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Avatar m tn I was wondering any information you might have regarding svr and the ribavirin dose reduction (i did see a study regarding monotherapy with a viral load of less than 100,000 and genotype 2 here is the link http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19084937 any insight will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn Have any of you seen the new study out of Johns Hopkins regarding comparing the two Pegs? Apparently they also looked at lowering the dose of ribavirin (and interferon) when anemia occurs and found that actually improved the success rate of SVR when compared to people who toughed it out and stayed with the same dose. I was floored when I read this and wish I knew enough to know just how good this study really is. I have a lot of respect for Dr. Sulkowski.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately, I don't believe that will be an option for me. Whenever I am attempting to take the normal dose of Ribavirin, I get chest pain and breathing problems. My recent physical, even on 4 Riba's a day, showed me to have an abnormal EKG and lung capacity at just 60%. I've had mild asthma for years, long before the Hep C treatments, so the treatments didn't cause that. I had wheezing problems with milk thistle, too and couldn't take that.
Avatar f tn 3 Pharmacokinetics The terminal half-life of ribavirin following administration of a single oral dose of ribavirin is about 120 to 170 hours. The total apparent clearance following administration of a single oral dose of ribavirin is about 26 L/h. There is extensive accumulation of ribavirin after multiple dosing (twice daily) such that the Cmax at steady state was four-fold higher than that of a single dose. http://kadmon.com/files/ribasphere-tablets-pi.
Avatar f tn fran; I have linked some info below you may be intesested in.however as you may notice from this article there are no mention of what stage of fibrosis the patients had. If you are late stage or possiby chirrotic the reduction may have more relavance as it seems overall patients with advanced fibrosis would have somewhat less desirable results than one with no or mild fibrosis given study data Good luck.. Will http://www.hivandhepatitis.
Avatar m tn Although the pegylated interferons are the primary drugs used to treat CHC, a combination with ribavirin is more effective than pegylated interferon alone. Ribavirin-associated AE may be lessened by ribavirin dose reductions and by maintenance of the hematocrit..." See: http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/578705 Ribavirin improves early responses to peginterferon through improved interferon signaling. Gastroenterology.
Avatar f tn it is now recognized that small reductions in the dose of peginterferon alfa and/or ribavirin, particularly after patients achieve undetectable HCV RNA, are less likely to impact SVR as long as dosing is not interrupted.[15,23]" 15. Reddy KR, Shiffman ML, Morgan TR, et al. Impact of ribavirin dose reductions in hepatitis C virus genotype 1 patients completing peginterferon alfa 2a/ribavirin treatment. Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2007;5:124 129. 23. Shiffman ML, Ghany MG, Morgan TR, et al.
Avatar f tn Don't have all the numbers but viral load was 23,000,000 and biopsy showed inflammation and bridging fibrosis, (stage 3?). I'm on week 7 out of first 12, pegasys/1000 ribavirin. Doc won't do comprehensive tests to see if working until week 12, then if responding will do 48 weeks. Blood work showed slight anemia this week, he wants me to cut ribavirin to 600. He did say after checking numbers next week we may look into rescue drugs for the anemia.
1669790 tn?1333666195 The data shows that similar sustained virologic response (SVR) rates were achieved regardless of ribavirin dose reduction, including dose reduction to ≤ 600mg/day in a telaprevir-based treatment regimen for both treatment naïve and previously treated genotype-1 chronic HCV patients.[1] http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/incivo-telaprevir-svr-rates-unaffected-by-ribavirin-dose-reduction-in-treatment-naive-and-previously-treated-patients-with-genotype-1-chronic-hcv-147925655.
Avatar f tn These effects occurred at doses as low as one twentieth of the recommended human dose of ribavirin. Ribavirin therapy should not be started until a report of a negative pregnancy test has been obtained immediately prior to planned initiation of therapy [see BOXED WARNING, CONTRAINDICATIONS (4), USE IN SPECIFIC POPULATIONS (8.1), and PATIENT COUNSELING INFORMATION (17.2)]. USE IN SPECIFIC POPULATIONS Pregnancy Pregnancy Category X [See CONTRAINDICATIONS (4), WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS (5.
26471 tn?1211940121 Add this to what you suggested - a hopeful view toward small molecule therapy, makes high-dose ribavirin a risk most doctors wouldn't want to take.
Avatar m tn This is one of the sources I found: http://www.drugs.com/pro/ribavirin.html "Effect of Food on Absorption of Ribavirin" "Bioavailability of a single oral dose of Ribavirin was increased by co-administration with a high-fat meal. The absorption was slowed (Tmax was doubled) and the AUC0-192h and Cmax increased by 42% and 66%, respectively, when Ribavirin tablets were taken with a high-fat meal compared with fasting conditions [see Dosage and Administration (2.
Avatar m tn If I were going to pre-dose ribavirin, I'd do it for 4 weeks. Many of the articles I read show steady-state concentration at 3-4 weeks. So I would go for the 4 weeks to get maximum effect. Perhaps that's why the study coeric has posted chose a 4 week lead-in? Just a pondering thought. Definitely take the riba with fat content foods, however I have a feeling your friend knows that.
