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Avatar f tn My husband has a lump in his left breast tip(nipple area). There's pain when pressed too.. It's been a month now.. The lump is not growing but remains in the same size. what is the real reason? Is it serious?
Avatar n tn I am a 62 year old male with a slightly painful small hard lump on my left breast, very close to the nipple. No other symptoms exist. Is this just a benign cyst? What should I do?
Avatar f tn t mention your age. Are you male or female? Breast cancer is very common in women, but men can have it as well. Whatever your age or gender breast cancer should be ruled out.
Avatar n tn I am a 55 year old male. My left breast has become swollen over the last 5 weeks. It has also become rather painful to the touch. My internist ordered an ultrasound, which described a hypoechoic area of 2.6cm x 1.6cm x 1.2cm. He has just ordered a mamogram for further investigation of the hypoechoic area. Is male breast cancer the only or most likely cause of this ultrasound finding and symptoms? Am quite worried. The area in question was found to be in the retroaerolar region.
Avatar m tn I am a 42 year-old male who recently realized I have gynecomastia in my left breast. I am 5'11" and about 180 pounds. I recently lost a bit of weight during the pandemic isolation period and realized that the swelling in my chest about which I've been a little self-conscious is more than just excess weight. I have an allergic disorder called mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) for which I am treated with H1- and H2-blocker antihistamines.
Avatar m tn The doctor also assured me that it would just go away which i think was a horrible theory because a year from the date i am still in pain, I have booked another appointment to see my doctor, if anyone has any ideas what this could be besides cancer or if it shows signs of cancer please let me know asap . Thank you for your time to respond please help!
Avatar n tn The past few days my right nipple on my breast has stayed erect for a long period of time, the breast feels sensitive and sore, and sometimes I have a tingling of pain in it. It is not the same as my left breast. I am a bit scared as to what could be the problem. Has any other men here experienced this?
Avatar f tn Im 19 yrs old and for the past 3 yrs I have been noticing a limp in my left breast on the upper/lower outer edge nearest to my armpit. It hasnt bothered me pain wise before, untill now, since last night when I noticed it was feeling a bit bigger and seeming to catch my attention alittle more, the pain is more like a inner burning or pressure and it has lasted for about 10 hours now. Never thought anything of it before and now I am started to worry. Is there anything I can do at home?
Avatar n tn suddenly pain started in my left breast, from middle of the breast to uterus already removed 2 years before. I am 50 years old. There is no lump in breast. no boil or redness on skin. What is the reason?
Avatar f tn Hello I'm 24 years old and I've been having pain in mainly my left breast but sometimes in both And it can go to my arm or neck I have really bad anxiety and going thru a lot right now was wondering if that could be in any ideas on wht it could be some people are saying it could be a pulled muscle I do have a job where I lift a very heavy boy please comment thank you
Avatar m tn I have developed a mass near areola of my right breast in last few days. I has an intense pain and I am not able to understand what it is. I an 37 year old normal lean male with some hypothyroidism from last few years. Can any body help what it is. The lump is very painful. It should not be an infection as I a have no fever like symptoms.
Avatar n tn Im 58 year old male, who for reasons unknown has sever pain under left nipple, ok pressed all round no pain, but when press gently just under centre, OUCH OUCH BLOODY swelling or anything, and no pain when left alone....
Avatar m tn I have always had sensitive nipples but in the last few days sensitivity in my left nipple has gone crazy. I can barely stand to have anything touch the nipple – even wearning a shirt is uncomfortable. The sensaton is pretty much constant and it is affecting sleep. The senation is mostly kind of what you would assisicate with sex but sometimes it can be a light pain/ itch.
Avatar m tn I am a 24-year old male and about a week after Thanksgiving, I started to get this pain behind my left breast and in the rib cage area underneath the breast itself. Anyways, I really started to notice the pain especially when I breathed in or either put my arm up, raised it above my head, or put my arms in front of my body. The pain would really hurt around the left breast when I made those movements.
Avatar n tn i have pain in my left breast and its gone bigger then the other breast please tell me what it could be
Avatar m tn I have felt a slight pressure on the upper left side of my chest and a slight fullness in my left breast (male) for about a month and I was wondering what could be the cause. I am overweight but I haven't had any other symptoms.
Avatar f tn The pain is on the right side of my right breast, and it is little deep in there, just a little. The pain comes and goes. It is not severe but it hurts enough to draw my attention. What could it be? (I've never had breast pain before.
Avatar m tn im a 38 yr. old male, since my 20's i had a knot in my right breast. every doctor i would go said it would go away. well, now, like said im 38 yrs. old, and it has grown. it is more of a mass around my nipple but still feel a knot on the upper side closer to my arm pit. there is one on the other breast too, but not the size of this one. and it hurts bad. and is noticable that the breast is larger. i went to a breast clinic and had a mamagram and sonagram.
Avatar m tn I went to bed this morning for about 30 minutes and woke up in the middle of it because I was getting pain in my left breast. I have no kids and was taking birth control up until two weeks ago, I'm 18 years old and married. I want to know if I need to see a doctor or if this is normal in girls my age. Also, could it be that I am pregnant?
Avatar f tn I have had a pretty bad pain in my left breast, slong the outside and the bottom along my ribs for 3 months now. Prior to this, I had bronchitis for a while. My cough finally subsided about 2 weeks ago, but the pain is worse. It goes to my back at times, and my left side has now noticably larger then my right.
Avatar n tn My friend is 50 yr old male, he suffered a motorcycle accident resulting in a couple of fractured ribs.five to six weeks after the accident he got back on the motorcycle and rode a short while. It was windyhe had a loose fitting sleevless t shirt on that was beating against his chest.