Breast pain radiating to arm

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Avatar f tn Please help.. I have back problems, but never have I experienced this much pain.. Monday I started to have pain in my neck. It felt like I hade a crick in it from sleeping on it wrong, but I was at Walmart when I started experiencing the pain. It got worse that night. The pain then started going down to my shoulders. When I laid down in my normal sleeping position, on my left side with my arm under my pillow, I couldn't put my arm under my pillow because the pain was so bad..
Avatar n tn I have a swollen left breast and swelling under my arm. I also have radiating pain from my breast all the way down my left arm. Could this be breast cancer?
Avatar f tn I am experiencing this radiating shooting and burning pain that shoots through my left breast and up into my arm. I am a little bit worried about this because the pain in getting worse and my GP did not feel this lump. I know I am statistically to young for breast cancer but I can't help but be worried there might be something wrong. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great. I am hoping that someone who has experienced this before can help me to understand. Thank you!!
Avatar f tn It feels like I have a tennis ball under my arm and I have to hold my arm at an angle. The pain is worse in the mornings and when I raise my arm up to stretch, but never goes away completely. I don't have any cuts or nicks of any kind anywhere and I do not have a cold or any other illness. Wondering if this is something that needs immediate attention or if it is just a reaction to something that my body is fighting?
Avatar f tn I sometimes experience shoulder pain, pain radiating to my left breast and tingling pain in my thumb. I don't know if taking vitamin B12 and using ice and cold patches will be good for you but they certainly help me. Maybe you can ask your doctor before trying. I hope and pray for your fast recovery.
Avatar f tn Lump on upper arm..radiating pain under breast, along right side of rib cage and upper arm. Doctor sent me for Breast Exam two years ago when it wasn't too painful, nothing found. Just one month ago, had to get mole removed and sent for testing from my leg. All my bloods are 'normal'. But the pain in my arm is getting worse. Doctor says it may be a cyst on a nerve. Should I get a second opinion or does it sound like a cyst? Thank you for your help.
Avatar n tn i have the same problem pain under the right arm and front right breast area also a certain point in the back next to thwe right shoulder blade. had xray and a mri etc etc no results.My conclusion is that it is from the meds i am using.It is hard to sleep and it keeps you awake and walk the floor.
Avatar f tn The Pain is radiating from lower back through hips , thighs, to knees, Pain in shoulder goes to hand right arm only.
1375148 tn?1323166921 i felt that i was getting better but in the last month or so i get this radiating arm pain which feels like its burning inside of my arms, at the top, middle and fingers.... it comes and goes, and seems to be worse the more i use my arms.... Do you think i should go back for another consult or is this fairly normal with this type of issue??
Avatar m tn Hi ChiefyMcChiefChief, I would have it checked out with your regular family doctor. Anything involving pain in your head, particularly radiating pain needs to be investigated by a professional. You say you've tried muscle relaxers, heat, ice and rest. I'd make an appointment with your doctor. Let your doctor tell you what he or she thinks is going on. Better to be safe. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I went to ER and i have Mastitis, the pain was so terrible that it started radiating in my back and i couldnt left my right arm. I had switched to nursing DD at night when i went bacxk to work(she is7 months now. So i was deciding not to BF any more but i wasnt sure when would be a good time, since i have mastitis and the medication that im on the ER dr told me to pump and dump for the next 10 days, so i figured this would be a good time to stop BF.
2003325 tn?1327580228 The pain of a heart attack is crushing pain, felt typically behind the breast bone in the centre or left, radiating to the left arm, jaw ,neck and face. There may be associated nausea, palpitations, sweating and shortness of breath along with the pain. You could be having a nerve compression of an exiting cervical nerve root in your neck causing this numbness in the arm. Consult a neurologist for clinical evaluation and MRI spine to assess. Wish you all the best.
Avatar n tn ULTRA SOUND, anything I thought do not give up on me, my pain is real, this pain is new to me. I had my youngest brother ignore his pain, until it sent him to the Hospital, by then he was diagnosed with terminal Pancreatic Cancer, he was diagnosed in early Nov. passed away Dec.23, 2006, he had just turned 44yrs old. If there is anything going on I want to catch it early, if you know what I mean.
