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Avatar n tn This isn't the best title for my topic. I have been experiencing extreme pain in the right breast that has put me in the hospital overnite. I had 2 ultrasounds on the breast and a mamogram. The drs. said the lymph nodes in my right breast close to my arm pit (that's where the worst pain in the breast is located) are irratated and inflammed. I am on pain meds.. What comes next? Why do/how lymph nodes get like this? I am a 38 year old female with a 16 year old son.
Avatar m tn Hi, If you have no other symptoms like nipple discharge, skin changes in the breast or nipple area, any lump, any inversion of the nipple etc,I doubt that it could be a sign of breast cancer.This pain could be caused by hormonal changes.Try to avoid caffeine (chocolate coffee,colas) and see how it goes.If the pain still persists you will need to schedule an appointment and see your physician for a clinical evaluation. Take care and best wishes...
Avatar f tn Hi. I'm 26 and am 30 weeks pregnant. I have extreme soreness on the right side of my breast near my armpit. It doesn't necessarily hurt unless I touch it, or if my arm brushes against it and laying on it slightly hurts. So, I've of coarse avoided lying on that side or touching it. When I touch it, it feels like a sore muscle would with a slight stabbing pain. My breast does appear slightly puffy where the pain is, but no discoloration.
Avatar n tn Since there are no specific breast symptoms the pain you describe could be a referred pain from another area of the body .... cervical spine comes to mind. You might have some sort of imaging done involving the neck and shoulder area if this pain doesn't go away soon. Seeing someone at a Pain Clinic might also be helpful in finding out exactly what's going on as well as some solution to the pain. Regards .....
1245359 tn?1268596667 Dear Michele_Swain, Breast pain is a common breast symptom. The reason for breast pain is not clearly understood, and is not usually associated with breast cancer. Breast pain is sometimes associated with hormonal variations and is then called cyclical breast pain. Noncyclical breast pain does not seem to be linked to hormonal variations and is often localized to one area of the breast tissue. Noncyclical breast pain may or may not be the result of an injury to the breast.
Avatar n tn I have been having pain in my right breast for about a year now. The pain seems to be on the side near my arm and hurts when I press on it or stretch my arm out. I had a Mammo in January followed by and ultrasound due to that area being dense. The ultrasound found a couple of cysts but nothing more. The pain seems to be worse lately so I am concerned. I went to the doctor last week and he did and x-ray of that arm but really found nothing there.
Avatar n tn The past few days my right nipple on my breast has stayed erect for a long period of time, the breast feels sensitive and sore, and sometimes I have a tingling of pain in it. It is not the same as my left breast. I am a bit scared as to what could be the problem. Has any other men here experienced this?
Avatar n tn I've been having pain and discomfort in my lower right abdomen and colon area. There has been some feeling of pressure and some sharp pain as well as some dull and a few times prickly pain. It is increased when I have gas bubbles passing through that area. I'll get the pain and then alittle while later, I emit the gas bubble externally. The other times I get the pain is when I'm stressed, believe it or not.
Avatar f tn Yes, I have heard that breast pain isn't usually associated with breast cancer, except in advanced stages. The pain is centralized in one area on my right breast and there is definitely a distinct lump. I guess my question would be is it dangerous to wait to be examined if you're experiencing centralized pain and feeling an abnormal lump? Do these sound like the symptoms of a cyst? Thanks again for your insight!
Avatar n tn ve been in there several times, because I had a lasting pain in a my abdominal area. Turns out I had a cyst once, and the others, found nothing.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing pain on my right side under my upper ribs and just below my breast. It it made much worse when I have to cough (I have had a bad chest cough for almost 2 months now) or when I have to blow my nose. It hurts to breath deeply, and it is painful to move around very much (sitting up, turning, etc). Today I was also experiencing heart burn. Is this something i should be concerned about and what could is possibly be?
