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Avatar f tn Best to get to a doctor and have them examine the lumps for cancer. If it is cancer, the earlier you treat it the better, so dont delay.
Avatar m tn She has recently not been feeling well at all. She's been very tired and now she has developed a rash on both sides of her neck right over where her lymph nodes are. I'm concerned because I know that cancer can spread to your lymph nodes and then to the rest of the body. Is this rash any indication of that? And if not, what could the rash and her tired symptoms be? Please get back to me, I'm very concerned. Thank you.
Avatar f tn And don't yell at me but I am a smoker (trying to quit) but scared that all this are signs I have cancer in my neck or something? Does anyone have any ideas????
Avatar n tn For a few years now, I've been getting a red blotchy chest/neck rash in circumstances where I - am drinking alcohol, anxious, nervous, excited, upset - really feeling just about any emotion. It's gotten to the point where I do not expose my chest/neck ever - and cover up whenever I can. I had read once that taking Niacinimide could help - and I've been taking about 1000mg of it for a few months, but am not seeing much improvement.
Avatar f tn There are some very small spots on, around and near it but I think they are from heat rash because I had similar ones on my chest and neck. I've seen so many things about breast cancer and I'm terrified to be honest - please help me! This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/505723'>breast problem in teen</a>.
Avatar n tn Her gyn gave her an antibiotic after which she developed a rash on chest and neck. Dr change antibiotic but rash spread to legs. Although the mass still is there, it is less painful now. Should she question the dr about IBC? Isn't it strange for a non nursing woman to have a breat infection? I am obsessivly worried and would love some good news!
Avatar n tn Now I developing a rash on my neck, arms (inner crease), inner thighs and back of knees with intense itching I have read that rashes can be a sign of cancer. Is this a sign of cervical cancer?
Avatar f tn Hi im 29 year old female and I had a rash appear on my neck the shape of a horse collar about 3 months ago sometimes it itches and or burns it lasts a few days to week then its gone but it comes back after a few days. The rash looks like a sunburn and is completely flat. Ive also noticed that I have a low grade fever everytime the rash appears.
Avatar f tn Hello, It can be due to an allergic reaction, heat rash, sweat dermatitis, shingles or pityriasis rosea. Avoid using any lotions and creams for the meantime. Ask him to use a mild cleanser with moisturizing properties like Cetaphil. Also use cotton clothes and change the clothes twice if there is any increased sweating.Try keeping the skin free of sweat as far as possible. If the symptoms still persist then you can apply mild steroid like dermacort.
Avatar n tn I also have a strange type of Graves disease and am a breast cancer survivor. I developed this red and itchy rash around the base of my neck about a year ago. It is burning sometimes. My dermatologist is stumped. It went away once but recently came back. Tonight it is bothering me so much I am frantically looking on the internet to see if I can find out anything. I would like to talk to you.
Avatar m tn The rash eased up after a few months, but flared up again in December of 2010 -- and in the six months since has gotten even itchier and has spread, particularly to my neck and left breast (top of breast, not near areola). The rash is not quite consistent -- some patches are redder than others, but most patches are varying degrees of scaly (not pimply). The rash on my neck looks like hickeys, and the rash is also getting darker on my breast.
Avatar n tn My mother is visiting from Indiana to Florida and after sitting in the sun 3 times she now has a very itchy rash on her upper chest and neck that is driving her crazy. It keeps her awake at night. We think maybe it is sun poison. How can we be for sure and what can be done to alleviate the itching and burning? Thank You!
Avatar n tn there's a big long strip of them from my ankle to above my knee. Along with the rash i have bruising at the bottom of the rash on my ankles. I'm really nervous as to what this could be... please offer some advice, i'd really appreciate it.
Avatar n tn i have had a itchy scalp for 2 months and now i have a rash on back of neck and is itchy.i just went to my doctor today and she said i had head lice WRONG!!! if i had head lice i would be infested with them and so wouldn't my family.i have tried t-gel,head and shoulders,scalpacin and taking benadryl.i do have a little bit of dandruff and the tops of my ears itch.
