “the right breast seemed different from the left” (whatever that means). I do have Polycystic Breasts and she is aware of that. They scheduled an Ultrasound for me but im just really nervous... I have anxiety and finals this week and need to put my brain to rest on what this is. I have a family History of Breast Cancer, with the youngest diagnosis at 22 and the oldest at 56, and im just stressing out.
Avatar f tn Pacemaker implanted six months ago. Have AFIBS. Past two days right breast, where small incision was made swolen, hard, heavy and hurts. Always before Christmas strange things happen. This must be some sort of infection. Will call MD this am, Wednesday, but do any of you have any answers. Greenwater person.
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Avatar m tn I woke up last Sunday and noticed a large bruise on my right breast just above my aerola (sp). It is about 3 inches wide and 2 inches high and was the dark yellow/green color you get as a bruise is healing. It also has some purple lines near the top and it was not sore. I would think if I hit it, I would most certainly remember that and/or have pain for the size of the bruise.
Avatar f tn So my left boob is bigger then my right. It's always been this way since I've been pregnant. has anyone else had this?
Avatar f tn Hello, I am kinda new here. I just wanted to know if I could get some help. Well I have been working out on and off for the past month and one day all of a sudden I felt pain above my right breast whenever I would move my left arm or whenever I would press on where I am feeling the pain. I don't have any chest pains or any problems breathing. My breast isn't swollen or anything like that but I just really want to know what it might be.
661399 tn?1225371269 many women breast feed and suppliment with pumped milk, if your baby is thriving then just keep it up, breast milk gets more established by 3 or 4 weeks, keep giving it a good chance and all will come out just fine.
6337597 tn?1396556014 So my baby boy will latch and nurse perfectly fine on the left side but he won't latch on the right side because it's sooo engorged and hard and my nipple on the right side is a lot more flat than the other one, sometimes he will nurse on the right side with a nipple shield but he doesn't like to, he likes plain nipple. Is there any way I can get him to latch better on the left side, I try pumping but it doesn't really help.
225237 tn?1333138999 I can only feel it of I have that arm in the air an I press on the breast, which it a little tend when I do it. But its kinda like my other breast has the same feeling. I have never done a self exam before just the ones the docs do which was 6 month ago. I also have sinus stuff goin on an had a swollen lymp node at my jawline so I'm not sure if it could be a swollen lymp node? My period coming? Or something more serious? Please help!!!! It doesn't hurt or anything.
1898060 tn?1336423105 My son is now 5 days old and we have had so many problems getting him to latch onto my breast. I had been pumping for a few days and bottle feeding him, but just started using breast shields to get.him to latch on. Its been a process and I am struggling to.continue with it. So I guess im.just asking if anyone else has had difficulty with breastfeeding and how you dealt with the emotions that goes along with thw difficulty.
5393281 tn?1371094461 Painful, what felt like cramps even, from the right side of my stomach, to under my ribs where it was particularly painful, to under my right breast. I ended up on my knees with my head on my pillow and arms holding my head for about 30 minutes with the pain which bought tears to my eyes. Does anyone have any idea what happened?
Avatar n tn My doctor stated I have increased breast tissue on that breast.
Avatar f tn ( I hate that pain . but thank you !
Avatar f tn Its almost the end of July, usually my period comes on the start of the month my breast have been feeling so heavy and when I press on them they hurt..like a soreness feeling. I recently found a small almost not noticeable dimple under my right breast where the bra line goes, I am 16 years old by the way...I found this dimple the same time my Breast began to get sore.
Avatar f tn this is also the same year my lumpectomy was done. My biggest concern right now is my right breast areola scaling but I have an additional question about my visit tomorrow and subsequent mammogram later this month....do you have any good questions i should ask and is there any other testing i should ask aabout regarding diagnostic mammography? im seriously concerned they cant get goid pictures because of my implants.