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Avatar f tn Hello Dr Dietrich, I am 10 months post tx, pegasys, ribavirin and 12 weeks telaprevir. I had a breakthrough at 9 months so still have the virus but liver damage mild. Now I have all the symptoms of hypothyroidism, although my blood tests show tsh and t4 within normal range. I have an appointment with an endocrynologist to find out what is wrong. The symptoms which distress me most are fatigue and sweating/freezing. My throat also feels tight.
Avatar f tn Ribavirin is an anti-viral drug which is active against a number of DNA and RNA viruses. It is a member of the nucleoside antimetabolite drugs that interfere with duplication of viral genetic material. Though not effective against all viruses, ribavirin has important activities against influenzas, flaviviruses and agents of many viral hemorrhagic fevers. Ribavirin is a pro-drug, meaning that it is a chemical precursor for the actual phamacologically active molecule.
Avatar f tn And with some the medications effect the metabolism to the point where no matter what they eat they continue to lose weight. There are medications available that can prevent nausea which may help you to increase your food intake. I know you've have 48 weeks of therapy but maybe tweaking your eating habits or incorporating higher fat foods may help.
233616 tn?1312790796 MB: understand that pregnacy is OUT of the question for treaters, and for some while afterwards due to all the RNA damage, but does this hold equally true for the rest of us as it relates to how much of, and whether to consider a medication. ---------------- The only reason pregnancy is "out of the question" for treaters (or for six months after) is because ribavirin is tetragenic, i.e can cause birth defects. Forgive me if that is what you're implying but I didn't pick that up.
Avatar m tn In conclusion, osteopenia is present in a substantial proportion of CHC patients who have no established cirrhosis. Antiviral therapy with peginterferon and ribavirin leads to a significant on-treatment increase of BMD in most of the patients; this may hold out in those who achieve a sustained virological response.
Avatar f tn I'm on my 4th day of Peginterferon + Ribavirin. I'm having the depression side effect and my brain keeps going on pause mode with out notice . I read the side effects for Lexapro. Sounds to me like the Lexapro will enhance the side effects of the HCV treatment and maybe out weigh the benifits ? How bad dose the depression have to be before I take a chance on the possible benifits of lowering my depression . Will the Lexapro help with the Brain pause side effects as well?
Avatar f tn I finished a year-long treatment of Pagasys and Ribavirin in 06/2008. It was successful! 18 months later however, I'm feeling little change from when I was taking the drugs. I'm having problems in many areas. I have chronic fatigue, "brain fog", short-term memory loss, rare but severe memory loss (like a blackout, during which I've had conversations, driven, walked, eaten), lack of focus, difficulty with spacial issues, tremors, acute joint pain, clumsiness and more.
8683847 tn?1410760916 "Curious what the Ribavirin addresses........" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hepatitis_C_virus "Hepatitis C virus (HCV or sometimes HVC) is a small (55–65 nm in size), enveloped, positive-sense single-stranded RNA virus ." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RNA "RNA viruses have genomes composed of RNA that encodes a number of proteins.
Avatar m tn We aimed to evaluate the effect of pegylated interferon/ribavirin (PIFN/R) and HCV clearance on cerebral metabolism and neuropsychological performance. METHODS: Fifteen non-cirrhotic HCV positive subjects underwent (1)H MR spectroscopy (MRS) before, during, and after treatment with PIFN/R.
Avatar m tn Thank you! do you know how I can find out which hospitals?
7510956 tn?1411675017 Ribavirin has direct antiviral activity in tissue culture against many RNA viruses (such as HCV). Ribavirin increases the mutation frequency in the genomes of several RNA viruses and ribavirin triphosphate inhibits HCV polymerase in a biochemical reaction.
Avatar m tn Adequate Ribavirin exposure after the first dose predicts SVR in genotype 1 patients Last updated:08July2008 7th July 2008 By Liz Highleyman hivandhepatitis.com Studies continue to show that adequate doses of ribavirin, which helps to prevent relapse after completion of therapy, are important for optimal treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. Hepatitis C is a virus-caused liver inflammation which may cause jaundice, fever and cirrhosis.
Avatar m tn interferon can cause a lot of side effects so pre-emptive or maintenance therapy are really not indicated. standard therapy with interferon and ribavirin should be contemplated. there will be clinical trials coming down the road with regard the new medicines in the per-transplant setting. I would be wary of using them outside of a clinical trial because of significant concerns regarding their effects on the metabolism of prograf and cyclosporine.
3093770 tn?1389742726 ELECTRON: Once-daily GS-7977 plus ribavirin for 12 weeks provides SVR without interferon in treatment- naive and experienced HCV GT 1/2/3 PPARα agonists increase interferon sensitivity and may be an effective supplementary treatment for difficult to treat patients with hepatitis C Plasma IP10 level predicts spontaneous clearance in acute HCV infection independent of IL28B genotype Hepatitis C virus and liver lipid metabolism – Novel targets for antiviral treatment You can check program
691935 tn?1421030690 The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of ribavirin on bone mineral metabolism in patients with chronic hepatitis C who had been treated with interferon and ribavirin. Methods: Twenty patients (3 female, 17 male) with chronic hepatitis C were enrolled. Age range was 6 to 15 years (mean ± SD, 11.15 ± 2.3 years). Thirteen patients received combined interferon alpha-2b and ribavirin therapy (Group 1), and 7 patients received only interferon alpha-2b (Group 2).
Avatar n tn The bad news is that you can't seem to stay at what appears to be your prescribed full dose of riba. The good news is that you appear to be very sensitive to ribavirin and therefore may have adequate serum riba levels for successful treatment per studies by Lindahl and Company in Sweeden -- especially in light of your 12 week non-detectible PCR. How much do you weigh and when were you on 800 mg versus 1000mg?
