Pain in left breast when breathing

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Avatar f tn 5 days before while walking a sharp pain started in my left side under ribs maybe in lungs. while inhaleing a sharp pain starts. pain only happen only in deep breathing . i feel like safocation sometime.
Avatar f tn since past two weeks m havin terrible pain in my left breast with shotness in breathing.. i went to local GP.. she said its due to pre menstrual tension n shortness in breathing is due to stress n anxiety.. evn though my menstrual cycle is over i still feel pain n tightness n heaviness in chest.. i am even having pain around my left arm.. i dnt knw wats goin wrng wid me.. m havin an emotional breakdown.. plz reply to my post.. regards.. nazneen..
Avatar n tn its in chest and right under left rib cage it started in my upper left side right under my ribs thats why my doc thought it was intestional now it hurts all the way up to my left arm like someone socked me in my left breast and its sore.
Avatar n tn heloo, i'm 26 yrs. old and just wanna ask why i always feel pain in my chest sometimes i hard also in breathing but sometimes i feel only pain and i'm getting afraid, i did not go yet to tha doctor or cardiology... im just trying to research what is this. i dont know if it is normal or not This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/254556'>Chest pain (left side)</a>.
Avatar f tn I used to have a big problem with pleurisy. But with pleurisy I could feel the pain when I would bend over, and the pain is felt with breathing. You say you don't have it at night and for me when I had pleurisy certain sleep positions made the pain worse. Is there anything you can think of that would make your muscles sore? Any stretching or exercising that would cause this? Have you seen a doctor for this? You may want to have it checked and evaluated.
Avatar f tn When I breathe deeply, I feel quite sharp pain in the back of my left lung/side and a smaller amount of pain in the front of my left side just below my heart. I am a 19yr old female and I dont smoke or drink, although I have lived my life around a smoker. This pain started last night randomly and came literally out of nowhere, it hurts when I change position of my left arm but its not muscle strain as I havent done anything strenuous to my body.
Avatar m tn I have had the flu this year the first time ever I am 46 years old, during the flu I had a hard time breathing my doctor gave me a breathing machine, I then developed strep throat I am over this a long with the coughing I hadd. But now I have had this pain under my left breast it seem to be on top of the upper rib, it is a little swollen, I thought at first I bruised a rib but I have had not bruising. It hurt when I move or have my bra on, it hurts to the tough or pressing on it.
Avatar n tn I've had pain for 3 weeks now. Started as a jab below my left breast. Turned into what I thought was a heart attack since the pain covered my entire chest and cut my breathing short. I was diagnosed in the hospital with having pleurisy strictly based on the gurgling sound coming from my chest. I went home to heal but noticing some pains not going away. I've had a persistent, fairly intense pain at my sternum.
Avatar n tn Over the past few months when I breathe in I get a sharp pain on the left side of my body on the ribcage area, it only happens maybe once or twice every few months but I now have an ache on the back of my body (still on the left side) which I can only describe as a dull ache, it hurts slightly if I move my left arm up and in a circle motion I also get a pain in my left shoulder if I take a deep breathe what could this be?
Avatar f tn Today i began feeling pain on the left side of my back under my shoulder blade when taking a deep breath in or when exhaling deeply. I was wondering if maybe i simply pulled a muscle or if this pain could be more serious and have to do with my left lung. If anyone has any ideas or think they could help me, your knowledge would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar n tn suddenly pain started in my left breast, from middle of the breast to uterus already removed 2 years before. I am 50 years old. There is no lump in breast. no boil or redness on skin. What is the reason?
Avatar n tn The area on my back that hurts is directly behind the pain I have been feeling when I breathe in which is under my left breast. Could I have strained a muscle? Should i go to a doctor or will it go away on its own? I am 35.
Avatar f tn Well I have been working out on and off for the past month and one day all of a sudden I felt pain above my right breast whenever I would move my left arm or whenever I would press on where I am feeling the pain. I don't have any chest pains or any problems breathing. My breast isn't swollen or anything like that but I just really want to know what it might be.
Avatar f tn I have had a pretty bad pain in my left breast, slong the outside and the bottom along my ribs for 3 months now. Prior to this, I had bronchitis for a while. My cough finally subsided about 2 weeks ago, but the pain is worse. It goes to my back at times, and my left side has now noticably larger then my right.
Avatar f tn Since early last year i had a chest pain, feeling a sharp pain under my left breast and it become worse when im breathing or taking. Last week i had the same pain these time it was on top of my left breast and its difficult to breath, talking and even to move my body especially the left side.
Avatar f tn i just got hit really hard in my left breast and it is now starting to bruise and in one spot it looks like some capillaries have burst, it is really starting to hurt around my nipple now.
Avatar f tn Breast pain is different from breast pain, and I'm not sure which you mean. Breast pain is female related and could be caused by a whole set of other issues. Chest pain can be from anxiety and can often feel like you're having a "heart attack" in that you can become short of breath, or feel like you can't take a deep breath, and feel pressure.
Avatar n tn So I will go through the day taking deep breaths because of the heaviness I feel on my chest. When I was younger, my doctor always told me to keep an eye on my breast bone being a bit lower into my chest. I'm not sure if this has anything at all to do with the breathing problem but I guess it could be considered. More recently, my chest has a heavy sore feeling and I feel as though I can not take deep breaths more often.
Avatar f tn I noticed mild breast pain yesterday but didn’t feel my breast heavy, I usually get tender breast before my period so It didn’t concern me that my left breast felt in pain. Until today when it was in more pain, I decided to go to urgent care, and dr told me I have an infection. She told me she was concerned because I’ve never been pregnant and I’m not breastfeeding. She says it concerns her that I developed an infection, she will send me to get a mammogram and an ultrasound.
Avatar f tn My GP thought the pain was more in line with a fibrocystic breast so she sent me to a breast specialist/surgeon. He assured me that my breast was normal & again said it was probably "arthritis in the ribs." So I tried ibroprufen 3x/day for about a month, no relief. Then I tried naproxen 3x/day for a month. Still no relief. So far I have been unable to find any concrete info concerning "arthritis of the ribs.
Avatar f tn Hello I'm 24 years old and I've been having pain in mainly my left breast but sometimes in both And it can go to my arm or neck I have really bad anxiety and going thru a lot right now was wondering if that could be in any ideas on wht it could be some people are saying it could be a pulled muscle I do have a job where I lift a very heavy boy please comment thank you
Avatar f tn s why your breasts hurt more during one time of the month than at other times. I can assure you that the pain in your leg has absolutely nothing to do with your breast. what you should do is follow whatever recommendation your Dr. has made as there are some things you can do to help with the pain. Wearing a good supportive sport type bra, reducing your intake of caffeine, some advise Vitamin E and you can always take an over the counter pain medication when the pain is particularly severe.
1042585 tn?1256754389 It scares me when it happens. The pain will either be almost in the middle of my chest but more on the side of my left breast or it will be just under my shoulder bone in the front. The pain will not show up if i didnt move my arm a certain way, not always the same movement but always that arm. I would like to know what is causing this because I am not sure it is only anxiety.
Avatar n tn Breast discomfort is rarely associated with breast cancer but can be due to many causes. I don't know of any breast concern that has anything to do with the size of your breast ... large or small. My best advice would be to see a Dr. for a clinical breast exam and perhaps some type of imagery (Ultrasound or Mammogram) to determine the cause of this discomfort.