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Avatar f tn I did take him to the drs, got laughed at a bit, and was told to wash it with baby soap and water and put some lotion on it...for the neck, ears, and eyebrows. this helped soooo much!!! the ears and neck cleared up first but the eyebrows took a bit longer. as for the dandruff, I just washed it every other day with baby shampoo and would try to comb his hair/scalp before each bath time. I took a month or so to totally go away.
Avatar f tn Most can be handled with a cream,time, or breastmilk( seriously, best diaper rash cure all) my son got a yeast rash out of nowhere, I had never had to deal with a rash, It spread so quick I about had a heart attack:P put on athletes foot cream and it was gone when he woke up
Avatar f tn , appt today, and was hoping for some feed back before then maybe some tips to tell the doctor, she has a rash on the side of her checks, and I. Her neck line where her skin in exposed to the air, the rash is really bad at some points, and sometimes it looks like its almost fine, say we put her down for a nap, and she sleeps 3 hrs, its still there but can't really notice it, but at her baby shower, getting passed around.... I noticed when we got home it was horrible !!!
Avatar n tn She could have also gotten some formula running down her chin and into her neck that could have run to the back of her neck. That would cause a rash. You could put a cool wet rag on it to relieve itching or any swelling she might have but the best thing to do is let it air out. I'm sure it's nothing serious.
Avatar f tn The last baby powder I got was at my shower 18 years ago with DD #1, and it's still 3/4 full!!! It's just not safe to use for their little lungs. Ava chubby? Really? She is sooooo tiny!! Does she really have a little chub around the neck now?
Avatar n tn I have had a rash like small hives around the neck and upper chest, very itchy I have gone to the doctor several times and have gotten steroid injections and have only helped for a week and then its back, currently he put me on Predisone 40 mg and have tappered to 5mg and now the rash is back. It seems to surface at night and I noticed that I am real sweaty at night not to mention very itchy. I do have Rheumtoid Arthritis. Could there be a connection?
Avatar f tn So, since about Wednesday I all of a suddenly developed this odd rash on my neck area. I have no food allergies, and never seem to ever be allergice to lotions or perfumes. It doesn't look like a normal heat rash, and if it is then that would be odd for me to get there. Here are the facts: 1. Started Wednesday (thought it was a new body spray, but haven't used any perfume since) 2. Does not hurt, or itch. If anything, just my right side of my neck hurts when I stretch it to look up 3.
Avatar m tn if so then it could be a virus, my baby was covered in a rash, back, bum tummy and it was a virus
Avatar m tn I have the same rash at the moment. My 3 mth old puked on me 30 mins ago which caused me to google baby vomit causing mom to get a rash. I have very sensitive skin but I am still surprised that I can get a rash from my baby. The burp cloth will surely be my best friend.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have this recurring rash on my neck. It comes whenever my menses is to start. I was wondering if it could come from having oral herpes. Recently I have had a sore throat twice in one month two weeks apart. The rash on my neck is very painful. My doctor seems to think that it is some type of fungus. The dermatologists suggest that it is eczema. But I don't think that is the case. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn it good to hear from u.i took the baby to DR.just came back,the DR,told me that it was allegic rash,but i really doubt it,i got rash on neck now,but not much,u'r a nurse,what do u see from the pictures?
Avatar f tn I'm 25w2d and I have had the rash for a month I've been to my ob twice my primary 3 times a walk in clinic once and the er twice. It's nothing like an allergic reaction and it's not infections or harming me or the baby just annoying the poo out of me. It's a type of dermatitis due to me having super dry sensitive skin and being pregnant so it's basically a pregnancy related/caused dermatitis..
Avatar f tn My 13 month old son has a rash on his hands, feet, & legs, I tried to look in his mouth and didn't see anything, but couldn't keep his mouth open long.. He also has some mild redness on his butt & has not been eating well. There is nothing on his stomach or neck and only a few little red spots around his mouth.
Avatar m tn Here is a picture of a rash on my neck. I also have a rash on my left arm thats bigger. They have lasted a few weeks. I have had recurring rashes for the last few years that come and go on my arms, upper legs and inner thighs, my neck and upper chest. They don't appear directly on my genitals or my back, or at the bottom of my feet. They itch and have a slight discoloration of red. They are slightly raised non-blister bumps, and have been lasting longer the last few months.
Avatar f tn Are you sure it is an allergy and not heat rash? Or something else?
Avatar m tn My husband is very obese both sides of his neck are really raw and smelly what can he washes it a couple of times daily and dries it well we've tried baby powder but it did'nt help any ideas
Avatar m tn a steange neck rash developed at base at front left hand side. rectangular almost in shape. very dry but not really itchy. began to spread around neck before disappearing. at same time as rash began to go, acute pain in left hand side of torso, roughly kidney area around to front. associated with ice pick type headaches. symptoms abated after 3-4 days with no treatment but pain has returned twice more for short periods all bloods fine.
Avatar f tn I woke up with a rash on my chest and neck.
Avatar m tn The lymph nodes are swollen along the neck and behind the ears. The rash develops up to five days after the symptoms first occur. The rash is described as small red patches and bumps that start on the face and neck and disappears the same way it came. Otherwise, you may need to have this checked by your doctor. Direct clinical examination of the rash is important for proper diagnosis.
Avatar m tn friend has itching, scaling, crusting rash on posterior neck, and now on sides of neck some ring formation-red rash. She went to Dermatologist who never mentioned ring worm and prescribed and antifungal cream. To me it sounds like, looks like and feels like ringworm. She needs a better treatment and to protect her from spreading it further to herself and others. What should she do?
Avatar f tn I now have itchy spots on my neck and chest, headaches and neck pain. I went and got tested yesterday but I have been stressing over the fact of having HIV for weeks now. My boyfriend also now has a rash on his stomach and back that is flat red spots but doesn't itch or bother him. We don't have fevers, diarrhea or any other symptoms. I'm a breastfeeding mom so I am worried about my baby getting HIV from me. Was I at high risk for exposure? Would we have fever with the rash?
Avatar n tn I had the same symptoms but no rash, plus sinus infection, and horrible head aches. Then I began to get fatigue and joint pain. Where you have a rash and doctors said bug bite. I would immediately have test done for lyme. But if it is negative see an LLMD if you get more symptoms. Many times tick bite rashes stay with a person from what I have read on others with lyme. Test are inaccurate for many, and it is supposed to be treated by symptoms. You don't have the joint pain.