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Avatar f tn 24 Because the duration of BOC therapy (24 to 44 weeks) is longer than the duration of TVR therapy (12 weeks), the frequency of anemia is likely to be greater in BOC-containing regimens, leading to more RBV dose reductions and consideration of erythropoietin use. However, the potential benefits of erythropoietin must be weighed against its potential side effects, the fact that its use in HCV therapy is not approved by the FDA, and its considerable cost. https://www.aasld.
Avatar m tn Fifty patients with chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection genotype 1 were randomly assigned to groups that were given peginterferon alpha-2a, with or without ribavirin, for 4 weeks; all patients then received an additional 44 weeks of combination therapy. First- and second-phase viral kinetics were evaluated.
Avatar f tn fran; I have linked some info below you may be intesested in.however as you may notice from this article there are no mention of what stage of fibrosis the patients had. If you are late stage or possiby chirrotic the reduction may have more relavance as it seems overall patients with advanced fibrosis would have somewhat less desirable results than one with no or mild fibrosis given study data Good luck.. Will http://www.hivandhepatitis.
Avatar f tn Don't have all the numbers but viral load was 23,000,000 and biopsy showed inflammation and bridging fibrosis, (stage 3?). I'm on week 7 out of first 12, pegasys/1000 ribavirin. Doc won't do comprehensive tests to see if working until week 12, then if responding will do 48 weeks. Blood work showed slight anemia this week, he wants me to cut ribavirin to 600. He did say after checking numbers next week we may look into rescue drugs for the anemia.
Avatar f tn This was shown in a retrospective analysis of a large, randomized, placebo-controlled trial in which patients who achieved RVR had an SVR rate of approximately 90% regardless of whether they received peginterferon alfa and ribavirin, standard interferon and ribavirin, or peginterferon alfa monotherapy. In addition, the likelihood of SVR patients with genotype 1 infection who achieve an RVR does not appear to be affected by shortening the duration or reducing the dose of ribavirin.
Avatar f tn Warnings and Precautions Pregnancy Ribavirin Capsules may cause birth defects and death of the unborn child. Ribavirin therapy should not be started until a report of a negative pregnancy test has been obtained immediately prior to planned initiation of therapy. Patients should use at least two forms of contraception and have monthly pregnancy tests during treatment and during the 6-month period after treatment has been stopped.
26471 tn?1211940121 Although ribavirin (Rib) and interferon (IFN) combination therapy has become a popular modality for treating patients with chronic hepatitis C virus, about 50% of patients usually relapse, particularly those with genotype1b and high viral load. It has been shown that patients in whom viremia was eliminated in the early period after staring IFN therapy showed favorable outcome. Here we investigated possible mechanisms underlying differences in sensitivities to IFN therapy.
Avatar f tn They may only be able to eat small portions but it's important to keep the body nourished. Many do lose weight on therapy because of lack of appetite, nausea or depression. And with some the medications effect the metabolism to the point where no matter what they eat they continue to lose weight. There are medications available that can prevent nausea which may help you to increase your food intake.
Avatar f tn My husband who has been on the Peg Intron therapy for 17 weeks is suddenly experiencing nausea. His side effects have been mininal to date, but is it possible this is being caused by the medication? Can this side effect appear out of nowhere at this point in time?
Avatar m tn http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Hepatitis-C/Treatment-for-Hep-C--Grapefruit-Juice/show/542498 “It actually can increase some drug levels because of inhibiting a liver metabolic enyzme. However neither interferon or ribavirin is metabolized by that particular enzyme(p450) so it is OK to drink your grapefruit juice. Stay Healthy!
Avatar m tn Overall, most of the adverse events reported in these trials have been well-described for pegylated interferon and ribavirin therapy. The most important safety concern during the clinical development of boceprevir has been the decrease in hemoglobin above and beyond that observed with pegylated interferon and ribavirin alone.
Avatar f tn Triple combination therapy week 5 My hemoglobin is going down. Last week blood test hemoglobin is at 8.7. My doctor just reduced Ribavirin from 1000mg daily to 800mg daily for the reason that my hemoglobin is going down. Blood work again in two weeks and he will see me after the blood test results. He told me he might stop the treatment is the hemoglobin continues to low. He will make that decision in the next visit after seen the results of the blood test he ordered.
223152 tn?1346981971 Fueloep and colleagues retrospectively analyzed the effect of ribavirin monotherapy followed by standard combination therapy (pegylated interferon plus ribavirin) on initial decline in HCV viral load and overall treatment outcomes. Addition of ribavirin reduces the risk of relapse after completing treatment, and therefore increases the likelihood of sustained virological response (SVR) to interferon-based therapy.
