Sharp pain in right breast when breathing

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Avatar f tn 5 days before while walking a sharp pain started in my left side under ribs maybe in lungs. while inhaleing a sharp pain starts. pain only happen only in deep breathing . i feel like safocation sometime.
Avatar m tn i have a intense pain when i breath in my stomach when im relaxed letting it hang out or pushing it out holding it in the slightest feels fine but when im not i can feel this intense sharp pain all the up my right side of my body into the middle of my chest and up the right side of my neck
Avatar n tn Hi, I have been experiencing a persistent pain in the right chest for several months. Sometimes it is a dull ache behind my breast, sometimes it is quite sharp - almost a pulsing sensation - which only lasts between 30 seconds and a minute then goes. This sharp pain is right near my sternum between my ribs. It does feel sore when I press it. I saw my GP a couple of month ago and he listened to my chest / checked for embolism and suggested the pain is muscular or skelatal..
Avatar f tn What could cause this? I’m feeling a sharp pain deep in/under my right breast (maybe in my lung, I can’t tell) it: - Does not travel -Hurts in the same exact spot every 45-60 seconds. - Feels similar to a mild muscle injury (only difference is this is like a pin-point pain) -It hurts all on it’s own, not affected by movement or breathing.
Avatar n tn heloo, i'm 26 yrs. old and just wanna ask why i always feel pain in my chest sometimes i hard also in breathing but sometimes i feel only pain and i'm getting afraid, i did not go yet to tha doctor or cardiology... im just trying to research what is this. i dont know if it is normal or not This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/254556'>Chest pain (left side)</a>.
Avatar n tn Over the past few months when I breathe in I get a sharp pain on the left side of my body on the ribcage area, it only happens maybe once or twice every few months but I now have an ache on the back of my body (still on the left side) which I can only describe as a dull ache, it hurts slightly if I move my left arm up and in a circle motion I also get a pain in my left shoulder if I take a deep breathe what could this be?
Avatar f tn I have been having sharp sudden pain under my breasts when I breath in. And it has been for a very long time. It was just occasionally before and I thought it was just normal.It started on my right side and that is the side that bothers e most. Well lately it has been like 3 or 4 times a day, now on both sides (still mainly on the right) and it is very sudden very sharp pains. It is so sharp i stop doing what im doing or stop mid-sentance. I have even dropped things because of it.
Avatar f tn Yes, you can get chest pain (pain in your breast area) from throat infections. Throat infection by streptococcal bacteria can cause heart affliction too. Similarly throat infection can spread to lungs and cause pneumonia which can cause chest pain. If it is accompanied by fever then high pulse rate can cause chest discomfort. Antibiotics given during throat infections can cause acidity and chest pain.
Avatar f tn The last 3 days i have had this sharp pain in the back of my head on the right side every time i take a deep breath or if im talking and run out of breath at the end of a sentence and also if i laugh. It is there constantly i keep taking deep breaths just to check if its gone!!!!! the pain is hard to discribe but it reminds me of eating too much ice cream but with a dullness to it, it doesnt last long because when i breath out it disapears.
Avatar n tn I have had a dull ache iin my right breast and underarm for about 2 weeks I have taken muscle relaxants and paracetamol which seem to help but the pain returns after several hours, It is painful on my right side when carrying a bag and a dullo ache in my breast when bending down. I also have a bruised feeling at the top of my shoulder by by neck. I also have some discomfort in my breast when coughing. I do not have any skin changes or discharge from my breast.
Avatar f tn When I breathe deeply, I feel quite sharp pain in the back of my left lung/side and a smaller amount of pain in the front of my left side just below my heart. I am a 19yr old female and I dont smoke or drink, although I have lived my life around a smoker. This pain started last night randomly and came literally out of nowhere, it hurts when I change position of my left arm but its not muscle strain as I havent done anything strenuous to my body.
Avatar f tn I have not been diagnosed with breast cancer, but there is a very strong family history of breast cancer. Two weeks ago I started getting sharp pains in my left breast when I bend over or swing my left arm forward. I am concerned because of the family history, I have also been under severe stress over the last few months. I do not have medical right now so I can't see a Dr.
