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Avatar n tn Hello, I have this recurring rash on my neck. It comes whenever my menses is to start. I was wondering if it could come from having oral herpes. Recently I have had a sore throat twice in one month two weeks apart. The rash on my neck is very painful. My doctor seems to think that it is some type of fungus. The dermatologists suggest that it is eczema. But I don't think that is the case. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn How can it be a STD from a neck massager? STD's have that name for a reason.
Avatar m tn 10 days after my last encounter, I felt flu like symptoms, neck pain/stiffness, diarrhea for 5 days, rash (but I always had rash), red/yellowish weak eyes, muscle pains, blurred vision. I now have constant stiff neck/shoulder (left side), burning feet/legs ocassionally. I have been monogomus since, but I have not been tested for HIV because I am really worried to get a positive result. I can handle having other STD that have cure, but not HIV. Please advise me about these symptoms.
Avatar f tn I have a some questions regarding my STD risk. 2.5 weeks ago a CSW (female) gave me protect oral sex for 30-60 seconds then have me a hand release with condom. 2 weeks ago I gave a CSW (female) unprotected oral sex 30-50 seconds and fingered her as well. No vaginal or anal sex in either scenario. I don't have Any genital symptoms but have been developing a transient rash on neck, sometimes on back and arms as well. There is no real sign of bites but my skin feels itchy/crawly.
Avatar m tn About 9 hours after treatment he touched my hand and neck. he had no rash on his hands but only a little on his chest. do i need to be concerned.
Avatar m tn Just today I noticed a light red rash on my neck with a few spots that extended down my arm. It is painless and relatively hard to notice, but it still freaked me out given my recent experiences. It could be an allergy or an irritation, but it still freaked me out as I say. Is there anyway to know whether this is related to an STD? My sense is that STD rashes are more pronounced than this, but I thought I would ask.
Avatar f tn So, since about Wednesday I all of a suddenly developed this odd rash on my neck area. I have no food allergies, and never seem to ever be allergice to lotions or perfumes. It doesn't look like a normal heat rash, and if it is then that would be odd for me to get there. Here are the facts: 1. Started Wednesday (thought it was a new body spray, but haven't used any perfume since) 2. Does not hurt, or itch. If anything, just my right side of my neck hurts when I stretch it to look up 3.
Avatar m tn Here is a picture of a rash on my neck. I also have a rash on my left arm thats bigger. They have lasted a few weeks. I have had recurring rashes for the last few years that come and go on my arms, upper legs and inner thighs, my neck and upper chest. They don't appear directly on my genitals or my back, or at the bottom of my feet. They itch and have a slight discoloration of red. They are slightly raised non-blister bumps, and have been lasting longer the last few months.
Avatar m tn I had sex with another man, both anal and oral, anal was with a condom and there was no breakage or spillage of semen inside of me. He also gave me oral and swallowed and also rimmed me. I tested at 8-weeks and was negative, a few weeks later I got a rash starting at my underarm, it spread toward my elbows. Some of the rash is like a pink welt, others look like mosquito bites and they do itch.
Avatar f tn 48 hours after having unprotected sex I got a bad rash all over my body oil on my back my shoulders my neck the back of my knee caps my elbows I went to a doctor they said it was eczema and i took a hiv test that came out negative But now the rash is healed up in his red spots all over my bodyshould I still be concerned
Avatar n tn I have eczema around my neck and psoriasis on my feet. I have never been tested for stds and had a high risk encounter 3 weeks ago. about a week ago I got this small cluster of raised red bumps that did not itch on the front of my shoulder and they disappeared and hour later. Today again, I got this small cluster of raised red bumps on the front of my left shoulder and again they are gone in about an hour. any idea?
Avatar n tn i had a scrachy throat after eating behind someone else and then i woke up with a rash all over my body arms, legs stomach, back, neck, chest, face itch like crazy has last about three days now, please help. i was taking pecillium for a tooth problem but are done with those.
Avatar m tn I have the rash under my neck, in my arm pits, on my anus, my genitals, inner thighs, on the penis, even behind the ears and on the eyebrows/forehead. They said it looks like a allergic reaction/dermatitis . Then the skin dries up and gets flaky. I've gone to the doctor easily 4 times and they've prescribed me all different kinds of cortisone which seemed to do nothing.
5529196 tn?1369294482 Out of no where a rash came up on my neck which you can see in my photo. It has been there for a couple of weeks now. No blisters just a bumpy rash, nothing I have put on it has made it go away. Could this be a herpes symptom?
405370 tn?1332206110 So Amiah has quite the rash on her neck. She's going to the DR. next week, but I'm wondering if other babies have this. It doesn't bother her, but it sure looks like an allergic reaction. We've been putting Aquaphor on it...Any suggestions? Thanks!
Avatar m tn And can you explain my rash/pimple is not std? Those pimple look like blisters and it does not itch. And I also gotten a mild sore throat and have been coughing for a few days already. Please enlighten me, I'm getting HIV/std test on 1 month mark, is it conclusive?
Avatar m tn Three days ago I developed a bump on the back of my neck about the size of a pea. Today its the size of a baseball and feels more like a knot with swelling around it. I've had a rash on my neck previous to this thinking it was a heat rash and I'm not sure if it's related.
Avatar m tn Avoid any kind of cosmetics. You can also use antibiotic cream like Neosporin or Bactroban on the rash. If the rash persists then get it evaluated from a dermatologist. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar m tn You provide no information to change the conclusion that you have no STD. No STD causes a rash that resembles mosquito bites or other itchy rash, especially given the negative test results you have had. You should not have had an EBV test on account of the exposure described, but you are correct that the positive result is meaningless and unlreated to the sexual exposure.
Avatar m tn I developed a rash on my neck. From what I googled online my rash sort of looks like a heat rash. A slight rash on my chest as well as on my abdomen. Maybe on the back as well but I don’t really know. The rash on my body sometimes itches. My palms also itch sometimes as well. The weather in Hong Kong now is quite humid and hot in the summer so many of the rashes on my body could be due to some sort of eczema.
Avatar m tn Then I developed a rash over my body, the rash was itchy and went away in 4 days.During the rash period I could feel my other lymph nodes. These lymph nodes became normal after the rash went away. I got the FNAC done for swollen inguinal lymph node n the result came out reactive (follicular hyperplasia). Then the doctor put me on an antibiotic course but the lymph node didnt go down The swollen lymph nodes are present unilaterally i.e.