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Avatar f tn Mammogram findings: breast are heterogeneously dense. A new 11mm partially circumscribed mass in the outer right breast is noted on the CC view, without associated architectural distortion or suspicious clustered microcalcification. There are scattered and occasionally grouped benign smooth punctate and round microcalcifications. What exactly does this mean and could a recent pectoral muscle tear have anything to do with it? Probably benign? Fibrous breasts? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I just had a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound for pain in the left breast. Results were fine for the left, but the right breast showed 8 mm solid nodule with shadows, hypoechoic, and a bi-rad classification of 4. What is the percentage of malignancies of a classification 4? Just want to prepare myself. They said it will be at least two weeks until the stereostatic needle biopsy. What should I expect from that type of biopsy.
Avatar m tn The only thing I can think of would apply to the Mammogram; if the lump is positioned so that it would take a special view for it to show up. I'm confident that the Breast Specialist can solve this mystery; especially since the lump is easily felt by exam. Please keep us posted after you see the Specialist. Regards ....
Avatar f tn i just had a mammo, and needed to have a 2nd picture of my left breast as it indicated cacifications. i was told "everything is fine; but come back in 6 months to make sure there are no changes". at first i was relieved there was nothing immediate to worry about. but since the test, and learning more about calcifications, i'm starting to worry about what all this means. there is no hx of breast cancer in my mother's family so i never really thought much of it.
Avatar n tn He never did prescribe me any meds for the infection I might or might not have. The ultrasound showed a cyst in my left breast but they said it looked ok. I guess my question is...is it possible that having a cyst in one breast would cause pain in both? And why wouldn't a Dr prescribe medication if he thought there was an infection going on?
Avatar n tn I had calcifications on my left breast and was told I needed a biopsy which I had on Sept 3rd. I was told that 95% of these are just that, calcifications and only 5% are cancer. Well I have cancer and it is DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In Situ). I had a lumpectomy on the 21st and did not get clear margins on one end so yesterday (the 5th) I had a 2nd excision to try to get the clear margins. Today I await the lab result which will tell me if I will have a mastecomy or not.
Avatar n tn I am scheduled to have a special view mammogram and ultrasound, I am really nervous considering my family history with breast cancer... Is the finding of a nodular density something to be this be concerned about given my family history?
Avatar n tn I am 48 yo disabled by a chronic immune disorder, overweight and menopausal (i have a medical background but not in oncology or radiology) I do have bilateral breast tenderness (my period has become very irregular once or twice only this year so I always feel like I'm getting it) Breast exam, by a breast surgeon my gyn sent me to after nodules were seen, was nrl I had a mammogram in 3/08 that found two nodules.
Avatar f tn I have constant upper left shoulder pain which occassionally radiates to left breast. I am a stressed out mother of a 15 month old who spends a lot of time at the computer. When I first had this pain - 2 years ago, my doctor referred me to a specialist who said it was probably muscular and prescribed PT. It helped for a while but I stopped going for a while. I am convinced poor posture is largely responsible. I didn't have this pain at all while out on maternity leave for 6 months.
Avatar f tn I have to go back on the radiologists suggestion to my doctor. So the Doctor ordered another one. Special View Left Breast and and Ultrasound. They called it a skin flap and yes I think it is breast tissue folding over. But I have to look at it as really making sure everything is fine. I have too many friends that don't have mammograms because they don't want to know if anything is wrong.
Avatar n tn Hi, It's not unusual to be called back when a mammogram shows a density that needs further investigation.What you'll be having is called a spot compression mammogram that will focus on the area of concern.Often it's the tissue that folds over on itself and causes a density or shadow to appear.A spot compression will often smooth out the tissue and the "density" will disappear.If this happens an ultrasound might not be needed.
Avatar n tn Two weeks ago I was called back for a second mammogram and an ultrasound after the mammogram (my first) 10 days earlier had shown a small mass,shaped like a bent rectangle, in my lower left breast. I was told that because this had been my first mammogram, I was called back mainly because, with no history on me, they would much rather error on the side of caution. Since the second tests, I have been told nothing accept that I am to book an appointment for another mammogram/ultrasound in 6 months.
Avatar f tn special view mammogram of the right breast. spot compression CC 3D tomo and LM 3D tomo. ultrasound if findings persist. Routine screening mammogram of the left breast in one year. as an adjunct to mammography, annual MRI can be considered given patient's elevated lifetime risk of breast cancer (20.5%). so what exactly am i dealing with here? what is "asymmetry"? should i be concerned?
