Pain in right breast under arm

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Avatar m tn Three days ago I began having pain under my right breast. As nurses we all have tried to diagnose the pain. Some suggesting lung or gallbladdar however the pain is not internal it is external (above the rib). When I am standing the pain is worse when I sit back the pain subsides. If I raise my right arm over my head and lean to the left this also feels better. What could this be?
Avatar n tn Hi, About a week ago, I had trouble sleeping on my chest my right breast was very painful to lie on also at the same time a felt a funny tingling pain in my right foot on the inner side. Since then my breast pain in more promenant and the other day I had tingling pains in my arm and my leg and felt a gland in my groun come up. Now im just getting pain in the the right breast. Im really worried now as think it is all conected. If i press under my arm I can fell a small lump which hurts to press.
Avatar n tn I had a breast reduction in 2008. About a month ago I began having moderate pain in my right breast. One time had severe pain lasting around an hour with any movement or inhaling. Those were my only symptoms. Could this be scar tissue? What could I do to relieve the symptoms? What would my doctor do to treat?
Avatar f tn I pushed myself up to get out of bed, and felt a ripping pain under my right arm. Its still very tender behind my arm, and started hurting across the top of my right breast. Could this be a pulled muscle? Also I had a mamo done in February of this year and it came out fine. My mother had a breast removed from cancer, and I'm concerned this pain may be something to worry about.
Avatar n tn I have a pain in the side of my right breast now for about 3 1/2 months. It seem to also go under my arm and down to my fingertips. I have had a mamo an ultrasound a chest x ray and blood work done and there are no real signs anything is wrong except the ultrasound that said my axilla was 1.0 cm. can anyone tell me what you think it is? I saw a leasion specialist and he said it may be from shaving but it only hurts for about 21/2 weeks then is fine for a while.
Avatar n tn The pain in my breast is below the node on the side of my breast and hurts not only on my breast but also under my breast bone and on the side of my breast.The node doesn't hurt at all.My arm bothers me a lot on that same side;It aches alot.I am going to have it checked out .I've just been putting it off.
Avatar n tn The pain often spreads under my arm . A few months ago I carried a heavy bag in my right arm which I know I should not have done and my shoulder was very painful after that. I went to have physio and the shoulder pain has come right but I have been left with awful ache in my arm. It is very painful at night. Unless I lie directly on it I cannot sleep so turning over is impossible. Can you help me please ?
14624962 tn?1435546768 i have been having a bad chest pain starting from the center of my chest leading to the section under my breast to under my arm.......... it sometimes come on in earnest and prohibits me from speaking or moving.... i also have to try to slow my breathing down as well in order to get a release. the pain feels like a contraction and and it hurts as if i am being squeezed....... would love to get a response......
Avatar n tn The pain would wake me from my sleep if I rolled over on my left side. The pain in the axilla (under arm) area was just as extreme. I am not saying that is what you have.... I am just wondering if it has ever been considered? Axilla pain can also be related to a muscle strain. You don't say how long this has been going on. Axilla and breast pain can also be related to nerve entrapment.
Avatar n tn About 5 days ago, I started experiencing stabbing chest pains on my right side under my breast. I am a 56 yr old breast cancer survivor (left breast) of 3 years. The pain is sometimes accompanied with heartburn but not always. It wakes me up during the night and if I roll around onto the other side, it subsides somewhat (but not completely).
Avatar f tn It is normally an aching, warm feeling - sometimes a stabbing pain. It also hurts under the breast on the ribcage, under my arm, by my collarbone, and in the right side in the middle of my back.. I' ve had a CBC but don't know the results yet. My experience with the woman who is a breast surgeon makes me wonder whether to see another with more experience with possible IBC. Does anyone know what course of action would be best?
Avatar f tn Sometimes people have pain due to cervical pain in neck and shoulder. If i take care of shoulder pain, my breast pain goes away.I have same problems and come and go according to my shoulder pain. Reducing caffiene helps.
Avatar n tn For the past year I have been experiencing pain on my right my under arm and somewhat into my breast, shoulder and shoulde blade, rib cage (side) and the back of my rib cage. The pain is mostley when I turn or twist. I have been to a pain mangement dr that put me on tryciclids (2 different kinds), my primary dr that said he thinks I have Fibromyalgia, a new primary dr that can't seem to think of anything, a chiropractor, and physical therapy. Nothing has helped.
1521473 tn?1291370322 Shooting pains had been occurring in my right breast for the past 3 days. maybe even be fore my cycle started even. not constant but painful. uncomfortable. something new. They shoot from about where my under arm would begin and about and 1 to 2 inch span...if not shooting its a centralized pain. in that same area as well. never in the left breast.
Avatar n tn I had breast biopsy done last july2008. No cancer. I am having some pain under my right arm pit and swelling of my right breast. Should I see my doctor about this?
Avatar n tn Now, I have swelling under my left arm that comes and goes and sometimes has pain around my shoulder with pain and numbness going down my arm. I also have tingling in my shoulder that has been there ever since the wreck. I had a mammogram in the spring before I first had the swelling in the summer. I'm not sure where to start with my questions, but I have heard that fibromyalgia can start from something like this.
Avatar n tn Under my right arm, my arm-pit, I have a knot, a very small knot. I noticed it 3 weeks ago, my arm was sore, hurting alittle. I checked under my arm to see if something was wrong and I found the knot. I do have breast cancer in my family history. But im only 18 years old. Can I get cancer this early? Could it be breast cancer?
Avatar n tn I have no lumps in my breasts, also I have pain radiating in my armpits down my arms. There not excruciating or anything but they're there, they come and go. First it was the left arm not its mainly the right arm. I've been told to cut down on my caffeine intake, since I drink alot of soda while I'm at work by my moms friends.
Avatar n tn Nothing came out of this as nothing was found in the xray. The pain continues and under my arm is ususally always swolen and sore. There were no breast lump concerns at my appointment last year and I continue to do self exams and find nothing. Do any of you have any opinions of what this could be? It worries me and is painful. Should I be consulting another doctor for a second opinion?
Avatar f tn i have a very back acking pain under my arm pit leading to my breast, mainly in the fatty part of the breast near left arm. now i did recieve a flu shot about 7 days ago. also this pain leads a around to my upper back near my left lung in a single spot. please help. could this be from the flu shot it was my first one ever.
Avatar n tn I have had a lump in my upper right arm now for almost a year. For a few months it would just ache and if I moved it the wrong way it would hurt like crazy. I had it checked by a doctor after a couple of months. I had a exray and a ultra sound done but nothing showed on the results. My doctor did not persue any more testing and then he retired shortly after that.