Avatar f tn Whether you need to avoid foods rich in iron depends on if you have iron overload or iron metabolism problems. If you are not cirrhotic and you do not have any iron metabolism or storage problems, then you do not need to avoid foods high in iron. You can find out if you have iron metabolism problems through a few blood tests which your doctor can order. Ask your doctor to check you for iron overload or iron metabolism problems.
Avatar n tn I think the hemolytic anemia from the ribavirin makes it go up like that. I spent ages reading about iron metabolism but it seemed pretty complicated, maybe since the red blood cells are being destroyed so fast the body produces more ferritin to bind it up?
87972 tn?1322664839 Another possibility is that inter-individual varia- HEPATOLOGY, Vol. 41, No. 2, 2005 LUTCHMAN AND GHANY 235 tions in the metabolism of ribavirin may account for differences in clinical efficacy. Thus, patients who are nonresponders to weight-based therapy may be receiving subtherapeutic doses of ribavirin.
6749350 tn?1401984005 Have not read this anywhere, but do believe these strong meds redirect metabolism to some degree. Checked my body mass ratio, and that has decreased. Am in the fitness industry, and am in touch with my body and the reactions of treatment. Do think the Ribavirin caused a speed up of the metabolic rate, as well as altering the endocrine system. Don't know if this is temporary, but do believe it is.
Avatar m tn I'm on ribavirin. I have read on here that lower red cell is a good thing. I've boosted my b-12 dosage, meat, egg yolk, bean, leafy green intake to help keep mine up. am I helping or hurting my recovery by trying to keep red cell count \ up?
29837 tn?1414538248 The presence of colloidal silver near a virus, fungus, bacterium or any other single celled pathogen disables its oxygen metabolism enzyme, its chemical lung, so to say. Within a few minutes, the pathogen suffocates and dies, and is cleared out of the body by the immune, lymphatic and elimination systems.
Avatar m tn eu/article/S0168-8278(11)60460-1/pdf 457 EZETIMIBE IMPROVES EFFICACY OF PEGIFN AND RIBAVIRIN THERAPY VIA ACCELERATION OF IFN-MEDIATED ISG15 CONJUGATION SYSTEM M. Nakamuta1, M. Yada2, K. Notsumata3, N. Tanaka3, R. Yada1, M. Kohjima1, K. Gotoh1, T. Yoshimoto1, N. Fukushima1, K. Fukuizumi1, K. Kawabe1, T. Mizutani1, N. Harada1, S. Morizono4, N. Sakamoto5, M. Enjoji6.
1579934 tn?1431272511 Effect of Food on Absorption of Ribavirin "Both AUCtf and Cmax increased by 70% when ribavirin capsules were administered with a high-fat meal (841 kcal, 53.8 g fat, 31.6 g protein, and 57.4 g carbohydrate) in a single-dose pharmacokinetic study. There are insufficient data to address the clinical relevance of these results. Clinical efficacy studies with ribavirin/INTRON® A (interferon alfa-2b, recombinant) were conducted without instructions with respect to food consumption.
Avatar m tn And, you should also ask you doctor to give you a script for an HbA1c test for when you go for your next labs and reflects your blood glucose over a 3 to 4 month period. If you are taking ribavirin the HbA1c test may not be accurate and could very well give you an unrealistically low result due to the effects of hemolytic anemia. But, if you aren't currently treating and haven't treated for 3 or 4 months this test might be a good idea.
1654177 tn?1319842094 The mechanism may involve inhibition of CYP450 3A4 metabolism. No pharmacokinetic data are currently available; however, adverse effects such as nausea, dizziness, hypotension, and syncope may be increased. MANAGEMENT: Caution is advised if desipramine or trazodone is used in combination with HCV NS3/4A protease inhibitors. A lower dosage of the antidepressant should be considered http://www.drugs.com/drug-interactions/boceprevir,victrelis.
Avatar f tn Sometimes if your Hmg goes extremely low, then cam give you a blood transfusion, or a rescue drug to raise your #s. What I've noticed lately when the #s go low, they reduce your Ribavirin. Alot of people sail thru, and with a 12 week protocol it typically doesn't happen until your near the end of treating, and then they do the watch and see approach. Keep in mind that men have a higher Hmg by nature, so you can't really compare your levels as a female to theirs.
212705 tn?1221624250 When I saw your hemoglobin I wondered also about ribavirin dose and metabolism. I am skeptical that adding fat is going to increase plasma concentration significantly but it's worth a try. I generally approach something like this with the sledgehammer technique - increase ribavirin. Since you really don't have a starting VL it is hard to evaluate treatment response on the basis of your PCR. Your starting VL could have been been significantly higher than 2.9 million IU/ml or significantly lower.
Avatar m tn If Koko80 is a CC maybe all that is needed is getting the glucose metabolism in order and try SOC again for 12wks with different INF+ Alinia and maybe 1400mg of Riba HgB permitting... Remember MerryBe (geno1) , she had a very poor INF response with very late UND and relapse even after long extention of tx. When IL28b became available she tested CC and it confirmed her suspicion that insulin resistance caused her problem.
Avatar m tn You also mention lesions under your arms but I'm not sure if you are referring to a rash or if you are talking about skin cancer. The interferon/ribavirin tx can cause different side effects in different people. Some get hardly any sx, but others, myself included have experienced lots of them. Common sx include rashes, anemia, hair loss, persistent cough, low-grade fever, and weight loss. I'm probably forgetting some, but I remember these because I've had all of them.