Pain in left breast chest area

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Avatar n tn For the past year or two i have had severe aching pain in my left breast/rib area. I noticed a mass/swelling in the bottom area of my left breast, which runs along the line of your underwire, about 2 inches long. This is kinda behind the breast. It feels like it could be attached to the rib? It is very sore to touch and i have had it checked before by ultrasound. I was told it is mussle tissue.
Avatar f tn On Sunday, I felt like there was a bruise on my breast even though there wasn't one. When I woke up on Tuesday, I saw that I started to develop a rash around my chest and my left upper breast area.Also, I'm started to feel pain on my breast when I move to the right. It's been here for like five day, because today is now Friday. Anyone have an idea as to what it could be?
Avatar f tn The other reason could be due to esophageal reflux, where the food in your stomach is thrown up into your food pipe or esophagus. This also causes burning sensation or discomfort/pain in the chest area. Cough or heart problems too cause discomfort/pain in chest area. I would strongly recommend you see a physician about this. Another possibility is costochondritis (inflammation of the joint between rib and sternum. All the enumerated possibilities cause pain on and off.
Avatar f tn Pains that are short in duration lasting only seconds are very rarely cardiac in nature. Your pain is atypical for chest pain due to CAD. Having said that, because you smoke you should get it checked out. I would suggest a stress test, see how your heart function while it's stressed. If smoking has cause any issues, you'll find out.
Avatar f tn GERD would usually present with a midline chest pain that can radiate to the area in between shoulder blades and not so commonly in the breast. I suggest you have this evaluated by your doctor to pinpoint the cause. Regards and God bless.
Avatar f tn There's no way to force it out. You'll slowly 'out-gas' over a period of days following the surgery.
Avatar m tn I also found a lump in my left breast feels kinda hard my breast are lumpy so hard to tell no insurance so kinda on my own i have high blood presuere been out of meds for awhile and have arthriths and my back hurts most days figure because of weight and large breast any hekp would be great
Avatar m tn I am a 24-year old male and about a week after Thanksgiving, I started to get this pain behind my left breast and in the rib cage area underneath the breast itself. Anyways, I really started to notice the pain especially when I breathed in or either put my arm up, raised it above my head, or put my arms in front of my body. The pain would really hurt around the left breast when I made those movements.
237053 tn?1258828426 For the last few days I've developed intermittant chest pain (left side) right where my heart it. It isn't severe, just kinda achy. It comes and goes, but I'm kinda concerned about it. I'm having it right now accompanied with air hunger. Very uncomfortable. Does anyone else get this? What causes it? I'm going in this morning to see dr and will be interested to see what she says. How can they deny that I am clearly having problems?
Avatar f tn Hello , I’ve been suffering from lower left chest pain , under left breast, it’s pretty chronic and gets worse with Heavy meals or position. I also experience cramp like symptoms in that area like a soreness. I have bellching episodes , shoulder pain and just discomfort. I’ve had ECG , cat scan , thallium stress test , X-ray , echo cardio gram , ultrasound of the entire area. I’m not what rude todo. Was given gabpectin , I take aspirin , and Lipitor. Anyone else have something similar?
Avatar f tn ve had sharp pain in the left breast (same spot as the other two times), dull pain in my right breast, some random, dull/light pains in my arms and left thigh, and some achiness in my lower ribs. It doesn't seem to make a difference if I'm exercising, sitting at the computer, laying down/reading (although I notice the pains more if I lay on my sides). I had one, instant-long, sharpish pain in the center of the chest and near my right scapula.
Avatar n tn For the past five days, I started feeling a burning sensation in my left breast, especiall when I bend over or try to turn on the side of the said breast. Sometimes during the day there is no pain at all. At nights it is different.
Avatar f tn I have noticed that my first and second ribs on my left side protrude more near the sternum on the left hand side. The breast cancer was in my right breast. I am getting paranoid now as I don't know if the ribs were always like this or if it is a recent change as I never had reason to check before and even if I did, would not have been concerned as I had not had breast cancer. I do not have any pain in the area. Could this be normal or what could it be?
Avatar n tn Been home since Thursday nite. Have still been having pain in the left breast area and last nite in the head. Blood pressure has gone down into the 140/95 area which is better than it was. Seems like the pain is at nite and varies in how strong they are. DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!
