Pain in right breast chest

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Avatar f tn I did have a benign lump in my right breast removed over a year ago... the pain in my chest and breasts are almost like a burning sensation.
Avatar n tn I have a pain in the side of my right breast now for about 3 1/2 months. It seem to also go under my arm and down to my fingertips. I have had a mamo an ultrasound a chest x ray and blood work done and there are no real signs anything is wrong except the ultrasound that said my axilla was 1.0 cm. can anyone tell me what you think it is? I saw a leasion specialist and he said it may be from shaving but it only hurts for about 21/2 weeks then is fine for a while.
14624962 tn?1435546768 if i have my mouth open long enough they also contract and i have to push them back in place........ the pain in my chest also make me feel dizzy and faintish......
2089807 tn?1348066348 Im 26 weeks amd a ftm and ever since I got out of the shower about ten minutes ago I have been having really bad pain under my right breast in my ribs, or rather under my ribs but feels kinda in my chest to like its a wide spread spot that is hurting. What could this be? It hurts when I breathe in deep or move my arms a certain way. I thought it could possibly my gaulbladder but im not sure. It hurts prettu bad!
Avatar m tn Hi All About 10 days ago, a pain came up suddenly in my chest (breast?). Basically the pain/discomfort came up quite suddenly and I was merely sitted comfortably. Right hand side, quite localised, breast area, 3 inches to the left of my right nipple (not quite stenum area) and 1 inch up. The pain feels like it is external (I am not certain though as pain/discomfort is hard to describe!), like after someone has hit me in that spot. My movement of the right arm/hand is not restricted.
Avatar n tn About 5 days ago, I started experiencing stabbing chest pains on my right side under my breast. I am a 56 yr old breast cancer survivor (left breast) of 3 years. The pain is sometimes accompanied with heartburn but not always. It wakes me up during the night and if I roll around onto the other side, it subsides somewhat (but not completely).
1803084 tn?1315998794 i have been havin discomfort in right breast for a while now,but now its in my armpit aswell,had a mammogram mnths ago was fine,but now in pain with my neck aswell,with a lump at left side back of my head and back pain and pain all across the front of my chest bone,does anyone else experience this cuz its makin me feel like i am goin mad in pain all time.
Avatar f tn I have a sharp throbbing pain in my left breast. Spreads through the breast to sternum, also in arm. If I sit, move or breathe it hurts. What could the cause be?
Avatar n tn For the last 3 years I have had a pain in my right chest between the ribs and the breast. The only way to describe the pain, I think of when I was little and accidentally swallow an ice cube. It is a feeling of something lodged in my chest. I have had my heart, gallbladder, ribs and chest tested. I have been through a colonoscopy, HIDA scan, ultrasound, xrays, CT scan and heart stress test. Every single test and blood draw has come back normal. There is no rhyme or reason to the pain.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have been experiencing a persistent pain in the right chest for several months. Sometimes it is a dull ache behind my breast, sometimes it is quite sharp - almost a pulsing sensation - which only lasts between 30 seconds and a minute then goes. This sharp pain is right near my sternum between my ribs. It does feel sore when I press it. I saw my GP a couple of month ago and he listened to my chest / checked for embolism and suggested the pain is muscular or skelatal..
526674 tn?1215553260 How are you? ? Breast pain or mastalgia can be cyclic breast pain which occurs in a pattern related to the menstrual cycle or noncyclic wherein there is a constant or intermittent breast pain unrelated to the menstrual cycle. Extramammary breast pain, on the other hand, arises from a source other than the breast, such as muscles in the chest wall, but it may feel like it's originating in the breast. Breast pain alone rarely signifies breast cancer.
Avatar f tn Hi I am 18 years old and very concerned about this pain I m having in my right breast, it almost feels like it is underneath the breast but the whole area on the right side of my chest is hurting for the past 2 days. I m quite concerned about this, I am not pregnant or in a sexual relationship, so I m wondering if I could have breast cancer at this stage in my life. Pleas do answer, I m quite unhappy and in pain right now, so please do tell me what is it and what should I do about it! Thank you.
