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Avatar n tn Ribavirin has a longer half life than interferon. The levels for both gradually come down to zero over time. It is a few weeks with interferon and a few months with ribavirin.
Avatar f tn I think the main one that I can isolate to the Riba is the total body dryness and the itching/rash. After just a day and a half without it (and everything else) I am much less thirsty. The rash and itching still persist, though.
188500 tn?1207368551 I do get irritable, obsessive and ornery which I think is from the riba. Since we start interferon and riba at the same time, I think its hard to know which is to blame for what side effects.
Avatar n tn As long as you have a good serum level of Riba in your blood it won't be a big deal if you missed one, just try not to do it again and certainly NOT with the Interferon LOL. Also don't double dose on it, I did once by accident and yuck. I wish I felt better on tx.....I can't wait for it to be over and be cured and remember what it felt like to think!
Avatar n tn Can the treatment of Hepatitis C with Interferon?Ribavirin combo cause impotence? And if it can, is there a treatment for that?
Avatar n tn My doctor told me the cost of the medication is $2,500 a month.
1838299 tn?1403496143 Is anyone on or finshed tx with Sovaldi + ribavirin + interferon for 12 weeks? I am curious about how many people are still treating with interferon cause i will be starting it in October. Plus, how were the side effects and did any SRV? I am tx naive. .
Avatar n tn HI, I have a dear friend who is on the Interferon-Ribavirin Treatment. I am very concerned about her physical and mental condition. She has had 5 laps in treatment. It is my understanding that she should have finished the treatment about one or two months ago. I don't understand why her Doctor still has her on the treatment.
507037 tn?1210769404 I have been suffer from confusion during and now after Interferon/Ribavirin treatment. I am seeing a counselor for this. I did suffer from an allergic reaction (skin blister from my knees to the top of my head and stomach problems) from the interferon, but I continued the treatment. I just wondered if the allergic reaction, could have effected my mind. Sometimes, I'm afraid to go anywhere, because of this problem.
Avatar n tn Also, if you google the subject, some of the old studies on HCV and ED, and also Interferon and ED should be available. Its an interesting subject, near and dear to our hearts...or some other organ.
Avatar m tn If I miss an Interferon and Ribavirin treatment, will it cause negative reactions or interfere with results from the treatment?
Avatar f tn There haVe been plenty of people in here over the last years that have done this form of treatment however most people just do the weekly interferon and riba combo. Google up Infergen and you'll have it. Unfortunately most of the sides are the same as with weekly - but they can be more hard core.
Avatar n tn 5 VL Copies apx BMI Body Mass Index WHR Waist to Hip Ratio Drug Acronyms IFN Interferon (Alpha 2a / Alpha 2b) NPIA Non-Pegylated Interferon Alpha PegIFN Pegylated Interferon (Alpha 2a / Alpha 2b) CIFN Consensus Interferon (Infergen/alphacon) RBV Ribavirin RVN Ribavirin Riba Ribavirin WBR Weight Based Ribavirin WBD Weight Based Dose FDR Fixed Dose Ribavirin LDR Low Dose Ribavirin (Same as FDR) EPO Erythropoietin Epoetin alfa (Epogen/Procrit), Darbepoetin alfa (Aranesp) Neup Neupo
318582 tn?1248122151 Akarca and G. Ersoz, Safety, tolerability, and efficacy of pegylated-interferon alfa-2a plus ribavirin in HCV-related decompensated cirrhotics, Aliment Pharmacol Ther 27 (2008), pp. 1081–1085. [11] J.A. Carrión, E. Martínez-Bauer, G. Crespo, S. Ramírez, S. Pérez-del-Pulgar and J.C. García-Valdecasas et al., Antiviral therapy increases the risk of bacterial infections in HCV-infected cirrhotic patients awaiting liver transplantation: A retrospective study, J Hepatol 50 (2009), pp. 719–728.
1722607 tn?1335751458 Correct. Interferon and Riba are required, and you and your doctor can choose between Inc or Vic. Generally speaking, Inc and Vic are very similar in their make up and the way that they work. My husband's doctor said that she is seeing similar results with both medications and about 1/2 of her patients are on one and 1/2 are on the other. She did indicate that possibly slightly more than 1/2 are on Inc.
527321 tn?1212634082 Hep C treatment consists of taking Interferon and ribavirin together, not one without the other. The treatment works in roughly 40% - 80% of the cases, with the cure rate going up the higher the number your genotype is, in very loose terms. If you are cured, you are cured. It only comes back if you get re-infected. You are considered cured when you have successfully undergone full treatment and there is still no detectable virus six months after treatment.
Avatar m tn my qestion is interferon and ribavirin is the new medicine for hcv i want to know abour side effect of this medicine and can person completlt overcome from this disease with this medicine
493068 tn?1224768915 I completed the 48 weeksof Peg Interferon and Ribavirin Feb 2006 and have never been the same. I cleared the virus so far and feel very positive about this. I have never felt this sick and weak before the treatment. I have memory problems,weakness-fatigue, muscle and joint pain, headaches, severe facial and ocular Rosacea, depression panic attacks. I was very active before treatment going to yoga and work.
Avatar f tn Greetings, wishing all a return to health and happiness. My question and concerns pertain to the chronic problems I have encountered since my therapy. I did the year on Interferon and ribavirin, responded then came out of remission with a vengeance. The depression was unbearable, also the flu like symptoms. When I ended the therapy I had acquired fibromyalgia, hoshimoto's thyroiditis, increased viral count, GI problems, and a new personality!...
Avatar m tn Is anybody here that was actually cured by interferon + ribavirin from hepatitis C, genotype 1b? Thanks!
233616 tn?1312790796 my hearing took a sudden drop and a month or so later my ears and neck got pretty sore....testing followed, and antibiotics, and ear drops that didn't work....finally some purple sulfur painted in my ears took the swelling down and changed the whole landscape. I statrted to get my hearing back....the soreness began to abait and then, Finally I said to the doctor "I just don't understand how my hearing could completely tank like that and now come back....what could have caused that?
Avatar m tn I did not begin to have side effects from the ribavarn for the first 2 weeks, then my hemoglobin began to drop like a rock and it crashed (and so did I) after about 6 weeks. Interferon can cause depression and many doctors will start you on antidepressants before you begin your treatment. I did not experience this, just some mild anxiety. Side effects vary with time and every patient has a slightly different experience.
Avatar n tn There seems to have little or no research studies regarding Post Pegylated Interferon and Ribavirin related side effects and so I put this question out to patients who have done this treatment.
Avatar f tn There seems to be alot of people on this site that are non responders or have taken 3-4-5 treatments and still have HCV. What % get the Interferon/ribavin and are cured?. Cure meaning they no longer have HCV for the rest of their life, unless reinfected?
Avatar f tn The first12 weeks sovaldi-ribavirin-interferon and then the last 12 weeks interferon-ribavirin. Any information about how really this treatment last? Facts: hcv treatment First time on treatment. Never treated before.