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Avatar n tn I developed a rash about 11 days ago that is mostly on my hips, thighs, buttocks and lower back. The rash is not itchy and has different patterns. Some are wide raised patches; dots; streaked looking scratch lines; etc. I was sick with what seems to be both a bacterial and viral infection and was diagnosed with strep throat last week (although they never did a throat culture). I had migratory arthritis for about 5-6 days, but that has gone away. I also have a swollen gland in my neck.
Avatar m tn Since I've been home I have developed an itch on my neck that just won't stop. Its bumpy in the area but it's not red like a rash. It's kinda in the fold of my neck when i look down and on the sides, so i was wondering if it may have something to do with swear, however i havent been extremely warm (as it is the middle of a cold winter!). I havent changed my make up or lotions, so i was wondering if anyone knows whats going on with my itch!
Avatar n tn For about 3-4 weeks I have had a burning and extremely itchy rash on the back of my neck, below my hairline, just above my collar. I have checked my soaps, detergents, shampoos, cosmetics, perfumes etc. and have not usd anything new or unusual. The only medication I take is Synthroid for Hypothyroidism. I can not see the back of my neck to examine it, yet my husband says that the rash looks mild and there are small red bumps visible.
Avatar f tn I then went to an allergist who put on prednisone, I felt zoned, but this did not help the rash. I took my last dose of prednisone and now the rash is spreading down my neck and worse than ever. I believe the prednisone made it worse. I was on for 14 days and my highest dose was 60mg. Any way I am at my wits end. I am seeing my GP again tomorrow. Any ideas of what it might be?
Avatar n tn I'm 26 and female, and for the last 5-6 years, I sporadically get this rash on my neck (mostly) and a little on my chest, armpits and sometimes a couple of random bumps just under my eyes or on my lower face/cheeks. The rash does not itch and begins with a blotchy redness, and then about 4-12 hours later (sometimes it will "mature" overnight) a spray of white-headed bumps wll occur where the redness was.
Avatar n tn A few days ago, I woke up with a very strange rash on my neck. There were two circles that were red, slightly raised, and very itchy. My whole neck seemed to be swollen. I have not changed the makeup I am using, and my cleanser is one that I have been using for years and I have never had a problem with it. I proceeded to see my doctor who explained that I should take a reactine or benadryl and apply a cool cloth. This helped take down the swelling and redness, but the itching still persisted.
Avatar f tn I have a slightly red rash that's blotchy but not too noticeable that comes and goes that's located under my ears on the sides of both my neck. It seems as i have the same thing on the back of my neck on my traps. What I noticed is after I constantly use head and shoulders shampoo for a few times it goes away; when I stop using it, it comes back. Any idea what this is?
Avatar n tn But it has now spread to both of my shins, behind my neck near my ear, my stomach, wrist and a little on my back. it is redish and lumpy and so itchy i am going insane!!! i have been to 5 doctors and some are saying its dermatitis, others ezcema, and one saids scabies. so i have been given all these creams, anti histemenes all which have done nothing, but it did get a little better when i was taking pretnasoine.
1245842 tn?1287833651 Hi Everyone, I also have a rash on my hands, top crease of bottom, and the nape of neck. I first noticed it when I used a nail glue for glue of tips, but now I have stopped using tips & that glue and its still happening. I do still use acrylic nails and gel overlay so maybe they are just as bad? Not really sure. It may also be a nickel allergy or something to do with my hormones being imbalanced as I am also menopausal.
Avatar f tn I have an itchy rash that started under my arms and has spread to my back, neck, arms, and stomach. I went to dr and he gave me prednisone but today is the 10th day on it and the rash has not budged. I have not used a different soap shampoo or soap powder. I use ivory soap, borax soap powder (pure), and a scoriasis shampoo I have been using for a while without any problems. I did buy a comforter and the next morning I woke up itching but this has been going on for 2 wks now.
Avatar f tn I have an itchy blotchy rash on my back, with several raised bumps (there are no blisters/heads to them). The whole red area is about the size of the palm of my hand, excluding my fingers. It started a couple months ago as a couple bumps where my bra strap is sewn into the back part of my bra (note:not a new bra). I really thought it was just the bra that was itching and tried several different bras (new & old).
