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Avatar n tn her mouth is opened most of the night, so it seems that a lot of drool leaks out. Could be connected with the sinus issues, like improper drainage, in her case. Do you snore, or find that your throat is dry when you wake up? Sleep on your side? I suppose it could be something like sleeping with your mouth opened. Just guessing. I have a buckwheat husk pillow, since I used to sweat a lot at night and my pillow would get wet.
7363921 tn?1390339335 Lol the last week or so I keep waking with a huge amount of drool. Like to the point I have to use the covers to wipe my face and then flip the pillow. And it's a constant thing all night. This is my 3rd pregnancy and my first time ever experiencing something like this.
Avatar f tn Is it just me, or does being preggo make you drool more profusely in your sleep? I wake up in the middle of the night to find the side of my face covered. Just wondering. I can't be the only one.
Avatar f tn ) Also I wanted to ask if anyone else has a teething baby that does not drool alot? She is constantly chewing her gums together but she does not drool, not that I am complaining:) but I thought that when they start teething that they drool really bad.
Avatar f tn I did take him to the drs, got laughed at a bit, and was told to wash it with baby soap and water and put some lotion on it...for the neck, ears, and eyebrows. this helped soooo much!!! the ears and neck cleared up first but the eyebrows took a bit longer. as for the dandruff, I just washed it every other day with baby shampoo and would try to comb his hair/scalp before each bath time. I took a month or so to totally go away.
Avatar f tn Most can be handled with a cream,time, or breastmilk( seriously, best diaper rash cure all) my son got a yeast rash out of nowhere, I had never had to deal with a rash, It spread so quick I about had a heart attack:P put on athletes foot cream and it was gone when he woke up
5624800 tn?1371656178 He sucked down his milk from his bottle really well. A few hours later I noticed his neck was bent to the left and he didn't want it any other way. When I put him down, he went into circles until he fell asleep. Now it's a a couple days later and he straightened out his neck, and he is walking normally but I'm afraid that he may still have something wrong with his head or spine ( It was a heavy mirror ).
Avatar n tn Diapers, rash cream, wipes, plenty of long sleeve onsies (they are the most comfortable in my opinion), bibs (they drool a lot when teething!),swaddle blankets, pacifier, baby soap for bath time, I like to use coconut oil on my kids after bath time and they love the massage, etc.
996946 tn?1503249112 cats drool when we are eating something they want to sink their teeth into. Linda, Cats drool when they are angry, and also spit. They drool when they are hungry and happy and comfy as well. This is just one of their abilities to let us know what's up at any given point in time. They drool when they're scared, nauseated, or about to vomit hairball. Pain and problems in the mouth cause drooling. So a cat with gum disease or dental issues could drool.
Avatar f tn she has episodes where after she (not every time) eats she starts to drool, lick, and her abdomen swells, She becomes restless and walks from room to room as if she is in pain and can't get comfortable. I took her to vet and they ran blood test.... her white blood cell count was slightly elevated and everything else looked good. she takes aboqueil (new allergy meds.) and I give her benadryl when she starts to drool and lick but something is definitely wrong.
Avatar f tn , appt today, and was hoping for some feed back before then maybe some tips to tell the doctor, she has a rash on the side of her checks, and I. Her neck line where her skin in exposed to the air, the rash is really bad at some points, and sometimes it looks like its almost fine, say we put her down for a nap, and she sleeps 3 hrs, its still there but can't really notice it, but at her baby shower, getting passed around.... I noticed when we got home it was horrible !!!
284738 tn?1283106819 ( orajel is useless it just makes her drool more.. and then she chokes on her excessive drool... i had the mesh feeders and i tried frozen peaches and strawberries and she just throws them down... ugh! i feel like the worst mommy ever..
Avatar f tn What's jaundice?
Avatar n tn She could have also gotten some formula running down her chin and into her neck that could have run to the back of her neck. That would cause a rash. You could put a cool wet rag on it to relieve itching or any swelling she might have but the best thing to do is let it air out. I'm sure it's nothing serious.
1080243 tn?1262975363 hi there i was diagnosed this july and have tongue lip and face numbness i have a few lesions in my neck i think this is the cause of the facial numbness at times my taste buds dont work and at night my speach can be affected, all the best.
Avatar n tn Saliva is actually irritating to the skin. Babies or adults who drool can get "drool rash" if they aren't cleaned up in a timely fashion. That might actually explain some of the irritation. You should go ahead an investigate in some astroglide or ky jelly. Baby oil is ok if you're just going solo, but oil should never be used if you plan to use a condom (it breaks down latex), and it's not nice for vaginas either.
Avatar f tn "The snake [had] not in any way, shape or form intended to eat the baby," Tex Tillis, who runs Tex's Snake Removals, told the Daily Telegraph. "It was trying to have a group hug." Love it, lol!
2104110 tn?1358318243 Hi ladies, what does it mean if ur 10week ol baby is chewing her hands an drooling all over the place, an even tryn to chew on u i thought it was hunger but she wsnt hungry, any idea
Avatar f tn If your sleeping and have a outbreak on your mouth and drool on your pillow and during the night your laying your head and eyes on the drool can the herpes liquid creep on the pillow and into your eyes? This happened to me last night. I have a bad outbreak and I woke up and my eye was directly in the herpes drool...I think it may be in my eye?
10259342 tn?1408877659 Is it normal to drool while sleeping? I been drooling lately ... I'm 36 weeks pregnant.
Avatar f tn The last baby powder I got was at my shower 18 years ago with DD #1, and it's still 3/4 full!!! It's just not safe to use for their little lungs. Ava chubby? Really? She is sooooo tiny!! Does she really have a little chub around the neck now?
392430 tn?1382904781 ( Then I called my pediatrician and then took my baby to my bro's ER for him to assess her. She is fine (THANK GOD!) but still. It scared me to death. I was sooo heartbroken all day for hurting her. I slept like 3 hours that night...I was so worried still. I will say that I am pretty sure Blake was doing the same thing (what Phin is doing) a few weeks ago. She got a cold following that and part of me wonders if she was trying to "clear" her throat.
Avatar f tn m leaking boob milk at night cause I wake up to spots on my sheets that look like drool stains but I never drool and it's where my boobs are. And I don't sleep with a shirt . So I think it's boob milk anyways I'm wondering if it's normal to be leaking boob milk so early and so much this soon .... but also its only at night ...