Why does my left breast hurt

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Avatar f tn I am 18 years old (and also a virgin) and recently for the past couple weeks I have been experiencing slight pain in both of my breasts, I thought that it might be just be caused by chafing from wearing tight sports bras too often, or that my breast are growing because I have always been underweight for my age, but today I noticed that the areola on my left breast was much darker than my right and the breast hurts more than the other, it is also kind of tingly, the same thing has happened once b
Avatar f tn For my procedure I chose the mastectomy on my left breast and reconstruct after the surgery and breast reduction on my right breast because I was getting a reduction anyway. I am so scared because the doctor said, they have to look at my lymph nodes and make sure it haven't spread and if so it will require chemo, but if not, I would be ok. He said, some patients may even require radiation after a mastectomy.
Avatar f tn Ive had a hard, red and sore lump kinda thing on the side of my left breast and someone on her said i could be engorged but a doctor told me i could have an infection in my breast.
Avatar f tn why does my left breast feel bruised but there is no bruise visible? When you touch the area it hurts, it feels like you're pressing down on a bruise. It's located on the bottom of my left breast. About 2-3cm. Im 18 and still in school. I go to college classes as well. I have an Anxiety Disorder and have minor depression. I also get severe migraines. Also when I was 14-15 I was diagnosed of my spleen being enlarged.
358971 tn?1330888975 m still wondering why the hell I have one sore breast WITH shooting pains. Perhaps too much estrogen. I turn my saliva test in when AF starts so hopefully I'll have some answers soon!
9138366 tn?1410253633 Same here ,I just do both breast feeding and formula.
Avatar f tn Has anyone else ever had trouble at the end of their pregnancy laying on there left side. I can't for to long my bones start top hurt right under my breast bone. Does anyone else? Or even know why?
Avatar f tn Before making my appointment I got my period so decided to give it another try. I got my period on May 6, and now my breast hurt, they feel heavier than usual, but I am scared to take another pregnancy test to only see that it is negative. The only other symptom I have had is light headaches. Please tell me your comments.
Avatar f tn Just your nipples hurt, or the whole breast? I remember my only early pregnancy symptoms being sore breasts, where if my husband accidentally touched one with his elbow it hurt like crazy. That's from the hormones, and there isn't much to do about that besides wear a more supportive bra (that does help a lot).
Avatar n tn i seem to have a red circle on my left breast and has red veins going to it? i am scared it did hurt when i disovered it the other day what could it be and it also has like skin that is peeling on it??
823825 tn?1265071431 my boobie hurt lately im not pregnant tho not my boobie my *** hurt it icthy too anyone have anything to help this go thanks
Avatar f tn It felt like a tingling under my left breast then it spread to the other side. I have one of the pregnancy pillows and if I position it tight under my side it somehow relieves the pressure a little and I can sleep!
941171 tn?1245279859 I dont understand how he could put that, even my doctor knows my risk is high but why does the guy that did my thermogram results think my risk is low? I am very dismayed at all this. :( My left breast also show two evilish looking eyes right below the massive hypervascularity. The report said nothing on what that could be. I dont understand why. What is your thoughts? Is cancer a possibility?
Avatar m tn I have a news I found out that my right breast got a hard ball that's hurt the left and the right breast are the same size
Avatar f tn m pump too days i have a sittter.
Avatar m tn t been wearing a bra with much support because the only bra I have is very uncomfortable and I do not have the money to buy a new one. Why do my breasts hurt? Am I pregnant? Do I just need a better bra?