537639 tn?1232057169 can anyone give me some ideas on how to make my skin stop itching? i have a rash on my chest and back.its driving me crazy. my daughter put some lotion on it & that helped a little. this is keeping me up. i cant sleep cuz it hurts.thank you ahead of time for any advice.
Avatar f tn I seem to be spiralling badly with this health anxiety.First, it was a fixation with my heart.That has now been ruled out.Then, just as I started feeling better a new anxiety has taken its place .I now think I may have cancer!I thought I was doing well for a while accepting that my symptoms were not cardiac,but anxiety.Now its as if my my mind wont let me relax and is trying to find another basis for my recurring symptoms.Why cant I just accept it for what it is-my anxiety dissorder!
Avatar m tn Three days ago I developed a bump on the back of my neck about the size of a pea. Today its the size of a baseball and feels more like a knot with swelling around it. I've had a rash on my neck previous to this thinking it was a heat rash and I'm not sure if it's related.
Avatar n tn I just recently found a small lump on my 2.5 year old daughter's neck and after researching it seems to be in the area of the posterior cervical nodes. It doesn't seem to be painful to her, it moves around under the skin and although is firm does have a little give to it. It isn't warm to the touch nor is the skin red and it isn't noticeable unless you feel for it or she bends her neck.
Avatar n tn Check out the Mayo clinic web site on Neck cancers. Read up on the saliva glad cancer and see if this fits your symptoms.
Avatar m tn It might be a good idea to note that I have had a rash under my armpits for a couple of weeks now and when I was scratching my armpits very heavily, I noticed a lump came up (this was before the work-out incident), but it went away as soon as my doctor gave me medicine for the rash. Could this lymph node be an effect of my rash? Any comments or ideas about what I just wrote?
Avatar m tn The dry patches on my hands are located between the thumb and the index finger and it feels dry ,rough,Itchy and on some occasion it burns and then once it feels burn the area that is burning Turns red. The same Applies to the neck but the neck does not bother as much as the ones on my hands But instead the neck looks purple ish but it looks similar to a hickey but it feel dry and is very wide ..
Avatar n tn Funny, I imagine it is the riba rash. My neck is the only place I get it, actually right over my collar bones. I use the Gold Bond and it helps some, but mostly I find it does better when I don't wear any jewelry.
Avatar m tn About a month later, I began experiencing CMV symptoms (lymphadenopathy, night sweats, rash, etc). I'm confident I acquired CMV. My next unprotected sexual encounter with her was in May. About three weeks later, she complained of swollen lymph nodes in her neck. I believe it was at this point she was exhibiting the same symptoms I has months earlier. 5 months later, she was diagnosed with IDC IIIa HER2+ (~5cm tumor size with lymph node involvement).
Avatar n tn At first I freaked out thinking I might have skin cancer or something. But they aren't itchy or sore and my health is normal. Any ideas?
Avatar m tn I am a 74 year old male. A week ago I had a biopsy on my left ear for skin cancer. The next day I came down with a horrible earache and went all weekend. On Monday I went to the doctor and my eardrum looked fine and I didn't have a fever. He told me to wait a day or two and if it still hurt to come back in for antibiotics. The pain became worse and spread down my neck and into my shoulder, only on the left side.
Avatar f tn Almost two weeks ago, I noticed I had these dark spots on my stomach. They are not big but there are several or so. Initially they were kind of red around the area, reminding me of small grease burbs you get while you're cooking & the grease pops you, & they were slightly peeling. Several days later I noticed smaller reddish bumps starting to appear & my skin was starting to look splotchy.
Avatar n tn I don't remember exactly where she found it but i do remember one was in her neck area and one was in her sthomach area (i think). At the time she went for her first visit she was very ill and tired looking. They did a chest scan/blood test and so forth and the doctor prescribed her with biaxon or something. 2 days after the visit (and using the pills) she had some sort of red rash which wasn't itchy or anything. She went to the doctor right away to see if it was an reaction to her medicine.