Avatar f tn m having sharp pain in my chest on my right side kind of chest and right breast that shoots the pain to my right armpit. If I cough, lift with my right arm and bend over and reach with my right arm it hurts. I know I need to lose weight and quit smoking but am having a hard time.
Avatar n tn Because these muscles are essential in breathing and keeping your posture, they tend to hurt a lot when injured. You should consider taking some ibuprofen and resting a little.
Avatar f tn In late May I had a horrible, sharp pain in my upper right chest. I thought I had pulled something. The following day the pain was suddenly under my rib cage, on the bottom right side. It felt like some sort of lung spasm, and my right lung would inhale/exhale on its own, without me actually taking a breath. The pain kept getting worse. I went to the doctor two days later and he thought it was my gallbladder. At this point I couldn't lay on my back at all.
Avatar f tn Iam 16 and have never had anything wrong up until now my back right rib cage has a sharp pain when i breathe in and i find it difficult to finish my breathing in and find myself bent over to catch it. does anyone know anything about this ?
Avatar f tn I am also feelinh this pain in a constant on my back in same spot I have trouble breathing when I wake up.
Avatar f tn And sat for awhile. Every time a breathed it was a sharp pain. Hours later, the pain was more in the sides. Now I feel it in the front of my chest. Went to hospital. They did blood test, chest X-ray, EEG, and urine. Everything came back clear but my urine had high glucose/but no high glucose in blood. They said it is pleurisy. But read up on it more...I'm confused because most pleurisy if cause from being sick. I'm not nor haven't been. They gave me 3 shots.
Avatar m tn 10 minutes later a sharp pain started suddenly right under my right breast while I was in the shower. This pain started about 45 minutes ago. I have fractured two ribs on the right side at the bottom like 18 years ago, and that's what this pain feels like. But how could I possibly have fractured a rib walking and carrying? If the pain was on the left side, I'd be convinced I was having a heart attack.
Avatar m tn I have been bothered by a sharp pain, lasts very few seconds, in my upper right chest above my right breast. Feels like its under my breastbone..... It does not feel as if it is my breast itself. Rather it feels like it is in my chest - possibly my lung? I feel it when I breathe. I am not sure what to do, if anything. It's not very severe though it is a somewhat uncomfortable feeling.
Avatar m tn Does this happen normally to women my age? I have sharp pain in my breast and it is much worse when I take off my bra.
Avatar n tn I have had a stingy burning like pain under the nipple around the areola for quite some time. This week I developed a very sharp stinging pain that feels deep inside the left breast. I examined and found that there is a bruising type of sign under the nipple and an indentation. The stinging is very localized and very painful. My left breast is much larger than the right, always has been and when I am sitting at a table, the breast pushing against it, I can feel a aching there.
Avatar f tn I have this sharp pain along my right shoulder blade. It hurts to breathe, move my head, to sit, to stand, and arms. Sleeping doesnt happen because the pain is so bad. I have to take short breathes because the pain is so intense i start crying or i scream. It just suddenly started hurting at work. I dont lift anything so i know i didnt strain it. the pain was suddle at work and increased on the drive home. Ive taken muscle relaxers and used icy hot but neither does the trick.
Avatar f tn Since sunday my right boob has been sore. Now and then I get sharp cramps in my upper boob to the right. I went to the doctors today for a check up and he confirmed that my right boob feels much larger then my left and he said there is fullness on the outer upper quadrants of my right then requested I get an ultrasound done to look for lumps.
Avatar f tn Thanks japdip. I worked out monday and now I don't feel the pain again at all. Not even when I move my arm or when I press on the area that was hurting.
Avatar m tn I have been having a sharp pain that goes from the back of the right side of my neck down to my chest. Mostly in my chest area. I cant sleep the pain is to bad..also my heart beat is strong and painfull. I dont have medical insurance so i am just wondering if this is serious?