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3072999 tn?1356414732 Hi Tink, I am actually a medical coder for a hospital -the ICD-10 code would be G93.5. The ICD-9 code is 384.4. Since ICD-9 is not very specific they may have put a I after to show it is a Chiari Malformation type 1. In ICD-10 it is more specific - G93.5 states Chiari Malformation 1. So I am assuming since the ICD-9 code of 384.4 just states compression of brain they had to add a 1 so it was more specific for their notes.
Avatar m tn t talked to him yet as he is not in his office currently but this has me worried. Did he make a mistake and use the wrong ICD code or could this code also apply to the condition that I was diagnosed with. Thank you.
Avatar n tn clock on the right breast. What does Birad Code 4 suspicious mean and what is the difference in the code levels? Also what does spiculated mean?
Avatar f tn 070.51 is the ICD-9-CM code for Acute hepatitis C without mention of hepatic coma. B17.10 – Acute hepatitis C without hepatic coma is the ICD-10 code. In the overall scheme of things ultimately the only person who really cares about those codes is the one processing your health insurance claim. The code might have been on your receipt from the doctor's office or your EOB (Explanation of Benefits).
378497 tn?1232143585 Is there an ICD-9 code for "cervical demyelinating myelopathy"?
Avatar f tn But these nodes may signify an infection on the site where the ICD was implanted, instead of having anything to do with the presence of a breast tumor. If the lumps were present even before the ICD was implanted, then these may need to be checked by means of a repeat breast ultrasound or a mammogram. I'm not sure if an ultrasound or mammogram will interfere with the functioning of the ICD. You'll have to get clearance from your cardiologist if these procedures need to be done.
967168 tn?1477584489 My mom always warned me about this, especially when it comes to life or health insurance. She insisted that if I go to a doc for anything, if they do not formally diagnose an issue don't let it get on your file. I never knew why until I had a run in because of it. I went to a doc 4 or 5 years ago for a peristant cough. He asked me to try advair based solely on my complaint of a persistant cough. he listened to my lungs, no issues.
Avatar n tn In the simple terms, a breast mass (tumor or lesion) which has some abnormal features had been identified (seen), as well as some enlarged/suspicious lymph nodes. The BI-RAD 4 rating means that these are suspicious findings (have an abnormal appearance), and the radiologist has recommended that the breast mass and the largest lymph node be biopsied, to determine whether or not they are malignant (cancer).
Avatar f tn This might be a right bundle branch conduction delay, ie a conduction disorder of some unspecified type (check the ICD code), although whether that would be a real worry is also unspecified. 2. The note says that there is a normal echo. This is not the same thing as an ecg. So it does not follow that the ecg is normal because the echo is normal. 3. The note is not validated by the input of a physician, nor subsequently by your individual assessment of the physician and his diagnosis.
Avatar f tn Got called back three days later cause the found a mass. Went that day had diagnostic mammogram and US of my right breast. BIRADS 3 rating. Said wait 6 months. Pushed for MRI ( I am at 21.6% chance of Bc). Results came back quickly. Got a call two days later saying that it's doubled in size in 7 weeks and now they want another US to look at it. Why after two mammograms, an US and MRI do I need another US???? Just do the biopsy and figure out what it is. I'm really nervous.
Avatar f tn 426.9 conduction disorder, unspecified what does that mean? dangerous?
Avatar f tn Thank you, I have only had one mammogram done so I wasn't sure. I did how ever find another lump or small mass in my right breast. I don't have any inflammation or pain. Just a prickly sensation in my armpit. I go Monday for my Mammogram. Also I have a ICD device in my chesr ( left side ) will this be a problem?
Avatar f tn My mother has an ICD and it has gone off a total of 27 times in the last few days. She's only 62. There is not a problem with the device, she just keeps going into Vtach, but she can't be sustained in a normal rhythm. If a normal rhythm doesn't come back, is it just cruel to keep the device firing. Even in a full code patient would you shock them externally this many times without a sustained change in heart rhythm? I just don't want to make her suffer for nothing.
Avatar m tn Ultra sound indicates 10x10x9mm irregular hydroechoic solid mass at 9:00 in right breast BRAD 4. Scheduled for a core needle biopsy this Fri. 1/9/15. I go every year for a mammagram However I did hear that your chances of breast cancer a higher post menopause. Do you have any idea of the percentage of these irregular hydroechoic solid's being cancer. My mammagram reads scattered fibroglandular densities found.
Avatar f tn BUT, I have had a back ache for almost a year, lower lumbar right side. Can the right side lower back ache possibly be attributed to the right side adnexal mass? And has anyone ever heard of this type of mass (so close to the ovary) affecting moods - for example having mood swings like I used to when I was still menstruating? I also have breast/nipple tenderness. I am just curious if these random symptoms which have been bugging me can be tied in together. Thanks so much for reading this!
Avatar n tn 428.22 is the ICD diagnosis code for your condition. It simply means that the pumping action of your heart is reduced or impared. Did you get any feedback from your doctor concerning your Ejection fraction (EF%) ? Was this diagnosed on a stress test and if so what were the other findings. Let us know so we can better help you.
Avatar f tn I went for my first mammogram and my doctor calls me that I have to go for a breast ultrasound. I went for my ultrasound and the tech said I will show the pictures to the doctor who reviews them and come back. So i'm waiting and she comes back with the doctor who says I need a biopsy and they scheduled it for the middle of May. So now I have to wait. Can you tell me what this means...
Avatar n tn I also had a breast exam (not mamogram), because my physican said that breast cancer can also give a false high CA 19-9. My doctor felt no unusally lumps in my breast. Since 6/07 I have had an obstructed bowel, constipation, and still continued abdominal pain. I had a colonoscopy, which took me two days to prep (2 gallons of go lytley before I had a bowel movement). My colonoscopy came back normal. I also had a upper GI scope(through my mouth) and that came back normal.
Avatar f tn I'm 43 and had my 1st mammogram on 5/12/09. I was asked to come back for another mammogram & sonogram. My results from the new mammogram was "in left upper inner quadrant, approx 9 cm deep to the nipple, there is a 4-5 cm area of architectural distortion with a lucent center. Addt'lly there is a 1 cm oval, well-defined mass in the 8 o'clock position, approx 1 cm from nipple.
Avatar m tn Hi Margypops, thanks for your reply. Currently, my baby is no longer breastfed., (just about 3-4 oz of breastmilk a day since my wife has already started decreasing her milk). I googled 'Breast Cysts' and it looked different (as the one in the net seem to have 'breast-like' features while my baby's mass looks/feels like the upper portion of an adults pinky finger) :( We'll be scheduling a consult to the doctor and hopefully, he'll be able to determine what it is..
Avatar m tn After a mammogram and ultra sound I was told that I had a "code 4" breast nodule (2 lumps) and had a biopsy and do not know the results as yet. What is a code 4?? And what are the odds with a code 4 that this is cancer?