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Avatar f tn There is however a lady in particular that could answer most of your questions, and address your concerns, etc.. Her name is Kathi, and she is on daily infergen right now. This is her 6th treatment, and she has been on infergen now for like over a year. She will be doing two years in total I believe. You can find her over at www.hepcoutofbounds.org Register for the site, and tell them Snook sent ya.. Kathi is the co host, and you can usually find her in chat.
Avatar n tn whoaisme, Hi there, I know that there a several people here who are on daily Infergen and would be happy to help. I have been on it, and ribavirin, for almost a year now, but in combination with Interferon Gamma 3x per week. I would be happy to help in any way I can. We can chat here or you can email me at ***@****. Let me know.
29837 tn?1414538248 In case some of you don't know, I was on 24mcg Infergen and 1200mg Ribavirin daily for 3 months. Doctor took me off treatment 2 weeks ago because my ALT & AST levels went from the 80's to the 700's. My urine was also very dark, due to Bilirubin imbalance. This treatment is only for those who don't mind feeling like they're going to die. I DON'T recommend this for ANYONE personally. I was getting a blood test every three weeks and will have another liver panel today to gauge the swelling.
29837 tn?1414538248 After 3 brutal months on 24mcg Infergen shots daily and 1200mg Ribavirin daily, the doctor today ordered me to stop treatment. Viral count went from 2,7,050 right before treatment, to 60,000 after 4 weeks, to 6,200 today, after 12 weeks. Unfortunately, things are going wrong. My liver is swelling more and more. The ALT and AST were around 80 before treatment, now they are in the 700's. Bilirubin imbalance is causing dark urine.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm new here and I just started daily infergen/riba last friday and have been doing ok. I was a non responder to pegintron 10 years ago I think largely because of a riba dose reduction due to itching. My doctor then didn't offer any rescue meds in case of side effects. This time I have a different doctor and they will use methods to help me finish the course. I am pretty anxious about it because back then I was a 1 and I am now a 3(hence the need to retreat sooner rather than later).
Avatar f tn Hi Mercyfish, My husband was on daily injections of Infergen and 1400 mg of Ribavirin in 2010. This was a very, very difficult treatment, probably the most difficult of the three treatments that he has undergone. I am sorry that you are having to experience daily Infergen, especially since you have the responsibility of three children at home as well. My husband made it through 12 weeks of this difficult treatment. It didn't work for him.
157966 tn?1218228940 I'm doin it right now. Daily injections of 15 Mcg and 1200 mg Ribavirin. Ribavirin dosage is weight based. Split the dose. I went from 2,400,000 down to 58. It's time for another lab. My dr said I need 24-48 weeks after und. Infergen will get you there pretty quick. I did Peg but it didn't work. The peg/riba combo was a cake walk for me. Infergen and I don't get along real well. I'm glad to have it but there were a few more sides. Fatigue, a little pain in my bones, dehydrated.
Avatar n tn I am cuurently in my 11th week of induction dosing 3 mil units Interferon alpha-2b and 1000 mg Ribavirin daily. Discontinued Ribavirin last week (10th week of therapy)due to anemia. PCR test at week 6 indicated undetectable viral level (started at 3 million viral load). I am considering switching to induction dosing Infergen (15 micrograms 5xweek)as most data indicates better results than Interferon alone.
Avatar n tn effects of higher doses of interferon and ribavirin combination therapy. Am J Gastroenterol. 2000;95:2928-2935. 34. Jacobson IM, Gonzalez SA, Ahmed F, et al. A randomized trial of pegylated interferon alpha 2b plus ribavirin in the retreatment of chronic hepatitis C. Am J Gastroenterol. 2005;100:2453 2462. Cheers!
29837 tn?1414538248 This is my fourth treatment. Infergen is the miracle so far. We started at 2,750,000 just before treatment and after 4 weeks, I'm down to 66,000. I have never been lower than 380,000 on any of the previous treatments, including six months at one shot per day of Peg-Intron and 1200mg Ribavirin. The doctor and I are very excited and he feels the treatment is finally working! The Bad: This treatment is definitely not for everyone at this dosage.
Avatar n tn The Hepatitis Forum I am cuurently in my 11th week of induction dosing 3 mil units Interferon alpha-2b and 1000 mg Ribavirin daily. Discontinued Ribavirin last week (10th week of therapy)due to anemia. PCR test at week 6 indicated undetectable viral level (started at 3 million viral load). I am considering switching to induction dosing Infergen (15 micrograms 5xweek)as most data indicates better results than Interferon alone.
443922 tn?1374160616 8% in the 9 mcg arm and 13.
Avatar m tn In the continuation I will post an AASLD abstract addressing Infergen for G1a nonresponders from St. Louis Liver Center which I found quite interesting. When I passed it along with inquiry the following was what I was told about how it related to me: "Regarding Infergen daily injection for you and the chance of a Gen 1, high viral load, non-responder with cirrhosis is around 12%. Not good.
29837 tn?1414538248 I only say that because as most of you know, I was on a mega dose of 24mcg daily shots and 1200mg Ribavirin for three months, until the doctor pulled the plug before I died from liver failure. That said, I will most likely try again in the future, but only with the "recommended" dose. No more bravado. Here's what's happening to me now: - My hair is still coming out.
