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Avatar m tn The lymph nodes are swollen along the neck and behind the ears. The rash develops up to five days after the symptoms first occur. The rash is described as small red patches and bumps that start on the face and neck and disappears the same way it came. Otherwise, you may need to have this checked by your doctor. Direct clinical examination of the rash is important for proper diagnosis.
Avatar f tn I had a rash on the top of my bump too! I noticed it after I started getting bigger. it didn't itch or anything. then a couple weeks ago my mom noticed it on my neck and I thought that was weird so I asked the doctor she didn't really say what it was just that was a simple rash. she gave me a cream to use, I used it maybe twice and now the rash is gone.
Avatar m tn friend has itching, scaling, crusting rash on posterior neck, and now on sides of neck some ring formation-red rash. She went to Dermatologist who never mentioned ring worm and prescribed and antifungal cream. To me it sounds like, looks like and feels like ringworm. She needs a better treatment and to protect her from spreading it further to herself and others. What should she do?
Avatar n tn For about a month I have had a (sporadic) rash on my collarbone, neck and jawline. I never know when it is going to appear. I have ruled out food allergies (wine, chocolate, etc.) and reactions to laundry detergent and soap. The itch is unbelievably strong and no amount of scratching helps. The rash/itch is nowhere else on my body. Somedays it's not there at all and then it appears, out of nowhere with no reason. I am going crazy at this point trying to figure out just what it is.
Avatar f tn Most can be handled with a cream,time, or breastmilk( seriously, best diaper rash cure all) my son got a yeast rash out of nowhere, I had never had to deal with a rash, It spread so quick I about had a heart attack:P put on athletes foot cream and it was gone when he woke up
Avatar n tn has anyone had an itchy rash after surgery in the area covered by the surgical soap? any idea what causes, how to treate and how long it will last?
Avatar f tn I wish it was a small rash mine is all over my stomach neck arms back and chest its horrible I've been using desitin hydrocortisone cream and benadryl I'm going crazy
Avatar f tn An itchy rash behind his ears, a rash around his eyes and on his face, a rash on his neck and hive like rash on his belly. The rash took a few days to subside. We are in the process of having him tested for allergies.
Avatar f tn She treated him with an anabiotic and a cream. By Sunday the rash has spread all over his body butt, ankles then there are few on his arms thighs stomach back and neck. We took him to the hospital last night and the doctor there said it was just a viral rash that had to take it's course. She said to continue the anabiotic and she also gave him a steroid to take.
4461129 tn?1354930630 Thank you so much. I used a new tea tree oil/ aloe vera mask on my face but if I don't have a rash all over my face so I figured that couldn't be it. It's still on my neck today. I put some cocoa butter on it because I've noticed that it itches like crazy when it's all dried out. I still have to make a trip to cvs to get some antihistamine/cortisone stuff.
4652753 tn?1364581946 I have only been on triple therapy for 1 week and I have a rash on my neck and chest area. I know you can get a rash with incivek and riba so not unusual I guess. It started red and now has bumps. Doesn't itch and probably don't need to be concerned. My nurse said just put hydrocortisone on it and keep an eye on it to see if travels down my trunk. If so call back. While I trust my nurse I would feel better if I could hear from those of you who had the rash.
Avatar m tn I've had this rash on the back of my neck for many, many years. It's non raised, red and on a 1-10 itchy scale where 10 is the most itchy I would say it is a 2-4. What I've tried w/ no significant improvement: hydrocortisone cream (6 weeks) anti fungal cream (I believe it was lotrimin) (8 weeks) anti fungal shampoo (nizoral) (8 weeks) I do shave my head sometimes w/ a razor but usually w/ just a clippers. I go a couple of weeks w/o shaving and the rash remains.
Avatar f tn i used the hydrocortisone cream that the doc gave me for a previous heat rash that she had, the rash has gone away but it left her skin completley discolored (lighter in color) does anyone know if her skin will come back to normal color The area doesnt seem to sffect her at all by the way....
11391201 tn?1422188120 I had a rash too... It was on my belly, chest, neck, and arms! I put rash cream on it and it went away within a week or so. I asked my midwife about it and she said it is so normal for woman to get rashes while pregnant!... I'm guessing hormones.
Avatar f tn clotrimazole and betamethasone dipropionate cream for two weeks. the rash eventually went away but it came back in other places, both legs, both thighs, both arms and fore arms, stomach, back, back of neck. I'v qiut using the cream for five days now due to the using it already for two weeks as the pharmacist told me. Went to the e.r last night due to the rash spreading and after explaining all this to him.
Avatar m tn My husband is very obese both sides of his neck are really raw and smelly what can he washes it a couple of times daily and dries it well we've tried baby powder but it did'nt help any ideas
Avatar m tn The first is an on and off rash. It started inbetween my left shoulder and neck. That part is not gone but it went to my thighs, angels bottom belly, and armpits. It came after I had some problems sleeping several months ago, which went away. It's not bad if I ignore it but if I scratch it might act up. After some time it goes away and will come later. I'm not sure if it's because of weather, stress, or anything else. My mom thinks it might be eczema.
1678656 tn?1369233818 I've been having this itchy sensation on my head and neck that is just getting worse! Have had it for a couple weeks now and I keep waking my husband up at night for him to check for bugs...every time, no bugs! So, I went with him to his GP appointment and had her look at my head to see if there was anything she knew of. Again, no bugs. Haven't changed shampoos or laundry soap or anything. Nothing new introduced to my body, either.
Avatar n tn It is a red rash sometimes it is dry and it sometimes itches. When I get this rash I also have a rash on my scalp I compare it to that of a baby with cradle cap. It comes and goes not sure if it is brought on by major stress or medications. seems the two usually go hand and hand. When I get really stressed I shack like I am freezing to death. Could that be a symptom or just anxiety? How can I make sure I have not developed Lupus?
Avatar n tn Is it common that these might cause a rash? I do not have any rash on other parts of my body....just my neck and upper chest area.
Avatar f tn A few months prior to that, my 16 month old son was diagnosed with Eczema and the doctor just told me to use the over the counter Eczema cream for babies. So, when this same rash appeared on my daugther, I used this cream, but it continued to get worse. At her appointment last week, the doctor said that it probably started as an irriation from something or contact dermititis. He said at this point, it has turned into an Eczema like rash. What does that mean? Does she have it or not?