Avatar f tn That typical hernia is up in the diagpragm area and results in pain after eating. Not all herias cause pain. Perhaps the pain is referred from appendicitis or imflamation of the lining of the abdomen. There are many reasons for the pain. Jaw pain and pain under the scapula( affectionately called your wings. The pallpations can of your heart are frighteming when unexpected. They all kinds of anxiety can cause an escallation in your conscious pain experience.
Avatar f tn I ask because I have gotten pain in my chest on and off since I was in my early teens.(and I don't wear wired bras) The wind gets knocked out of me and the pain hurts so bad I can't breathe. And I have no clue what it is. But of this is something that has only appeared since pregnancy I wouldn't stress to much and ask your doc about it. I don't know what they can do for ya, but I hope they'll do something for ya.
Avatar n tn Hi, For almost two weeks now I've had this strange pain in my chest - under my right breast and armpit. The pain worsens when I inhale, sneeze, cough, laugh or move in a certain way. I went to my doc and had an x-ray (nothing there), an ECG (showed some rhythm abnormalities - the doc didn't say exactly) and a blood test (nothing significant - ESR 22). She prescribed me some pain relief pills and some to slow down the heart rate. I don't really worry too much about the tachycardia (anxiety?
Avatar f tn It is painful in between my breast and will move up my chest on my right side. Today it is painful across the top of my breast. Any suggestions? Its been 6 months since the initial injury.
Avatar n tn When it was time to eat, as i swallowed, I realised that i was getting a slight pain in the right side of my chest with each swallow, located on the left side of my right breast (NOT my breast hurting, just the location of where the pain is). The pain has continued up to this moment, and I have been burping alot since saturday, but how could I have gas in my chest? And if I did, why would it last this long? I do not get the pain when I breathe deeply, nor when I swallow saliva.
Avatar n tn in August I had an inflammation in my chest wall and was given naproxen for pain. That did help for a while and now pain in chest is worse and now breasts are leaking. Discharge was grey from right breast and yellowish from the left, now both are fairly clear and not leaking till manipulated. I am needing answers to why the pain and why now the leakage when I have never had that before. Could it be Meds for leakage but what about the pain in chest? Help please!
Avatar f tn I got a chest X-ray that showed nothing, and my doc said she thought it was probably inflammation of the cartilage in my chest. Since then I've also started having some mild breast pain, more often in my right breast. It's more burning and tight than sharp, and will sometimes be tender to the touch. It's usually in one spot but the spot isn't always quite the same each time. Occasionally I'll also feel it on the left side, but it's mostly the right.
Avatar f tn For about a month I have been experiencing mild to severe pain right under my right breast and in my right shoulder blade . I have a lot of pressure in my abdomen and chest with bloating, nausea and fatigue. They have done a chest x-ray, checked my heart enzymes, an ultrasound on my gallbladder pancreas liver and right kidney . I have also had a HIDA scan . All the test have come back normal . Please help me understand what might be going on .
Avatar m tn Hi Sir, only when i squeeze my right arm muscle, i have sharp pain in my right chest exactly inside right breast it lasts for 8 months already...plz advice? With thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn I am an athletic 42-year old female, workout 6x/week running, pilates, biking, and weight training. I have experienced right sided chest wall pain 1" above my right breast for 2 months. The pain is in a small area, about the size of a half dollar. The pain is felt when pressure is placed on the area. Cannot feel any lump. I have no shortness of breath, difficultly breathing. Had a mammogram and breast ultrasound, which both came back normal. My doctor prescribed NSAID, which did not help.
Avatar f tn But also, after eating a fatty meal the area under the right breast can pain in the gall when it gives a little spasm. Check with your Doc. A chest x-ray and an ultrasound will most likely be done and they are painless and will sort it out. God Bless and good luck!