29837 tn?1414538248 I'm that lady that treated a bunch of times. The last round was with the mega-dose of Ribavirin (1600 mg a day) and the daily Infergen. I never made it to remission, but I got close. I would have pushed on another few months to see if I'd clear it, but my Infergen/Riba prescription was up for renewal and my doctor said, "Stop". He told me that if I hadn't cleared 45 weeks that it wouldn't "stick" anyways. So, 8 weeks ago, I stopped treatment.
29837 tn?1414538248 If you have been on Infergen, you will be excluded from the trial for some unknown reason. This is the case with me, as my last failed treatment was with Riba and Infergen. They are going to try and get a waiver so I can enter the trial. Just a warning to all that it is their current policy. Again, no explanation why. Talk to your doctor if you are anticipating Infergen as a treatment...
233616 tn?1312790796 Pegylated interferon and ribavirin are currently the most effective and standard first-line combination therapy for this disease. However, only approximately 55% of HCV patients respond to this therapy. The complete mechanism of antiviral activity of ribavirin is unknown, and intracellular phosphorylation of ribavirin is believed to be required to exert its antiviral activity.
Avatar n tn The doctor has suggested and is highly recommending peg intron and interferon therapy... I have mixed feeling after looking up the side effects and reading some of the stuff on Lloyd website, I am questioning my own beliefs.I am scared, and uncertain of what to do. oh and i'm type 1.
Avatar f tn The first was a clinical trial and he had no antidepressant and it was a horrible experience. The second time he used daily iIfergen shots and took Celexa and it was bearable for him and our family. This time we started Celexa a month ahead and for about 5 days I gave him a half a pill and then went up to a whole. Titering up like this made it very easy and he didn't have any nausea or wierd feelings at all.
Avatar n tn Here is a link to a recent study using daily 15 mcg. Infergen and Ribavirin for non-responders to standard tx, and non-responders to Pegylated Inf./Riba Tx, in the past. The 50% sustained response rate, for NON-responders, is pretty impressive. I have always believed, that given big enough doses of interferon, especially infergen, and frequent enough dosing schedules, combined with aggressive Riba. intake, and most HCV infected persons can get the SVR.
80575 tn?1207135964 Scott, Did your dr suggest daily dosing with infergen?My dr has suggested that for my next treatment round. (I've failed/relapsed 3 times so far).
135456 tn?1301441224 We have also recently shown in a prospective randomized trial involving patients infected by HCV genotype 1 that the principal effect of ribavirin is to prevent breakthroughs during and relapses after therapy for individuals who initially respond to the pegylated IFN-–ribavirin combination (4).
Avatar f tn Thanks so much for your words of encouragement. I will answer Cuteus first, which will give you all the insight.This all started in 2002 with 1 M. VL., and has gone as high as 30,000,000. Since then & still continuing I have had Ultrasounds, Sonograms,Myleograms, Cryoglobulin, Bone Scan, Mammogram, Catscan, Doppler x-rays, Carotid Artery, Abdominal Aortic aneurysm, Peripheral artery, Lumbar MRI, E.M.G./N. C. V.
Avatar f tn They told me that I could do the Pegasys/Ribavirin and be cured by July or to wait until August for when the new treatment is approved by my health insurance and be cured by October (by the way, I have genotype 2a). Me, being the type of person whom likes to take care of things immediately decided on the older treatment. I'm currently waiting on the call so they can FedEx me the medications.
179856 tn?1333550962 amazing that they say it is for people sensitive to interferon when it's such a tough therapy comparitively. FDA Approves Infergen Combo Therapy for Retreating HCV Information from Industry The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved an expanded indication for interferon alfacon-1 subcutaneous injection (Infergen; Three Rivers Pharmaceuticals, LLC), in combination with ribavirin, for retreatment of chronic hepatitis C (HCV) viral infection.
26471 tn?1211940121 A friend of mine told me that someone here was trying to contact me about this subject. Alfa/Gamma combo is Infergen, Actimmune (gamma interferon) and ribavirin. So far, no trials have been done with ribavirin, but they're coming soon. InterMune is supposed to let me know when recruitment will begin (probably November). The upcoming FDA trials will be without placebo, so everyone who participates in this trial will receive full treatment. The dosage will vary.
167895 tn?1189759425 The next time was in combination with Gamma Interferon (Actimmune), so I was on daily Infergen + once a week Gamma and Ribavirin. I did not clear that time either. The last time was when I was on double dose of Ribavirin, daily Infergen and Riba. For me, for my body weight at the time, double dosing was 1600mg a day of Riba. I did not clear. I did 48 weeks. Please don't base your thoughts about whether to try Infergen, or not, on what happened in my case.
Avatar f tn We decided to try 52 weeks of daily infergen injections, plus riba. This time Dr. J. and his incredible office staff were with me every step of the way. I have incredible admiration for him. I had 6 continuous undetectables and was feeling very good about this, but still had horrible sides, but I had the help of meds to fight them. I celebrated with a trip to Aspen and before I got home, I knew the virus was still their. We did a 6 wk. VL, and sure enough it was higher than ever.
Avatar n tn com/hcvchat/messages you may want to talk with him he is scheduled for 548 daily shots daily regiment consisting of infergen 15 mcg/ribavirin 1200 mg and Amandatine 300 mg. he is actually posting his experience.