2030686 tn?1351692148 800 mg per day is a very low dose though, most people are on 1200 mg per day, but perhaps that is the standard dose for G2, not sure. Also, your Riba does not need to go in the fridge.
427265 tn?1444080036 Week 1: 27% vs 0%; Week 4: 54% vs 27%; Week 8: 63% vs 36%; Week 12: 72% vs 45%. Among those who completed treatment, subjects in the double-dose arm had a higher end-of-treatment response rate (45% vs 20%) and SVR rate (40% vs 18%) compared with subjects receiving standard therapy. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The idea is appealing. Get an RVR before the RBV starts to kick your hiney. Get a good heating pad.
Avatar f tn Triple combination therapy week 5 My hemoglobin is going down. Last week blood test hemoglobin is at 8.7. My doctor just reduced Ribavirin from 1000mg daily to 800mg daily for the reason that my hemoglobin is going down. Blood work again in two weeks and he will see me after the blood test results. He told me he might stop the treatment is the hemoglobin continues to low. He will make that decision in the next visit after seen the results of the blood test he ordered.
223152 tn?1346981971 Fueloep and colleagues retrospectively analyzed the effect of ribavirin monotherapy followed by standard combination therapy (pegylated interferon plus ribavirin) on initial decline in HCV viral load and overall treatment outcomes. Addition of ribavirin reduces the risk of relapse after completing treatment, and therefore increases the likelihood of sustained virological response (SVR) to interferon-based therapy.
Avatar m tn I'm wondering if taking the morning dose of riba at the same time I take the first dose of incivek would be alright?
Avatar n tn My doctor told me the cost of the medication is $2,500 a month.
Avatar n tn Good Morning, this is my first day of taking Ribavirin after learning of my diagnosis of Hep c on Saturday. Unfortunately, I am unable to sleep. I have taken 1 10mg. of Ambian to no avail. Is this a normal reaction? Also, I cannot get the vaccines until later this week. Will I be in any shape to go to work once I begin the full regiment of ribavirin and vaccines? Thank you in advance for any information.
86664 tn?1291561395 Although the dose of ribavirin was reduced in 40% of patients in the control group compared with only 10% in patients taking epoetin alfa, the percentage of patients who received more than 80% of the cumulative ribavirin dose was comparable in the 2 groups. This is because the ribavirin dose was reduced in only 200-mg increments every 2-4 weeks, and most dose modifications were performed after patients had achieved undetectable HCV RNA.
476246 tn?1418874514 I planning to take my morning ribavirin with my breakfast with a chunk of cheese. I am also taking krill oil, which one is supposed to take with the first meal. My question is if it is okay to take either krill oil or fish oil at the same time as the riba?
1838299 tn?1403496143 Is anyone on or finshed tx with Sovaldi + ribavirin + interferon for 12 weeks? I am curious about how many people are still treating with interferon cause i will be starting it in October. Plus, how were the side effects and did any SRV? I am tx naive. .
Avatar n tn I have the kind of HCV positive(chronic) that does not respond so wellto interferon treatments. I have choosen to try this Interferon-Ribavirin therapy regardless with hopes of getting better. I start this therapy soon after the new year.I live in Bend,Oregon and feel I need to attend a support group either for Interferon-Ribavirin therapy users or HCV positive(chronic) patients. Do you know if there are support groups in my area????
1016618 tn?1420556862 Same with ribavirin; there was some studies conducted in Sweden, and published in 2005 that addressed high-dose ribavirin. The trial was a very small pilot study involving ten patients; they achieved an SVR rate of 90% for genotype 1 patients. Pretty cool, but it was risky; all patients required intervention including Procrit and/or transfusions. Here’s the link to the Lindahl study from Sweden: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15660393?
3093770 tn?1389742726 i was on the reduction for about 2 weeks. I also got 3 pints of blood. dose reduction is the first choice. my platelets and HGB both went back up and I was able to go back to my normal dose. the important thing is to stay on the full dose of Incivek and finish the 12 weeks. your counts will probably go up and they will resume your normal dose. hang in there and try not to worry too much.
1280753 tn?1367761532 Are they having you take it 80,000 at once or two doses a week at 40,000? A one-week dose reduction of ribavirin after Week 12 has no impact so for this week, breathe easy. The impact of dose reductions beyond that are based on the length and amount of dose reduction. You've got some room yet with the aim being to get back to normal as soon as possible. I got hit with a riba dose reduction at Week 13 so I understand the concern.
Avatar m tn I've been on triple therapy now for over 7 weeks, viral load has been undetectable since week 2, but now my hemoglobin is sufficiently low that my doctor wants to reduce the Ribavirin a bit. I noticed on my last blood draw report that the smear revealed acanthocytes. I understand they are associated with various conditions such as types of anemia. Is it fair to say this evidence of acanthocytes is a typical development on triple therapy?