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Avatar n tn It came back negative and that spot has been stable for 2 years now. The tender mass used to get worse right before my period and then be less painful after. But the tenderness never goes away altogether. Now the area has become more painful and tender all month long. This breast also is starting to itch. I had another utlrasound on the area a few days ago and the radiologist came and did the ultrasound herself to be sure she didn't see anything.
Avatar m tn From the beginning of August until now, she had seizures 4 times (she never have seizures before), all last about a minute long, AND she has severe muscle atrophy and minimal use of the right forelimb. There is a painful mass in the axilla, most likely associated with the brachial plexus. The neurologist said usually seizures and nerve tumores are not related, but he suggests us to have a MRI to try to find out what's wrong with my dog.
Avatar n tn My doctor stated I have increased breast tissue on that breast.
Avatar n tn I have a recurring painful mass under my right nipple (would be at 3 o'clock position if i was standing in front of you and you were looking at it), accompanied by reddening of the breast skin on that same side. The areola, in that location, is swollen and painful, but is totally normal on the opposite side of the nipple. The mass is not a lump with discrete boundaries, but rather a firmness under the nipple that spreads as the condition worsens.
Avatar m tn He called it a right armpit axillary mass. I am really worried because this is my 2nd scare. My first scare was in my left armpit. Than sent me for an ultrsound and an xray but could not tell any thing. They put me on medicine and said if it didn't go away in a week they would take it out to be on the safe side. It was there when I went to bed the night before my surgery and when I woke up it was gone. My mother has had breast cancer 3 times in her left armpit.
Avatar n tn I discovered a lump in my breast in February. I went to the doctor. Upon examining it and performing an ultrasound in her office she said that she felt that it was a cyst. She also said that she would not be able to drain the cyst. At that time the cyst was only painful at times. Therefore, I decided to leave the cyst alone and wait and see. Well, the cyst has grown much larger (double in size / to about 3 inches wide) and is much more painful.
Avatar n tn I woke up this morning with a very painful breast. There is a portion of my areola that is very swollen and red. I cant touch it to see if there is a lump or not. I stopped breastfeeding about 3 months ago. Im not sure what to do. Ive been using warm moist compresses but it seems to not help at all. The pain radiates up into my armpit. What could this be?
Avatar n tn Actually my breast mass on my right breast developed into a solid mass with birad 3.My OB-Gyne gave me that option to have it surgically removed or wait for another 6 mos for further monitoring.Right now i haven't decided if i want it to be remove. Please help!
Avatar n tn I have been having pain in my right breast for about a year now. The pain seems to be on the side near my arm and hurts when I press on it or stretch my arm out. I had a Mammo in January followed by and ultrasound due to that area being dense. The ultrasound found a couple of cysts but nothing more. The pain seems to be worse lately so I am concerned. I went to the doctor last week and he did and x-ray of that arm but really found nothing there.
Avatar f tn So I have a mass/lump in the top of my right breast and at times there is a burning sensation to it. That comes and goes. The mass is not mushy or anything it's hard and doesn't move around. I have read up on it and it seems to keep coming up as inflammatory breast cancer which I also read is kind of rare. Has anyone had any experience with what I am going thru. Doctor has scheduled a mammogram but I am just on here getting more info as to what it can be. Thanks for any help.
Avatar n tn It's been about a week and a half since I had my latest mammogram, and about 4 days after it I woke up in the middle of the night with a shooting pain running from under my right armpit straight out towards my nipple. Woke me right up. Ever since then I'm still having the pain, worse when I first wake up in the morning and when I run or exercise. My mammogram and breast exam were normal, no sign of anything out of the norm. So what could this pain be?
Avatar n tn Dr have taken the mamograph and ultra sound and found that I have one solid mass (fibroadnoma) on left side of the breast and 2 small on right breast. They told me that they are going to do biopsy. I wanted to know that is this common thing and is it releted to breast cancer?Is this some thing to worry about cancer, its bothering me a lot.what is fibroadnoma?I do'nt know i am spelling right or not. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn s disease of the breast(Not serious) which can cause a worm like painful linear mass of breast area.But then, like what medgirl says should not be left to chance. Do consult your doc.
Avatar n tn 00 position of my right breast that was not at all painfull compared to the rest of my breast (I have always had painful breast/cystic, which was normal for me). The Dr. sent me for an ultrasound and today they called and want to schedule me for a biopsy due to a nodule that measures 1+cm. My question is, this hard nodule was not present 4 months ago and so what type of nodule usually grows that fast and can they detect cancer on a sonogram?
Avatar f tn Had mammo in November, report showed microcals,under went stereotatic bx, revealed radial scar on the background of fibrocystic changes,just underwent excision of right breast mass, have appt with MD today to discuss results, have family hx,maternal grandmother and sister positive for breast ca.Just wondering if this increases my risk of DCIS, guess I will find out soon enough.
Avatar n tn My gynocologist found a mass in my left breast during my yearly exam today. The mass was tender when she was doing the exam. I am scheduled for a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound; however, I am anxious about it. Can malignant lumps be painful to the touch?
Avatar f tn clock retroaerolar mass. The mass is decreased in size post biopsy suggesting this represents a complex cystic lesion. Conclusion: uneventful ultrasound guided biopsy the patient was instructed to obtain follow-up care and biopsy results from referring physician. Any had has the same thing & how was the outcome? Is it normal to be super itchy at times in the nippple & area, also pain?
Avatar f tn 2mm. There is some tenderness and pain on both my breast coz there are cysts both breast. Actually my doctor told me that i have lumpy breast.
Avatar f tn He asked me to return in 6 months to recheck the mass. The boil (?) cleared up on the breast. It has been 2 months and on the breast with the mass, a huge boil (?) and swelling started. Very painful! I applied the cream given from my last break out on other breast. Now my question is, 'Could this be more than boils?" I read up on IBC and it never mentions lumps or boils. I am worried because of the mass on that breast and now the huge boil. "Does IBC cause boils that come and go?
Avatar f tn I did a self exam and noticed a quarter size non painful raised flat mass/ lump in breast. I had a mammogram and ultrasound which stated it was benign. I decrease caffeine and it never goes away. Should it be surgically removed or would it staying their lead to cancer? Would thermography be a good yearly preventative?
Avatar n tn With in the past 3 months I am developed a very small lump under my right nipple, kind of feels like a larger BB. It is not painful but does kind of feel like a bruise if I push on it. About two weeks ago I noticed that it had gotten a bit bigger and I decided to squeeze it. A light yellow / milky substance did come out of my nipple. I continued to squeeze it until it seemed like everythin was out. No discharge ever comes out without squeezing. My nipple was sore for a few days after.
Avatar n tn April 2017 I inadvertently wiped my hands off on my left thigh and right breast-hands were coated with Vicks Vapor Rub at the time, which I had just applied to my toenails. Thus ensued immediate and enduring extreme pain left thigh and right breast, with visible/palpable tissue/fat changes. I have since had benign biopsy for the resultant microcalcifications/adjacent mass in the breast.
Avatar f tn Any mass or lump in the breast can cause breast pain as it impinges on the normal breast structure. A breast ultrasound can differentiate between a cystic and a solid mass. Since the lump on your breast has increased in size with associated tenderness, further examinations may be needed. You need to go back to your doctor or a breast specialist. You can have a needle biopsy done and the specimen is sent for histopathological evaluation.