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Avatar n tn and my rash has an outline on my body, u can tell were the rash is because the border of my stomach and pubic area is separated by a border of small pimples one side the rash, the other side my stomach. what is this?
Avatar n tn i had a scrachy throat after eating behind someone else and then i woke up with a rash all over my body arms, legs stomach, back, neck, chest, face itch like crazy has last about three days now, please help. i was taking pecillium for a tooth problem but are done with those.
Avatar n tn but i always had a rash around my stomach area since i was 6 and it go and comes. i think it maybe an std but i never had sexual intercuors without protection b sides getting oral do you think its an std. i also have sometimes have bumps between my thighs but the usaully come after alot of walking when i squeeze them puss would come out then it goes away help!
Avatar m tn I have had unprotected sex two years ago and dont know if i might have an std. I have had pain in the tip of my penis for the last month or so off and on. I had a rash sort of thing on my inner thighs for two weeks at the begining of january. I'm wondering what i might have. I read that you have stomach pain with stds usually and started getting minute pain. i think it might be in my head but i really would like to know forsure.
Avatar m tn 2weeks - severe urge to pee, pain in tip of urethra, some redness on penis head and ekstreme pain/burning in left testicle. Lasted for about 3+ days 2-8 weeks, some headaches and continued stomach pain wich is unormal for me. After aprox 7weeks ish i discovered many white/yellow spots in back of my throat, white/infected tongue, blisters/ulcers in upper, lower lip and side of tongue, white inside the cheeks, some redness on tip of tongue.
Avatar f tn They don't itch at all and seem to fade away and come back. Any thoughts if this rash could be cause by an STD, or am I just being a bit of a hypochondriac?
Avatar n tn Never had any kind of STD symptom, no burning, no discharge, no rash, nothing. About a year ago I began having stomach issues, severe gas, bloating, diarhea, constipation. Dr. ran all sorts of test with no diagnosis other than possibly IBS. Recently my wife began experiencing similar symptoms. Could this be the result of some sort of bacterial STD that has laid dormant for this long? Any with similar experience???
Avatar m tn Two months ago, i got rash at my armpit, palm, arm, and between-chest-and-stomach-zone. During the rash period i treat it with powder but it seemed not helping at all. The rash is gone now (by itself) after 1 month. Do i have something to worried about STD and some HIV things? Please give an answer. Really depressed.
Avatar n tn Hello, I am 19 years old and bout 6-7 weeks ago i had unprotected sex and again 3-4 weeks before that. for around the last 4 weeks i have developed a very itchy rash on my stomach, chest, thighs and arms. the rash is not really visible unless i scratch it, but recently (the last 10 days or so) i have been getting itchy sores all over my butt cheeks that weep clear liquid and do not really heal on their own. i thought they may clear up on their own but they are just getting worse!
Avatar m tn sometimes it takes longer than week for the rash to go away too. i f the rash isn't gone in another week, return to be seen again.
Avatar f tn The doctor said that i had Tonsillitis, but then i also have this weird non itchy rash all over my body, and my stomach still kinda hurts. Could it possibly be an STD? or just a reaction to the tonsillitis?
Avatar m tn my questions are ? 1) can this rash be related to an STD? 2) can chicken pox be mistaken for an STD rash and viceversa? 3) can chicken pox not itch? thanks for your reply. highly appreciated!
Avatar n tn They also spread to a little spot in my inner thighs, but one side went away within 24 hrs while the other side created 2 small whitehead like zits and are slowly going away. Is there anyway that this could be an STD or just some sort of rash.
Avatar n tn i have a red itchy burning rash on the tops of my feet my armpits and my inner thighs and my stomach and arms could this be a rash from an std?
Avatar m tn - 8 months elevated ALT, dry eyes, thrush - 9 Months ALT negative for Hep A,B,C - 10 month negative for Hep A,B,C again and HIV now stomach is upset. - 11 month stomach upset constant Nausea in the Morning and heartburn, Eyes continue to be dry. Rash on trunk remains. I've been to Dermatologist and Optometrist who said my skin & eyes are extremely dry. Further testing to be needed. Do I have HPV strain or a chronic Adenovirus? I'm going nuts over my dry mucus membranes. Help!