Avatar n tn What you have described sounds typically like hives.Hives are raised, often itchy, red welts on the surface of the skin. They are usually an allergic reaction to food or medicine. When you have an allergic reaction to a substance, histamine and other chemicals are released into your bloodstream, causing itching, swelling, and other symptoms. Treatment may not be needed if the hives are mild. They may disappear on their own.
237053 tn?1258832026 Not sure if I have asked this yet or not.. sorry if I have! Anyways, since my first "flare" in May 07 I have been getting an itchy rash just below my belly button. It starts as intense itching and then turns into welts/bumps. The more I itch the worse it gets. When I do have it it lasts several days and may not show again for several more months. Last night I woke up itching and it it back! At first I thought it was an allergic reaction to the buttons on my pants.
Avatar m tn the skin is itchy almost all the time now, but the rash of red pimples is not always visible. She has been suffering particularly at night where itching has woken her up and it has become unbearable. It also seems to be effected from heat. Some background information... It all started a couple of weeks after moving into a new house. At first we thought it was bed bugs, but realised that it is a rash and not bites. It seems to be a reaction.
Avatar f tn This morning I noticed I broke out in what almost looks like a rash. It's a group of little bumps on my neck that are extremely itchy and very irritating. I stopped using the medication after 2 doses. I was wondering if this could be an allergic reaction. Please help!
Avatar m tn The symptoms of this condition are symetrical itching on neck and arms with no rash, especially at night. Hope that works for you all as well!
Avatar n tn I have had a rash like small hives around the neck and upper chest, very itchy I have gone to the doctor several times and have gotten steroid injections and have only helped for a week and then its back, currently he put me on Predisone 40 mg and have tappered to 5mg and now the rash is back. It seems to surface at night and I noticed that I am real sweaty at night not to mention very itchy. I do have Rheumtoid Arthritis. Could there be a connection?
Avatar n tn I recently have developed an itchy rash on my abdomen which at first resembled poison ivy. They started out as small clustered itchy bumps with slight blistering along my waist line. These red itchy bumps are now spreading one at a time along my legs arms, one on my neck and ear, now resembling small mosquito bites. I was recently away on business and I thought at first that the rash may have been caused by something from the hotel bed, but after I came home these bumps continued to spread.
Avatar f tn Hi, Are you on any medications? The neck rash could be due to several causes. You would need to see a skin specialist to rule out eczema, sweat dermatitis, heat rash, acne, folliculitis, etc. You could take some oral antihistamine or antiallergic medications like loratadine or cetrizine and see if it helps with your symptoms. Apply calamine lotion at the site of the lesions to help soothe the itching. What other symptoms are you having? Since when have you noticed the lesions?
Avatar f tn It just means that your thyroid hormones are not regulated. The rash is VERY itchy and it spreads. Heat makes it worse. My doctor perscribed an anti fungal cream. It worked great at first, but now, not so much. I am going to ask my doctor to put me on armour, an older thyroid medicine that Oprah takes, and hopefully it will work better than Synthroid. I'll keep you posted.
Avatar f tn I develop a rash on my neck at beginning of summer or when i visit hot places like Arizona occasionally. I live in CA, now I'm getting one. It only happenes to my neck. It starts like red blotchies here and there, (not bumpy) itchies. It consists like a month or abit more. Towards healing end, red marks turns into brownish color and that area skin looks like wrinkles like after sunburned. It doesn't happen often. But once it does it takes so long to get rid of, or heal, it makes me crazy.
Avatar f tn I have a blotchy red rash on one side of the back my neck and some on the front on one side. It is itchy but not unbearable and it has gone into the back of my ear and some on the inner ear lobe? I got this rash a few months ago and just chaulked it up as strange and put some over the counter lotion on it and it disappeared. Now it is back again. It usually lasts for a few days. What could it be?
Avatar f tn 5-6 months ago a small red mark came on my neck. It wasn't painful or itchy so... I didn't do anything. two months ago it started getting bigger and bigger and it hurts like it's burning or something like that. What should I do ? What to you people think?!?! I'm worried as hell. But I can go to the dermatologist only in January...
Avatar f tn For three months or so I have been experiencing itchiness on my neck (not the entire neck) and where its itchy I see like a red patch and hot, I can feel a roughness on that area but not bumpy. I have taken benadryl but dont seem to help. Can you please tell me what that is? it's driving me nuts! ugh.