Avatar n tn The pain which is almost never associated with breast cancer may be felt in only one breast or may be felt as a radiating sensation in the under-arm region. The pain may also be a result of hormones received from contraceptive methods (i.e. birth control pills). Try to avoid caffeine (coffee,chocolate colas etc..) because it can increase your breast pain.
Avatar n tn I have quite a bit of muscle aches and pains, mostly in my back. I'm pretty sure this is cause by carrying around up to 40 lbs of school supplies for eight or more hours a day plus the stress of a new school year (although I had pretty terrible back pain during the summer, it was usually relieved when I got someone to help me pop my back). However, the back of my neck and shoulders always feel stiff and tense, no matter how much massaging/relaxing I try.
Avatar n tn cortisone (2 times) did not help, now it has progressed to my shoulder (the elbow is still bad), again cortisone did not help, I can not do much with the arm so injury is unlikely. Night is the worst as the pain spreads to the muscle between the shoulder and elbow and wakes me after a few hours sleep. Pain meds don't help, PT has not helped, This now is more than a year since the first pain in the elbow and 4 months since the shoulder started.
Avatar f tn I had a follow up mamogram today, I had two six months ago and it showed one lump on my left breast, three on my right. They were concerned about the right, today I had the follow up and they told me to come back in six months. I have sometimes severe pain on the right side of my right breast radiating down my arm. I also have a brown sticky discharge. Why can't or won't they listen when I tell them it hurts and I am worried about the discharge.
Avatar n tn I would like to know if it is possible that my chest pain is cardiac in origin or if it is costochondritis as my doc's seem to think. I am 23, female, no family history of heart probs, non smoker ocassional drinker. It is on the left side of my chest, radiating out, down my left arm and up my neck into my jaw. Sometimes its the middle of my chest, sometimes its my breast area and to the left of my breast.
Avatar m tn But left arm pain has been described as radiating (wave like) to the left arm, but other pain to the arms and back can be a heart problem. Also, if the pain goes away and not seem to return does not rule out you may have had heart muscle damage from an MI. A heart attack can be with or without symptoms!
Avatar f tn I am a 49 year old female and have had several episodes of radiating arm pain. It starts in one arm and quickly radiates down both arms lasting only a few seconds. The pain is very severe. I have no chest pain or shortness of breath. I have had an ECG, stress echo and have seen a cardiologist. Everything is normal on my stress echo. The only thing I have is hypertension. The first episode I had was approx 6 - 12 months ago. Then I had 3 episodes within a 4 week period.
887689 tn?1247893057 My left breast still has a big ( bigger lump) lump than before the surgery but the doc said that its just scar tissue and nothing to be worried about. the scar area is still numb but i am having a lot of pain radiating throughout both breast up to my underarm. what will happen during an MRI that the US wouldnt be able to pick up. Thank you for any more help that you can give.
Avatar n tn Only a doctor can determine for sure what's happening. Not all arm pain or chest pain is heart related. It could easily be a pinched nerve or muscle pain that's radiating further. And pain will increase heart rate. To my knowledge (which is limited) I don't think a heart attack usually goes on for days.
Avatar f tn Before I was taking Prednisone and when I was experiencing that extraordinarily sharp, searing, radiating pain up the chest, toward the armpit (Jo reminded me of this in something she said) I used to get symmetrical non-pain sensations in the other breast at roughly the same time. Exactly symmetrical. I found this fascinating, but no doc was as fascinated by this as I was.
Avatar f tn so am just mentioning that. But radiating pain down one arm to elbow needs to be examined. It is MOST likely a pinched nerve as that is the way they run through that area. And exercise and ibuprofen, physical therapy if it is really bad will help.
Avatar f tn Ok a little relief that it isn't a blood clot. It is a constint pain and I feel the pain no matter which position my arm is in. No, the pain isn't radiating down my elbow. I'm not in any sports, I'm out of high school.
Avatar n tn I have been having back pain around my right scapula for 10 months. About 5 months ago I went to a ortho back dr. and he said it was a pinched nerve. I did physical therapy for 3 months but it didn't seem to help. About a month ago I had ab cramping in between my ribs. Now the pain in my back is going around under my arm and into my chest and ribs. I've gained a few pounds within a few weeks, my stomach seems distended and i have frequent loose stools, but not much gas. My general dr.