Pain under right breast while pregnant

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Avatar f tn Have any one you ladies experience pain under your breast and down the right side think it because im wearing a wired bra or is it because baby kicking me to sure did anyone else experience this going midwife on thrusday
Avatar m tn Three days ago I began having pain under my right breast. As nurses we all have tried to diagnose the pain. Some suggesting lung or gallbladdar however the pain is not internal it is external (above the rib). When I am standing the pain is worse when I sit back the pain subsides. If I raise my right arm over my head and lean to the left this also feels better. What could this be?
Avatar f tn I am 31weeks pregnant aand I am experiencing a sore/bruised pain under my right breast. When touching it, it also feels bruised and swollen, what could this be?
155534 tn?1275412255 I started getting this sharp localized pain in my lower right chest area. Right undermy right breast(I mean right where my breast ends).It is so painful. It started out just hurting when I coughed ..but now it hurts all the time. It is the worst when I sneeze, cough, breath deeply or move in certain positions.But it is a constant doesn't go away at all. Luckily I'm hardly coughing at all anymore.I'm also getting very light headed especially apon standing .What could this be?
Avatar f tn i have a pain right under breast right side. it might be away someone picked me up last wenesday idk? and im 6 week pregnant..idk if that has anything to do with that.. any ideas?
2089807 tn?1348062748 Im 26 weeks amd a ftm and ever since I got out of the shower about ten minutes ago I have been having really bad pain under my right breast in my ribs, or rather under my ribs but feels kinda in my chest to like its a wide spread spot that is hurting. What could this be? It hurts when I breathe in deep or move my arms a certain way. I thought it could possibly my gaulbladder but im not sure. It hurts prettu bad!
733930 tn?1286571409 For a couple of weeks now i've been having a burning/stinging pain under my right breast. it's really starting to annoy me but my doctor didn't seem to care when i brought it up. i figured its probably just due to the baby and uterus growing but it's only under the right one, no pain under the left. any idea why it hurts or advice to help ease the pain?
Avatar n tn I am a 43 female. I have had a total hesterectomy. I am having pain under my right breast which wraps around to my back.
Avatar f tn For about 1 year and 1/2 I have had occasional pain under my right armpit, but not in my armpit, under it, like in my ribs. the pain travels from under my pit to under my right breast. the pain comes and goes and can last from minutes to weeks. it hurts to breathe in when i have the pain. the doc says the xray shows nothing. help?
Avatar f tn hello i kep getting this weird pain.
Avatar f tn Hey I'm 17 and I have a burning pain under my right rib cage it's been going on for awhile now it comes and goes and it stays for about a day or so everytime. It is right under my breast and is red when it burns.
Avatar n tn i had pain also under right breast that was horrible, but it would come and go, after 2 years of going in and out of family doc, was sent to rhematologist, and that is how i found out i had hep c, the also did liver biopsy, and ultra sound, i am not saying this is what you have, but please get to the doctor and find out what is wrong.
1274797 tn?1270843386 I am 27 yrs old and i have a lump under my right breast for the past 4 weeks i subscribed an antibiotic to clear it up but it never did, its a lump the size of a small grape, its red and right around the entire area is red, the rednes spred out a little more in 2 days and just on the outside was purple, it is still painful, i went back to my doctor yesturday and she was suprised that it didn't clear up so she e-mailed a referral to the hospital, this morning the pain was gone and the rednes
Avatar f tn s just misery from the pain of my milk coming in and starting to breast feed again.
5393281 tn?1371094461 Painful, what felt like cramps even, from the right side of my stomach, to under my ribs where it was particularly painful, to under my right breast. I ended up on my knees with my head on my pillow and arms holding my head for about 30 minutes with the pain which bought tears to my eyes. Does anyone have any idea what happened?
Avatar n tn I have had a pain under my rib cage on the right side for over a year now and have had ultrasound done on all my internal organs that showed no abnormalities. A fairly recent mammogram also shoed up as normal. Just in the last 2 weeks I now have a ridge that looks like a vein that runs from under my rib cage up to the top of my right nipple. It is alos painful. It is totally visible and is connected to the pain under my ribs. I am concerned about Breat Cancer.
1840402 tn?1355432565 hi ladies im 33+3 pregnant and last night and today i've got a sore spot under my right breast on rib it hurts anyways but hurts even more when i press it, i'm not sure if my littleman has bruised it with his foot or something?
Avatar n tn Im 17, not pregnant, and just off my period, for the past week my right nipple has been in major pain and i just noticed that there is a smallish hard lumb just under and to the left of my nipple that is not on my other breast. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this same problem before or what you think i should do?
287071 tn?1365192513 I have never heard of complications from nursing while pregnant but I do know my sisters best friend who is a physician continued to nurse her daughter while she was pregnant and she had no problems. But for your own personal sake it would probably be nice to have a few bfing-free months too before the next is born!! Best of luck!!
Avatar f tn I am 35 weeks pregnant and trying to quit taking lortab 10. It is very hard. When I go a day without taking it, it's all I can think about and the pain in unbearable. Try to taper down ASAP b/c it only gets harder. I am going thru hell right now. Not only the pain and withdrawals but the guilt. I don't want my baby to be addicted at birth. I don't know the odds of addicted babies but I know, for your sake, it's best to tapper now.