Avatar f tn Hi I am 18 years old and very concerned about this pain I m having in my right breast, it almost feels like it is underneath the breast but the whole area on the right side of my chest is hurting for the past 2 days. I m quite concerned about this, I am not pregnant or in a sexual relationship, so I m wondering if I could have breast cancer at this stage in my life. Pleas do answer, I m quite unhappy and in pain right now, so please do tell me what is it and what should I do about it! Thank you.
1512757 tn?1290281520 Underneath my right breast, I have been experiencing what feelings like either a bubble or muscle spasm in the right rib cage area. The spasm happens three to multiple times a day. It occurs if I lay down at night, or simply when I'm sitting up. I have to take my time getting up and down, even out of bed. Bending over is a challenge for me, and now the entire area is sore. I don't know what to do, besides go to the doctor. Only, my doctor is a guy and never takes me seriously.
Avatar n tn I have had varying degrees of pain in my right rib area since December, 2009. I have public health care and it takes days/weeks to get appointments scheduled. I saw doctor in March, April, and May; with blood work done each time. Also had abdominal ct done first of May. My liver counts are three times the normal but everything else is perfect. Ct showed no stones, abnormalities or gall bladder or liver; so all is good.
Avatar f tn s a mass or nodule finding in right breast going from reconstructed nipple toward armpit. I have scarring in that area because of removal of breast tissue. The mass has been there since 2005 and has not changed. Now they want to look more closer at the area to rule out anything. This is a different doctor then the doc I had back in 2005. Of course I'm worried and wonder what it might be.
Avatar n tn I am a 43 female. I have had a total hesterectomy. I am having pain under my right breast which wraps around to my back.
Avatar m tn i am a guy. but i there's a small lump in my right areola(??) sometimes it's painful when touch. do men get breast cancer? ... will the lump eventually disappear or need to be surgically removed. i appreciate any professional opinions.
Avatar f tn Its still very tender behind my arm, and started hurting across the top of my right breast. Could this be a pulled muscle? Also I had a mamo done in February of this year and it came out fine. My mother had a breast removed from cancer, and I'm concerned this pain may be something to worry about.
Avatar n tn I recently discovered a lump in my breast under my right nipple at 3 o'clock. My GYN sent me for a diagonistic mamogram and ultrasound. The report states: FINDINGS:In the patient's palpable area there is an area of architectural distortion which somewhat holds up on spot compression views. It goes on to say: In the patient's palpable area there is a 2.1x1.7x1.6 cm echogenic area with a hypoechoic area measuring approx. 1 cm centrally. Biopsy is recommended.
Avatar f tn Can fibroadenoma cause armpit pain and neck area pain ?Also I have slight swelling in the arm on the same side of the right breast lump and another solid lump popped up in wrist area too which causes me pain(doctor says it as ganglion). Is it possible that the pathologist missed out something in the prevoious surgery(left breast lump) and this is a symptom of reccurance?? May be I am overanxious and less informative to ask this stupid question but I hope you understand me .
Avatar f tn On Sunday, I felt like there was a bruise on my breast even though there wasn't one. When I woke up on Tuesday, I saw that I started to develop a rash around my chest and my left upper breast area.Also, I'm started to feel pain on my breast when I move to the right. It's been here for like five day, because today is now Friday. Anyone have an idea as to what it could be?
Avatar f tn I am 43 and my health isnt the greatest but for the last 4 days I have this dull and achey contance pain in my right breast that worries me alot I have high blood pressure and over weight and slow acting thyroids and high cholesterol I am a big breasted woman .
Avatar f tn Hi everyone! Diagnosed with IGM 8 months ago. Right breast. I just had my second flare up aside from the first which is when I was dx. I am a nurse practitioner and have done a lot of research and have been watching this forum for about 6 months. So grateful to have found it and not feel so alone. I've been taking Zyflamed for 6 months and just started the clay with this recent episode. My episodes seem to be cycle related and mild except the two abscess.