Pain under right breast while pregnant

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Avatar f tn pain under right breast Pain seems to be going and coming ,when coughing a pink discharge in the saliva . what may cause this pain?time period of the pain about 9 years.
Avatar f tn Have any one you ladies experience pain under your breast and down the right side think it because im wearing a wired bra or is it because baby kicking me to sure did anyone else experience this going midwife on thrusday
Avatar f tn I am 31weeks pregnant aand I am experiencing a sore/bruised pain under my right breast. When touching it, it also feels bruised and swollen, what could this be?
Avatar n tn it is not in one specific area but in many areas all over my breast..I am 7 months pregnant so I know that pain is normal but my right is not really that tender hurts when I press on different areas on my left breast..I did have a negative ultrasound of my breast last month..
Avatar n tn My pain is dull and constant in the URQ, sometimes it feels worse (more sharp) right under my ribs on the right side, close to the center. But the dull pain is there always. Blood and urine came back ok but I was petrified to go for scan. Three days ago,(this has been going on for 2 months I got up some courage and went to the E.R. I didn't tell the er doc that I saw a doctor previosly. He also ordered blood, urine and sonogram of URQ.
213739 tn?1215489609 I started with a small rash under my right breast, which was stinging here and there. I decided to see my family doctor, who told me it was most likely herpes zoster (shingles) and that i should see a dermatologist right away and contact my obgyn. I was totally freaked out and upset. I had a miscarriage back in June and don't want anything happening to this baby.
Avatar f tn Try to taper down ASAP b/c it only gets harder. I am going thru hell right now. Not only the pain and withdrawals but the guilt. I don't want my baby to be addicted at birth. I don't know the odds of addicted babies but I know, for your sake, it's best to tapper now. I don't want anyone to go thru what I'm going thru now.
Avatar n tn June of 2009 I had my daughter (almost 2 yrs ago) while I was pregnant I ended up being in soo much pain that at times I couldn't even sit up by myself let alone walk. The doctor ended up perscribing me 160 percocets. As bad as I didn't want to risk taking these pills during my pregnancy.... I really had no choice unless I wanted to remain in pain. My daughter will be 2 yrs in June 2011 and she is the smartest little girl that I have ever seen.
Avatar n tn I am 8 months pregnant and I keep getting pain right under my right breast underneath my ribs, it hurts the most when I am laying down and when I shift positions. This morning I woke up screaming in pain while moving in my sleep. When it happens I feel like I am being burned from the inside out. This is my fifth pregnancy and I have never had this pain.
Avatar f tn I went with the doctor she went too and he is the type that doesn't like weight gain in the first trimester and he applys strict healthy diets. My friends daughter is now one and healthy and she was petite while pregnant. I wanna do the same but even if the doctor days it's fine idk.
659957 tn?1224857787 With the first pregnancy, I was told to wean off of the Sub- bad idea. I ended up going back on pain pills (yes, while pregnant), but THANK GOD I soon found an awesome doctor who agreed to put me back on the Sub. for the remainder of the pregnancy. I was able to get by on only 1 mg. of Sub. a day during that pregnancy. I gave birth to a full-term, VERY healthy baby! He was not "addicted", had no withdrawals, and is extremely intelligent and advanced for his age.
Avatar m tn The pain is 'stabbing' sometimes under her left breast, clear around to the left side of her back and into her left shoulder and occassionally her arm. The pain is so severe at times that she can't take deep breaths, and she is often woken up in the middle of the night. This all came on rather suddenly -- on Wednesday morning it was a slight pain, and by Wednesday afternoon it was full blown.
Avatar n tn I'm relieved there are so many of you like me. Sorry if that sound sadistic but I was getting really worried. Doctors keep telling me it's muscular. My exact symptoms are alternating left & right pain under the rib cage in the front with usually followed later in the day back pain in the left & right flank / & back kidney area. It's not severe but getting worse by the week. Ive a shitload of blood tests gone off to the lab for analysis. Im hoping they come back clear.
Avatar n tn I've been having pain in my ribcage on the right side right underneath my breast. It can be pretty severe but goes away after about 5 -10 minutes. It can also radiate up to my jawline. Often it happens when I'm lying down. I was almost wondering if it was caused by my underwire bra. Or indigestion. But it happened today when I was just putting on my mascara. It doesn't happen all that often but it has been happening more often in the past 3 years or so.
Avatar n tn I am having the same problem under my right breast and sometime under my right armpit, the pain especialy obvious at night, when i stand up, pick up somthing from the floor, coughing, sneezing, movement during lay down. Anyone consult a doctor and get cure? Please share..
Avatar n tn i have been reading articles whether or not it was safe to get a tattoo while pregnant and i'm confused. Although there is no medical proof that getting a tattoo while pregnant is dangerous to the fetus, some articles say yes, others say no. What do you guys think?