Avatar n tn The strange part is that my September I went for a mamo and they found a complex cyst in my left breast. It was needle biospied Iand it came back not to be cancer. In December I went for another exam and nothing was found. 1 month ago I went for a mamogram and they found several cysts, 3 complex cysts and a mass in my right breast. I had a "surgical" biopsy 3 weeks ago and it came back negative. I don't know what to do.
Avatar n tn The clock would be as the doctor looks at it. If its 9:00 on your right breast that would be out from the nipple toward your right arm. I healed very fast after my unilateral mastectomy. A followup MRI found a problem in the left breast and am now waiting for the biopsy results. My newest mantra is "false positive, false positve, false positive." :) I should also have my Oncotype DX results back this week so I'm hoping they will say no chemo. Waiting...sigh.
Avatar f tn They told me my results were negative for my left breast before I left the breast center, which was a huge relief, but I must have a MRI biopsy in the morning to be on the safe side before the Lumpectomy of my right breast on the 15th. You are in my prayers stay strong peace and love faithhealing.
Avatar n tn I'm fairly large breasted, so I'm guessing if a woman is small or very small it might make a difference. Mine were in the top and bottom of my breast on the left and the largest one was in the middle of the outside on the right. All were very easy and the recovery was quick---I went dancing the evening after the first two (done at the same time). I used very little pain medication at home. Everyone heals differently and has a different pain threshold, but I thought mine were a piece of cake.
Avatar n tn Also, normally if there is no lymph node involvement and the mass is 1cm and under no chemo is usually recommended but radiation is. It is sometimes left up to the patient. Is she going to a credible breast cancer center? Do you know her ER, PR and HER2 status? Is she post or pre menopausal? An oncotype test would also be beneficial in determining her need for chemo. It is good her scans were negative.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm sooo glad to have found this forum! I have a rash on the upper part of my left breast and now it's starting on my right one. I went to my GP this morning and she thought it was a latex allergy. I'm skeptical about that. After reading all of the postings I'm thinking it is contact dermatitis due to the chemicals in the padding of the bras. The only difference in my case is that I haven't bought any new bras. I wear primarily VS, Maidenform and Bali.
1230181 tn?1269954624 After your questions are answered, you should be able to see what your Doctors view and plans are. If they don't lead towards a logical resolution, then a second opinion is always an excellent choice.
693804 tn?1304724074 Thank you! Everything went GREAT!!! I have to wait 2 weeks from today they said to take a test... so here we go!!! Hoping this is our month! WOOT WOOT!!!
413852 tn?1317312312 I'm this very moment sitting in a waiting room waiting (and waiting and waiting) to have a baseline mammogram done, required by my RE before I can start meds for IVF in a few days (whenever CD2 comes around). I'm a little grumpy and tired from too much work travel (after the mammogram I zip off to another out-of-state presentation), but I'm making an effort to stay focussed, positive, and cheerful :D <-- absolutely genuine smile, really...
940391 tn?1255758976 hi to make a long and devastating story short, my 51 year old aunt was diagnosed on March 5th with stage 4 lung cancer it had spread to her pericardial sac around her heart, we never left her alone from that time on, she passed away on April 7th a month and 2 days after finding out. Our family is devastated, she and i were very close only 4 years apart, she never had kids and was close to my 2 adult children.
Avatar n tn My friend told me today that her right breast has been vibrating and describes it like a vibrating cell phone. Her description matches what you all are saying perfectly except for the location. I googled "symptom breast vibrations" and found a breast cancer website where tons of women are experiencing this same sensation in the breasts (seemingly not related to breast cancer) and I thought you might want to know.
413852 tn?1317312312 Greetings Ladies... At last check, we are 30 strong in membership...YES!!! I'd like to Thank Naturschild (NC) for starting this group, because it was an excellent idea & very much needed. It's good to know that we are NOT alone on our journey of TTC at the Beautiful age of 40+. Having stated the above, we aren't getting much participation on the boards. I think only a handful of the ladies are posting questions, statements or replying to them.
Avatar f tn I'm so happy to have have found you guys. I feel so miserable and I'm afraid I will never feel that I will ever live a normal life again. I can't believe there is nothing that can make us feel good again - I know there are women who think things will get better after menopause - but there is no such thing! These horrible symptoms are forever. I know that a woman's body is super complicated and sometimes making one thing better causes another thing to be worse.
1647691 tn?1363727302 Yeah I'm so glad you found it!!