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Avatar f tn So, since about Wednesday I all of a suddenly developed this odd rash on my neck area. I have no food allergies, and never seem to ever be allergice to lotions or perfumes. It doesn't look like a normal heat rash, and if it is then that would be odd for me to get there. Here are the facts: 1. Started Wednesday (thought it was a new body spray, but haven't used any perfume since) 2. Does not hurt, or itch. If anything, just my right side of my neck hurts when I stretch it to look up 3.
Avatar n tn For about a month I have had a (sporadic) rash on my collarbone, neck and jawline. I never know when it is going to appear. I have ruled out food allergies (wine, chocolate, etc.) and reactions to laundry detergent and soap. The itch is unbelievably strong and no amount of scratching helps. The rash/itch is nowhere else on my body. Somedays it's not there at all and then it appears, out of nowhere with no reason. I am going crazy at this point trying to figure out just what it is.
Avatar n tn a fine rash - looks more like blushing -seems to be triggered by adrenaline. (stress, even small stress). Pink on sides of neck (mostly on left) just about all the time and itchy shoulder and back. I don't smoke and I was tested negative for chemicals. I do not have extra exposure to sun or heat.
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Avatar n tn I noticed on my neck that a rash appeared which looks like folluculitis. Obviously this has got me extremely worried. My test for everything has came back negative but am still convinced i have contracted HIV as i obviously have to get tested after 3 months. I have also had a few night sweats which i know is another symptom altho this could also be because of anxiety!
1758217 tn?1312812657 It starts out very red and kind of itchy and hot and then as it goes away it becomes brown and less irritating. It almost feels like a heat rash or irritation. I have been told it is caused by stress. I dont know anymore so I just believe it. It comes and goes. I have used some hydrocortizone cream to some effect. Like the kind you get at the pharmacy (no prescription needed).
Avatar m tn I have non-itchy, non-painful, red raised sploches on my stomach, chest and neck. Sometimes dry looking and sometimes get really dark or almost fade away. It isn't uncomfortable, just not nice to look at. I want to be able to wear a bikini this summer but won't looking like this. Any help would be much apprieciated.
Avatar n tn Thank you for responding. My gut says it's not an ordinary rash. Is it possible to get any other symptoms on the skin from Herpes? I'm still having a very tough time dealing with the idea that I have Herpes and I feel even more depressed now. At least when I had an outbreak on my bum, no body knew but me. I don't even want to show my husband what's on my neck. It's bad enough I feel disgusting when I have a recurrence on my bum but what could this be on my neck?
Avatar n tn A couple of months later I moved to a warm climate under stress and itchy painful red bumps formed on my scalp near the back of my neck, then on one side of my mid neck. Gradually, small blotchy, bumpy itchy redness developed on both sides of my neck, shoulders, under breasts, armpits and recently my hips! I have been to the doctor 5 times, including 2 Dermatologists. I have been treated for acne, fungus, bed bugs and scabies, and I think just Dermatitis in general.
Avatar f tn I have this rash which started on my face, neck and ears and has now spread to my arms, stomach and back. Its looks like small pimples with no whiteheads or anything on them. They are REALLY itchy, especially on my neck, which burns. I've only had them for a few days but they're getting worse. I haven't ate anything different or used any products that i don't normally. Any suggestions of what it could be? I've searched the net but haven't found much yet.
Avatar m tn it good to hear from u.i took the baby to DR.just came back,the DR,told me that it was allegic rash,but i really doubt it,i got rash on neck now,but not much,u'r a nurse,what do u see from the pictures?
Avatar f tn After 12 days I start getting bumpy red rashes on my back of chest and arm, my skin become so sensitive, where ever I tuch hard I it turns to red and bumpy rash, but these rash were disappearing after 15-20 minutes, twice my hand become so red, and start burning, twice my both arms pors swelled up and start burning for 30 minutes, and then turn back to normal, from last 3 weeks my chest and neck become so sensitive if tuch it it become red and become some rashes and after 15-20 disaper again, I
Avatar f tn I have never gotten a rash like this before.
Avatar n tn After the 8 weeks from the exposure brown and black skin rash developed in my back side, neck, and arm-phits. Some time some rashes in red. No itching. I have also white coated tongue. But no flue like sympthem.
Avatar f tn No STD causes upper abdominal pain or a single white spot in your throat. That might not be stress, either. Have you seen a doctor? You should, especially with the rash. This might be something totally unrelated to the encounter that needs treatment.
Avatar f tn I have had all the blood tests which come back negative. I had a bit of stress, but does stress cause fevers? I could say the rash on my chest is from stress, but all my symptoms are psychical. Perhaps stress makes it worse, but I am in pain all the time and fevers almost everyday Have you put anything on your rash to make it better? I am seeing my GP on Tues to figure out whats going on I hate feeling like this!
Avatar f tn Can stress cause muscle tiredness like the feeling when you exhaust your muscles when you work out mine are at the elbow the end of my bicep and above my knee that muscle feels tired I feel tires to some could this all be stress related and can stress cause alot of things to go on in the body?
Avatar m tn i have been having these rashes that appear out of no where on my arms face nd neck it comes on like a hot burning feeling then it turns into a perfect tiny circle no pus it doesnt itch or anything then it goes away within a day i have not been taking any new medicines or using any new soaps i went to the dermatologist they do not know what it is anyone know what this could be?
Avatar f tn My little sister was sleeping and woke up with a rash all over her back, shoulders, arms, and neck. She said she felt hot and that her back was wet when she woke up. What is it? Is this dangerous? What do you recommend we use?
Avatar m tn it cant be an ars rash...
Avatar n tn I have had a rash like small hives around the neck and upper chest, very itchy I have gone to the doctor several times and have gotten steroid injections and have only helped for a week and then its back, currently he put me on Predisone 40 mg and have tappered to 5mg and now the rash is back. It seems to surface at night and I noticed that I am real sweaty at night not to mention very itchy. I do have Rheumtoid Arthritis. Could there be a connection?