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Avatar n tn they are doing a special view bilateral mammogram and ultrasound is it because they viewed something in both breast is that what bilateral is
Avatar f tn I have to go back on the radiologists suggestion to my doctor. So the Doctor ordered another one. Special View Left Breast and and Ultrasound. They called it a skin flap and yes I think it is breast tissue folding over. But I have to look at it as really making sure everything is fine. I have too many friends that don't have mammograms because they don't want to know if anything is wrong.
Avatar f tn On review of the patients mammogram, I see an area of asymmetry on the CC view of the Left breast laterally. There are scattered Fibroglandular elements in the left breast. Focal area in question in the left breast in prior mammogramphy is not reproduced and presumably represents superimposed breast tissue. Any one knows what this all mean?
Avatar n tn New density in the left breast on the oblique view and another in the left breast on the craniocaudal view. Recommend coned down compression views and ultrasound of the left breast and 90 degree lateral view. Birads score 0 What does this mean? I am worried.
Avatar n tn I am 47 yrs old and this is my second mammogram. I had the first one a year ago. I had a mammogram on OCT 28 and rcved a letter stating further eval was needed. The doctor ordered a right breast special view mammogram and an ultrasound. Is there a reason for both or please explain. The gyn doctor's office just called to sked me a phone appointment later this week. She told me the test showed calcification where the fatty tissue should be. There is an area that is more solid..
Avatar f tn I was told it was and enlarged lymph node in my right breast on the left side and to follow up with another mammogram in 6 months. I go to my gyno today and will ask a whole lot more questions, but my question here is should I seek a second opinion or even a biospy? No history of breast cancer none in my family that I no of, but my mother & sister passed away with the same kind of lung cancer from smoking. I am a smoker.
Avatar f tn A focal asymmetry in the medial anterior right breast and 2 adjacent asymmetries on the central posterior right CC view. Additional asymmetry is also present in the inferior anterior left MLO view. Recommend further evaluation with tomosynthesis images in the CC and lateral projection. The left MLO view should be repeated at the same time for inadequate pectoralis muscle. Ultrasound evaluation may be needed. Impression: Incomplete bilateral mammogram.
Avatar f tn I received a letter from the gyne that the mammogram test impression is Asymmetry in the inner subareolar left breast and further evaluation recommended with additional mammographic vies and left breast ultrasound is required. I always do my mammogram yearly and never had a problem and did not have to go back for more testing.
Avatar n tn They said asymmetry in left breast lower breast on the MLO view. I am so scared and not going back for the additional views until Thursday. I did have a breast reduction about 7 years ago. Any feedback would be helpful.
Avatar f tn I'm 44 years old and had my yearly mammogram on 12/03/10. Got a call on 12/08 telling me they needed to do a diagnostic mammogram. I had my 1st mammogram at the age of 37 because I wanted a baseline and I've been getting them every year after that (7 years now....). At my baseline screening I was called back due to "something" which turned out to be a water-filled cyst in my left breast.....
1090423 tn?1286287650 hi , can anyone help...
Avatar f tn special view mammogram of the right breast. spot compression CC 3D tomo and LM 3D tomo. ultrasound if findings persist. Routine screening mammogram of the left breast in one year. as an adjunct to mammography, annual MRI can be considered given patient's elevated lifetime risk of breast cancer (20.5%). so what exactly am i dealing with here? what is "asymmetry"? should i be concerned?
Avatar f tn In April, 2009, it was reported on a digital mammogram that I had possible architectural distortion in the superior left breast. (Strong family history of breast cancer.) A few weeks later, I had a repeat mammo, spot compression views with CAD and ultrasound. Findings were heterogeneously dense breast tissue, architectural distortion persisting on true lateral view and spot compression. This area is not definitely seen on the CC or spot compression view.
Avatar f tn If a radiologist interpreting a mammogram was not able to view either a region of the breast completely or a possible abnormality completely, the radiologist may recommend additional imaging, including the use of spot compression, to help make a more complete evaluation. The purpose of a spot compression mammogram is to achieve better imaging of a particular region of the breast.
Avatar m tn Not sure if I am driving myself crazy or not. I had a mammogram today and when the tech left I looked at the screen and I did notice a white spot way at the top of one my breasts, out of the area of the main mammogram region if that makes any sense. Then I'm thinking if it was something with where it was wouldn't the tech take another view of it. Now I have myself convinced that I have breast cancer. Help!
Avatar n tn CEDM or contrast enhanced digital mammograms are a great tool for getting a clear view. When breast tissue is dense which is not uncommon and happens more and more as we age, this type of mammography greatly helps. https://densebreast-info.org/enhanced-breast-mammography.aspx That link gives information about this type of diagnostic tool. This link talks about dense breast tissue. https://www.mayoclinic.
Avatar m tn Impression: 1. Right breast with no evidence of malignancy. 2. Left breast with rounded focal asymmetry in the upper outer quadrant and asymmetry in the superior posterior breast. Recommend spot compression views and true lateral views. Examination: Recommend additional imaging on the left. Assessment: BI-RADS code 0 incomplete need additional imaging. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn Mammogram findings: breast are heterogeneously dense. A new 11mm partially circumscribed mass in the outer right breast is noted on the CC view, without associated architectural distortion or suspicious clustered microcalcification. There are scattered and occasionally grouped benign smooth punctate and round microcalcifications. What exactly does this mean and could a recent pectoral muscle tear have anything to do with it? Probably benign? Fibrous breasts? Thanks.
Avatar m tn clock in the right breast and a parenchymal asymmetry in the upper outer quadrant. I have had a benign tumor removed from my left breast when I was 24. In 2008 I had a 0.5 cm cyst at 12, 0.2 cm at 9 and 0.4 cm at 6. Now a 4 mm mass. Could this just be the cysts are bigger?
Avatar f tn It also said I have architecture distortion on the upper left breast. They were scheduling a month out for ultrasound and diagnostic mammogram. Due to me being so scared they are letting me come in on Monday to get these test done for peace of mind. What does this mean? Has anybody else had this? I'm so scared.. I hope it's not cancer.. Can this be a benign condition? Any information would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn May be you can ask if special mammogram with magnification view will have better views and diagnosis for your situation? You are right, it is very difficult to talk to Drs, even you found out what they said to you was different than what the final report said. Try your best, we do need informed decisions. Good luck!
Avatar m tn There is an ill-defined nodule seen within the upper outer left breast for which additional spot compression magnification images in CC and true lateral view on the left are recommended. There is soft tissue nodule with coarse calcifications seen within the right breast, consistent with fibroadenoma. No spiculated mass lesion or suspicious appearing clusters of microcalcificatons seen. Impression: Additional work up necessary (birads category 0).
Avatar n tn I was going to have the MRI-guided biopsy, but my regular surgeon said to have a mammogram first. The cancer in my left breast was now visible by mammogram, so I had a mammogram-guided wire localization and a breast biopsy. It turned out to be a very tiny (.7 mm) invasive lobular cancer. I had a mastectomy. Sentinel node biopsy found a micrometastasis in the sentinel node. A subsequent axillary node dissection found no additional cancer.