Avatar m tn Hi Jose, Interesting link you posted. You're lucky to be diagnosed in the acute stage and to be a genotype two. Most people are diagnosed in the chronic stage for which the standard of care is interferon and ribavirin. I'm not familiar with this topic but I recollect that acutes are usually treated with monotherapy, that is, interferon, and ribavirin is not necessary. Here is another link similar to yours that supports this approach: http://jac.oxfordjournals.
Avatar m tn In FISSION (Genotype 2/3 treatment-naïve), just 1% of patients receiving 12 weeks of sofosbuvir plus ribavirin discontinued therapy. However, a higher rate — 11% — of patients who received 24 weeks of peginterferon plus ribavirin stopped treatment." "In the second study, known as the FUSION trial, patients who had not had a response to prior interferon therapy received sofosbuvir and ribavirin for 12 or 16 weeks.
Avatar m tn In the trials 650 subjects received SOVALDI + ribavirin (RBV) combination therapy for 12 weeks. 250 subjects who received SOVALDI + ribavirin combination therapy for 24 weeks. Data from the Sovaldi/Ribavirin clinical trials showed only 8% became <10 g/dL while treating for 12 weeks. 6% became <10 g/dL while treating for 24 weeks and The most common adverse events (≥ 20%) for SOVALDI + ribavirin combination therapy were Fatigue and Headache. NOT anemia.
179355 tn?1207410851 I will have left over ribavirin. I wish I could give it to someone who doesn't have insurance or can't get enough meds.
Avatar m tn http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1804105/ The above study also indicates that lean body weight has an impact on levels in the blood. I'm in my first week of triple tx with Incivek so my morning dose of RBV is taken with the fatty meal for that. It's the evening dose that I am not taking with a fatty snack because of the difference in the 8 hour /12 hour dosing schedule.
Avatar m tn you can't loose in this study....you either get SOC or Triple therapy and the biopsy is a breeze, Ive had two since being diagnosed two years ago. Not to mention that it's really good to know where you stand.
Avatar f tn ok - upon reading the actual study, it seems to me that what they are saying is that when people are effected with anemia to the point that their ribavirin has to be reduced in order to complete the treatment, this is a good indication that the ribavirin is working as it is supposed to and those patients who had that level of anemia attained SVR more often DESPITE the reduction by up to 50% of the riba. http://content.nejm.
3242225 tn?1348340121 Has anyone gone through the HCV clinical trial with 7977 and Ribavirin for 12 weeks? RU undetectable?
2030686 tn?1351692148 Keep this medication in the container it came in, tightly closed, and out of reach of children. Store ribavirin tablets and capsules at room temperature and away from excess heat and moisture (not in the bathroom). Store ribavirin oral solution in the refrigerator or at room temperature. Throw away any medication that is outdated or no longer needed. Talk to your pharmacist about the proper disposal of your medication.
Avatar n tn My doctor told me the cost of the medication is $2,500 a month.
Avatar m tn mail order. I just noticed the label on the ribavirin bottle says to take 3 pills 2x daily. The incivek says to take 2 pills 3x daily, but in the instructions it says to take 7-9 hours apart. First question is, does everyone else take the riba 3 caps at a time twice a day? If I take riba twice a day, how far apart, and can I take it at the same time I take the incivek?
Avatar n tn I have the kind of HCV positive(chronic) that does not respond so wellto interferon treatments. I have choosen to try this Interferon-Ribavirin therapy regardless with hopes of getting better. I start this therapy soon after the new year.I live in Bend,Oregon and feel I need to attend a support group either for Interferon-Ribavirin therapy users or HCV positive(chronic) patients. Do you know if there are support groups in my area????
Avatar n tn Good Morning, this is my first day of taking Ribavirin after learning of my diagnosis of Hep c on Saturday. Unfortunately, I am unable to sleep. I have taken 1 10mg. of Ambian to no avail. Is this a normal reaction? Also, I cannot get the vaccines until later this week. Will I be in any shape to go to work once I begin the full regiment of ribavirin and vaccines? Thank you in advance for any information.
427265 tn?1444080036 Among those who completed treatment, subjects in the double-dose arm had a higher end-of-treatment response rate (45% vs 20%) and SVR rate (40% vs 18%) compared with subjects receiving standard therapy. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The idea is appealing. Get an RVR before the RBV starts to kick your hiney. Get a good heating pad.
476246 tn?1418874514 I planning to take my morning ribavirin with my breakfast with a chunk of cheese. I am also taking krill oil, which one is supposed to take with the first meal. My question is if it is okay to take either krill oil or fish oil at the same time as the riba?
1838299 tn?1403496143 Is anyone on or finshed tx with Sovaldi + ribavirin + interferon for 12 weeks? I am curious about how many people are still treating with interferon cause i will be starting it in October. Plus, how were the side effects and did any SRV? I am tx naive. .
Avatar f tn She is on stage 3/4. I am not sure if this therapy (pegylated interferon, ribavirin and teleprevir) is the best options for her, but doctor says we should start with this..