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Avatar n tn Most of the codes we see in the United States today are version 9, called ICD-9-CM codes. ICD-9 codes describe the reason for the medical services to commercial and government payers in alpha/numeric codes. Not linking the diagnosis to the proper code can lead to a denied claim. The diagnosis or clinical suspicion must be present for the procedures to be considered medically necessary.
Avatar n tn code you are referring to is the ICD (International Classification of Diseases) code for your illness. This code is just a means of standardizing how diagnoses are named, so that: 1) health professionals coming from different places could understand each other's diagnoses, and 2) health insurance claims can be standardized. "162.9" is the code for the diagnosis of "malignant neoplasm of the bronchus and lungs, not specified" - lung cancer in plain English.
3072999 tn?1356414732 Hi Tink, I am actually a medical coder for a hospital -the ICD-10 code would be G93.5. The ICD-9 code is 384.4. Since ICD-9 is not very specific they may have put a I after to show it is a Chiari Malformation type 1. In ICD-10 it is more specific - G93.5 states Chiari Malformation 1. So I am assuming since the ICD-9 code of 384.4 just states compression of brain they had to add a 1 so it was more specific for their notes.
Avatar n tn dilatin toxcitiy icd 9 code
1047522 tn?1258145704 My last visit to my nephrologist showed no apparent ill effects to the kidney after 3 chemo txs. My question is based on a new ICD 9 code that was listed on the lab sheet for my next follow-up. What is "disorder of magnesium metabolism" and is it related to the renal failure or possibly a result of the chemo? I have enough disorders, conditions and diseases right now to fill a medical encyclopedia, I really don't need another one to worry about. Thank you for your time.
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Avatar f tn Can you please help me with an ICD-9 code for a Suprapubic Cystostopy procedure?
Avatar f tn Can you please help me with an ICD-9 code for a Suprapubic Cystostopy procedure?
Avatar n tn Colononic mucosa with goblet cell hyperplasa the correct ICD 9 code is?
Avatar f tn Breast mass seen on screening mammo and ultrasound, right breast at 9:00, 2 cm from the nipple, 0.6 cm. ICD-9: 611.72. Comment by aspirator: 3 passes. Rapid Interpretation: Scant. Biopsy performed by: Radiologist. Rapid Interpretation performed by pathologist [xxxx]. GROSS DESCRIPTION: 4 Direct Pap. 1 Cell Block COMMENTS: The smears are hypocellular and show only a few groups of ductal cells some demonstrating enlarged nuclei with mild architectural abnormality.
1815939 tn?1377991799 Our finding that 50% of patients with biopsy confirmed cirrhosis lacked an associated ICD-9 code for cirrhosis suggests that reliance upon ICD-9 coding data for analysis of current electronic health records may be unreliable," Dr. Gordon told Reuters Health.
Avatar n tn However, microcalcifications that grow in a cluster are suspicious because they sometimes cluster around a mass. In other words, while the mass may not be visualized on film, a cluster of microcalcifications may indicate that there is abnormal growth in the area. It is proper in most cases to biopsy the area of microcalcifications. This would most likely be done with mammography guidance.
Avatar n tn I had a specific perscription from the doc along with a certificate of need and ICD-9 code number for the billing department. The doc had told me that she wanted me to have a support that had strong stays on the sides to prevent lateral movement in my lower back. I got to my appointment and the girl at the front desk said my insurance would not go through. I explained that I had just sent all my COBRA paperwork in on Tuesday so I may not be in the computor as active yet.
Avatar m tn t talked to him yet as he is not in his office currently but this has me worried. Did he make a mistake and use the wrong ICD code or could this code also apply to the condition that I was diagnosed with. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Found mass in my right breast as well, will receive results hopefully, Monday.