Avatar n tn I have alot of headaches, pains in my arms, tenderness in the feet, right up the back of my head, sometimes nunbness in the fingers, experiencing alot of pain, feels like there is something in under my right rib cage. when I have pain I am not sick. When the pain goes I feel stomache sick like I want to throw up, but I don't. It wears off for a little bit, returns again. Sometimes it feels like it goes to sleep.
Avatar n tn I have severe right hip/leg pain and have been taking pain meds for nearly a year while trying to get diagnosed. I am now 13 weeks pregnant(not planned but very welcomed!) and still in need of pain med. I have been given hydrocodone w/apap 5/500 to take 3 times a day. I only take it 1 to 2 times a day because it causes me so much guilt! Even though I need it due to extreme pain, I feel like I am hurting my baby. I don't know what to do!
Avatar f tn Every month there is the lump pain and lactation (I haven't been pregnant or nursed a child since 1990), every day there is the back, neck, shoulder pain. Given the laundry lists of suffering and symptoms among so many women, surely some options warrant exploration. Is it possible, with our technology to simply remove these lumps or sources of pain in the breasts? Every month is so uncomfortable.
Avatar n tn They could take your baby away from you if you continue to harm him/her while knowing that you are pregnant! I know that you can do this! You just have to do it and don't turn back, delete all the contacts you know for getting pills and don't go looking. I know it's so much harder said than done, but it will be worth it when you're laying in the hospital holding your baby and knowing that he/she is healthy!!! If you couldn't find a reason to quit before, this is your reason!
Avatar n tn My doctor urged me not to just quit smoking suddenly if it was causing a lot of stess so I am trying to cut back more and more each day until I am completely off. It would be best to talk to a doctor about both doing it while pregnant and quitting while pregnant. I have a step sister who is addicted to all kinds of pain pills and when she doesn't have them she gets horrible diarhia and vomitting and this whole detox process starts even if she's a day without them.
Avatar n tn I have severe pain in my uperback on the left and it spreads to my shouldder. I also experience pain just under my left breast and at times it feels like it is bubbling ( which makes me think its gas but its not). Pains in the left side of my neck feels like may vein is going to pop & the painruns to my head left side at times. I have been to so many doctors and they always telling me it is indigestion or Acid reflux.I take the meds but I don't feel any better.
Avatar n tn To Everyone I have been looking for answers to my back problem for a while...I also have this "spot" on my left upper back (right under where my bra goes around). It feels like ants crawling in there. Sometimes a slight burning sensation. I itch it constantly..even when I out...people probably think I'm nuts. I can't stand it sometimes. I actually have the skin almost raw in that area. This started about a year ago. Sometimes I feel soreness all the way down my left side.
Avatar n tn Besides this there are a number of exercises that will help you to get the right breast size for you. Diet plays a very important role in shaping your breast and therefore you would need to work out a diet plan to help you in your efforts to gain larger breasts. Remember that whatever exercise you perform; you have a professional to guide you through the various poses.
Avatar f tn If you were experiencing that much pain, not only were you suffering, but the baby’s latch wasn’t right and may have not been getting efficient amounts of milk. I’m sorry you were not given the proper support during your breastfeeding trial. My hopes are that you can find a good breastfeeding class to teach proper latching techniques.
Avatar n tn I also was experiencing the foul odor under my breast. I googled " breast odor " and found my remedy. It might not be for everyone but, it's worth a try. It's a powder called Zeasorb-AF. It's for other conditions other than breast odor but it has surely worked for me. I wear a 48D bra, need I say more? No matter how clean you are and how often you change your bra, the odor is always there. I use the powder twice daily, in the morning and before bed time.
Avatar f tn I have pressure under right side of rib cage just under breast level, feels like something is underneath pushing upwards. I am pregnant and was wondering if this could be related?? It's very uncomfortable but not painful at all. Only comfortable when standing.
1535595 tn?1317993633 ) First, let me say that I have a beautiful baby girl that is extremely healthy and had no side effects or withdrawals from the pain meds I was on while pregnant. I was on a pretty high dose too. Oxycodone 30mg every 4 hours for the first 6 months, then 15mg every 4 hours until i was about 7 1/2 months pregnant, then went down to percocet 10/325 for about a month then started cutting them in half. The last 3 weeks of my pregnancy my doctor put me on Norcos 10/325 which i would cut in half.
Avatar m tn I remember twisting slightly to my right (to avoid the door) as I bent down, when suddenly POP, OUCH, (felt like my end rib had cracked, or maybe a hernia) something seemed to give way under my bottom end right rib. I took Paracetamol Extra for the pain, but it didnt help. Next day (sunday) I tried Ibuprophen, but again no real help. To cough or sneeze was just crippling, but I found some relief by bandaging myself around my middle. Monday morning I called the doctors, as I was in agony.