Avatar f tn Since early last year i had a chest pain, feeling a sharp pain under my left breast and it become worse when im breathing or taking. Last week i had the same pain these time it was on top of my left breast and its difficult to breath, talking and even to move my body especially the left side.
Avatar n tn Please Help! I have had a pain in my chest area above my left breast for over 2 Years now. I have had a breast reduction thinking this would solve my problem BUT 1 year later the problem continues! It is tender to touch, I am not short of breath, and it hurts even if I am sitting down without strinuous movements. I am thinking there is a serious problem that is being over looked. If anyone can suggest anything please feel free! I believe there is some kind of blockage or clot.
Avatar n tn For the past two weeks now I am having very extreme pain from my left upper back area to under my left arm pit and then stretching over into the left chest area. Am very worried, did blood work and stress test, came back with high chloresol.
Avatar f tn I have had a pretty bad pain in my left breast, slong the outside and the bottom along my ribs for 3 months now. Prior to this, I had bronchitis for a while. My cough finally subsided about 2 weeks ago, but the pain is worse. It goes to my back at times, and my left side has now noticably larger then my right.
Avatar f tn The pain is always on my left side, in the breast area. People say your heart is on your left as well, so I am wondering if this has to do with my heart. I get sharp pains on the left side of my left breast, that go into my armpit. I also get pains right underneath my left breast. They are sharp pains, but usually quick and go away within a few seconds, but come multiple times a day. If there is any more information that I should add, please let me know so that I can do that..
Avatar f tn Ok I'm kind of scared af right now because I'm afraid this is the start of a tumor but here's the situation. I have a small ball in my left chest three inches below my nipple and close to my armpit. I could feel it just today, 2 days earlier I started feeling this dull, bruise-Like feel in that area of my chest. Any pressure made it hurt. Today I can actually feel it. It's very small but hard. It's not at the surface, it feels pretty deep.
Avatar f tn t know if it has anything to do with my pain or not. The doctor at the said the pain in my back and left arm could be due to the lesion/hemigoma on the T4 area. He said they can create a great deal of pain. P.S. one more thing, I am coming to Cleveland on February 3rd for the neuro appt.
1553444 tn?1294264718 I was born with truncas arteriosis and have had three open heart surgeries to replace my valve. I have alot of pain and soreness in my chest bone here lately. its always been pretty sensitive, but i have lost some weight and the bones are a little more noticble and hav ebecame sore. especially on my left side at the top right above my breast. my dr actually had me go for a breat ultrasound to make sure it wasnt a lump and it wasnt.
Avatar n tn s a chest x-ray and blood tests.
Avatar m tn The pain then moved into the front of my left shoulder going over the chest area and under the armpit. It started to get better but then I got the same pain in the right shoulder which travelled down my arm. At this point a lump appeared on my left side accross my 1st rib which was very painful to touch. The doctor I saw said it could be costocondritis. However the lump seemed to go away after a few days but the pain remained in my right shoulder.
1549941 tn?1297851745 I was fine for 1 1/2 days then began experiencing tremendous pain in my left rib cage area. I went to my chiropractor who said ALL of my ribs were out on the left side, of which she thought had happened from being filled with air from the procedure. I felt somewhat better after my treatment, but it was short lived.
Avatar n tn Your pain on the left is in the chest or in abdomen? I'm not sure if I understand you.
1252901 tn?1271131868 On another, possibly unrelated note, I would like to ask about another symptom I've been experiencing occasionally. I sometimes have sharp pain in my left chest/breast area. Almost in the middle of my chest but slightly to the left. I can't tell if it's in my breast, my bones, or some kind of heart thing. It's just a sharp pain and gets worse if I lay on my right side.
797375 tn?1256231262 When I cough I get this really sharp pain in the left side of my chest upper part at top of breast area. And it was happening every now and then but here lately. It's ever time and the pain is worse and stays longer. I thought at first it was gas pain. but wouldn't that be all the time not just when I cough. Like so many others I don't have insurance and we don't have a local clinic that is income based. So going to the doctor is a last resort for me.
Avatar f tn Hi all! again! I woke up with loads of questions today! My left breast is the one with active my last MRI (a month ago) my right breast was fine, but I have been feeling that particular pain in my "normal" breast. I cannot find a mass on it, but the pain is there..comes and goes...anyone having this as well? is it part of the GM to feel the pain in both breasts or it means that my "normal" one will be "not normal" soon?