Neck rash after shaving

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Avatar m tn hydrocortisone cream (6 weeks) anti fungal cream (I believe it was lotrimin) (8 weeks) anti fungal shampoo (nizoral) (8 weeks) I do shave my head sometimes w/ a razor but usually w/ just a clippers. I go a couple of weeks w/o shaving and the rash remains. I do not believe shaving has anything to do w/ this...although makes it more noticeable. Image of rash:
427801 tn?1203844562 Since the day I started shaving Ive always developed what appears to be a rash (possibly acne) on my neck under the far ends of my jaw bone. I have tried every shaving cream under the sun, and none of them do anything to help the issue. I've also tried only shaving in the direction of hair growth so as to eliminate/minimize the possibility of it being ingrown hairs. Again, that doesn't help. So I've been wondering if maybe I'm allergic to the metal in the razors or something.
Avatar f tn I also had two small patches on my left palm which had bumps on it and when i press on it i can see red spots under the skin this started at about 6 weeks and no longer has bumps on it but still red patched s, these red patches kept peeling over and over at first, i work as a welder and is wondering if maybe the sweat,dirt and friction of my colar could have started the rash, also a little before i got the rash while shaving my beard i noticed the shaving cream was black when i would shave fro
Avatar m tn Yep, sounds most like shaving rash to me too. If you're going to shave, use a good quality new razor blade, quality (i.e. expensive!) shaving gel or cream, and some sort of post-shave healer or balm as well.
Avatar m tn I will say that this rash does seem comparable to a razor burn rash that I developed once in my life after shaving my pubic hair with a razor blade. Please provide me with any and every form of feedback that you can. Thank you for your time.
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Avatar n tn ive got the same exact thing on the back of my head, noticed it a few days ago after shaving my head, and im trying to get rid of it as soon as possible haha
Avatar f tn usually only when i whip after i pee. but dont see any sores or cuts. what could i do to make this stop happening... and stop hurting.
Avatar m tn You can buy lotion from barbers or hairdressers to sterilise them like professionals do inbetween clients. After shaving, apply Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream which will stop a rash occuring. It is quite expensive but you only need to use a little bit.
Avatar m tn ve had peels before that went fine) and I didn`t take care of it that well after by shaving too soon after the peel. It seemed to heal fine all around my face for the week after all the skin the peeled but then around that time, I woke up and my chin was feeling itchy and irritated, I stupidly shaved and then it was really irritated, red and itchy (Note: These are not 'shaving bumps'). I borrowed some of my wife`s foundation because I had to go to work and that made matters even worse.
Avatar n tn Unless you have unprotected vaginal or anal sex then you don't have a risk of contracting HIV.
Avatar f tn Hi there, its just a shaving rash or in grown hairs it goes away after a few day nothing to see a doctor about.Next time try shaving from top to bottum that reduces the readnes or better yet veet it.Hope this helped!!!
Avatar n tn i shaved down there ( you know what i mean) and after i got all of these red bumps and blisters around there. its like a rash i have gotten sometimes after swimming, but this time after i shaved. this is a little embarissing to ask by the way, but i am not sexually active, im still a virgin so i think i can rule out Herpes. it kind of itches and kind of hurts, its just like a rash. anybody know what im talking about?
Avatar m tn A couple of weeks ago i had protected vaginal sex with a friend but I did have a cut on the base of my penis from shaving the night before and it wasn't covered by the condom and i have a couple of red dots on my chest. What is my risk for hiv?
Avatar n tn Thank you for your response. I've never had this problem when I wasn't shaving. It always happens after shaving and experiencing friction in the freshly shaved area. I was thinking it was razor burn but was looking for a second opinion. I can be quite the worry wort.
Avatar m tn 5 weeks later i experienced symptoms- extreme nausea and vomit, swollen lymph nodes in the groin area and the left one hurts when i touch, i have to urinate every 2 hours especially at night and since yesterday im having a sore throat and some red rash only on the mustache skin area, i noticed after shaving, i have lost some wight too. I tested 3┬║gen ELISA 4 and 7.
Avatar m tn I continued to shave there, not really thinking much about it. After a week it had still not gone away, and I noticed I was scratching it almost constantly. The area was red and inflamed, the bumps were puffy. I stopped shaving in that area and did my best not to scratch, it seemed to get better, "drying" up and scabbing over. I woke up in the middle of the night scratching, and the next day it was worse than ever.
Avatar n tn Yes, I get irritated very easily from shaving. Sometimes its from shaving too soon after I shaved last. Sometimes I think its from using dull razors (bacteria can grow on them). Sometimes I get irritated after shaving if Im hot during the day. Lots of women get irritated "down there" from shaving. Its completely different than shaving lets where there is little irritation. The skin is so sensitive and what we wear doesn't allow our skin to breath.