1155154 tn?1262652907 It's been 2 months since I had unprotected sex. I recently developed a weird rash on my stomach. It's reddish but hasn't scabed over. There are multiple small dots. They don't itch at all and seem to fade away and come back. Any thoughts if this rash could be cause by an STD, or am I just being a bit of a hypochondriac?
Avatar m tn hi i had protected sex and gave unprotected oral to a women 10 months ago after 7 days my throat got swollen but not painful so at 10 days i had a full std test includeing 10 day pcr hiv test and and throat swab all came back negative,so i thought fine but 6 months later my eyes went dull and a bit yellow and a bit blood shot then i got bad pains in my stomach little needle pains on the right mid section of my stomach and i lost my appitite for a week.
Avatar n tn For the past month or so, i have had round spots about the size of a Pea on my stomach area. At first they were not itching, but as time went on they became itchy. They look as though there dry spots, no fluid in them, they dont bleed when i itch them they just look really dry. I have no idea what these can be, my medical insurance doesn't start for another week or so but when it does i will see a doctor, in the mean time what do you think they are?
Avatar n tn all the time i was having protected sex for both vaginal and oral sex but during the last few weeks i started to feel few symptoms 1- pain in my stomach and little de 2- mild sore throat and strange feeling as if there is something in my throat that i can't swallow and sometimes feels thirsty with metallic taste in mouth and dry white tongue. 3- skin rash in my amrs, my shoulders and my back 4- raddish spots that appears and disappears all over my body.
Avatar m tn It is predominantly on my legs and buttocks, but occasionally arms as well. So far, nothing on my back, head, hands, genitals, chest, stomach or feet. I do not have any fever or cold symptoms. The only thing that I can think of really is scabbies, however from everything I have read this generally starts out armpits, hands, etc- all of which I have had no itching at all. Is this just an allergy? I have not changed washing powder, is it perhaps a food allergy? Any help would be appreciated!
Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex with this women i just met. A week or 2 later I developed a painful rash on my stomach. I went to get tested about 3 months later and suprisingly it came back neg. Just because you have a rash doesn't mean you have HIV but it can be another STD.
Avatar m tn I am a 21 year old male, i had sex with a girl and about 8 months down the road i got a huge rash covering my body. I went to the doctors and he said it was pitaryasis rosea he even showed me pictures and it looked just like it with the herald patch and everything. after i got better everything was fine, that is until this rash started coming and going all over my body 7 months later.
Avatar f tn I also had fever one night 1 week after the encounter and a side and stomach rash 2 weeks after which I thought was heat rash. I thought I was ok, but around 2 month after the encounter, I started getttin low abdom inal pain. Maybe once an hour lasting one second. 3 days later it turned to all the time, accompanied with diarrhea and loss of appetite. Also a minor irritation at tip of penis that occurs when not urinating. This has lasted about a week but now seems slightly better.
Avatar m tn Right testicle got pinch feeling Frequent severe sore throat Tip of penis gets red patches (rash?) Random rashes – had a red circle rash (5-6cm) on my inner thigh for 3 weeks Frequent diarrhea Lower back pain Occasional red pimple like dots around penis– went to STI clinic worried it was herpes.Said not herpes but yeast candida. Sores get itchy when first appear with slight burning pain. But goes away in 1-3days. Saw an Urologist who could not find anything abnormal.
Avatar n tn Last four weeks, I have had a) constant tingling and itching in genital area, except for a day or two on three occasions, b) pimples that have come and gone on upper thighs, butt and stomach, some look like ingrown hairs or boil-like, others are very small bright red bloody looking but neither hurt, c) blochy rash in pubic hair area d) sensation in urethra that runs from mid-urethra to penis tip that feels like a crackling spasm inside my penis; e) slight burning/irritated feeling inside pen