Rash on neck after shaving

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Avatar m tn I've had this rash on the back of my neck for many, many years. It's non raised, red and on a 1-10 itchy scale where 10 is the most itchy I would say it is a 2-4. What I've tried w/ no significant improvement: hydrocortisone cream (6 weeks) anti fungal cream (I believe it was lotrimin) (8 weeks) anti fungal shampoo (nizoral) (8 weeks) I do shave my head sometimes w/ a razor but usually w/ just a clippers. I go a couple of weeks w/o shaving and the rash remains.
Avatar f tn i recently shaved my vagina and everything was fine but the next day i started to feel ichy down there. its not coming from inside its outside, and now i have a red rash that is so itchy and when i scratch gives a slight burning/ warm feel. here is a picture that i found that looks similar.... thttp://www.bing.com/images/search?q=rash+on+labia&view=detail&id=9ADC52BB1A391B42D0CA36C03E9D56C41BF8A532&FORM=IDFRIR my rash hasnt got as small bumps please help...
Avatar m tn Now my doctor has advised using Triamcinolone Acetonide cream on the rash twice a day, but after 5 days still no success. Has anyone had a similar problem and found what the solution to curing it was??? Thanks for your help!
Avatar n tn I have that exact rash on the back of my head and neck also. I've had mine for alittle over a month. Did you happen to go find out what it is?
427801 tn?1203844562 Since the day I started shaving Ive always developed what appears to be a rash (possibly acne) on my neck under the far ends of my jaw bone. I have tried every shaving cream under the sun, and none of them do anything to help the issue. I've also tried only shaving in the direction of hair growth so as to eliminate/minimize the possibility of it being ingrown hairs. Again, that doesn't help. So I've been wondering if maybe I'm allergic to the metal in the razors or something.
Avatar n tn Hello, The itching on legs is due to irritated hair follicles after shaving but the itching on other parts of body is due to release of histamine and may be hives. You can apply some calamine lotion at the rash as it will help in soothing the skin. You can take some OTC oral antihistamine medications like Benadryl or Claritin and also apply steroid cream on the rash. If still the symptoms do not improve then please get a clinical examination done by a dermatologist. I hope it helps.
Avatar f tn I noticed a rash on my inner thighs about 6 days ago and realised a few days ago that it was also on my underarms. It appeared a few hours after I shaved these areas so I put it down to shaving rash but I've never had shaving rash like this before so I'm starting to think it's something else. The rash is just small red bumps but the itching is unbearable and it seems to be covering a larger area than before. Any ideas what it could be or how I could treat it?
Avatar f tn The rash started on the right side of my neck and quickly spread to the centre then to the left side it is red and pimply in some spots, felt like there was something under the skin in another spot some spots, it was very tender,itchy and inflamed, and would get very irritated from colar of coveralls rubbing on it at work, i let my beard grow out for a week and though it was going away but when i shaved it irritatated it and now its just like it was before and looks a little bumpy..
Avatar m tn first kisses as well, so STIs are not a concern. However, after we initially had sex, I noticed a rash developing on my pubic area. It was red and extremely itchy and ultimately began to become scaly and flaked off. I initially assumed this was because of shaving, but I had sex for the second time today and the rash is coming back. Of course, I also shaved again, but was very cautious this time so I doubt the rash is from that.
Avatar m tn Ok i started dating this girl that want me to shave...so i did then we had sex...this is my first time ever shaving not first time having sex...well the condom broke while having sex and we stoped and all...well the next morning, i was redish in my pubic area and i was wondering if it is from me shaving or did i get a STD..this is the first time it has ever broke on me..so i'm wondering if i just got this from shaving? or what but there seems to be little bumbs all over my pubic hair area.
Avatar m tn I myself have noticed this tonight after my huband and i of four years had intercourse... I shaved the night before. so I'm thinking it has something to do with the friction, in my case. Yours could possibly be from the stubs of her hair growing back.. I have very sensitive skin... My neck chest face stomach and back get hives after being into contact with any type of water.. Beach, lake, bath, pool, bottled water... Even sweat. ( yes i take showers!!
Avatar m tn I met this girl at a bar two weeks ago and had sexual intercourse on that night. It has been two weeks since I had sex and have noticed this rash and lymph node on my body. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Hello. First excuse me for my bad language because I am not a antive speaker. I received and gave oral sex to a woman in message service.I gave her oral sex about 10 second because I though that's a risky act. And I searched on Google for that act in that moment to rest my mind but I found that gum disease increase my risk and my gums bleed sometimes. I stopped and forget to ask her for HIV testing.
Avatar f tn usually only when i whip after i pee. but dont see any sores or cuts. what could i do to make this stop happening... and stop hurting.
Avatar m tn You can buy lotion from barbers or hairdressers to sterilise them like professionals do inbetween clients. After shaving, apply Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream which will stop a rash occuring. It is quite expensive but you only need to use a little bit.
Avatar m tn I shaved my arms once in late September and nothing was wrong for several weeks. After about a month i developed a red rash as shown in pictures. The severity of the rash fluctuates constantly. I ended up visiting the doctor in early November and I was then prescribed antibiotics. The antibiotics helped to clear the rash a very tiny bit but after the round of antibiotics was up my rash came back once again, but this time worse.
Avatar m tn ve had peels before that went fine) and I didn`t take care of it that well after by shaving too soon after the peel. It seemed to heal fine all around my face for the week after all the skin the peeled but then around that time, I woke up and my chin was feeling itchy and irritated, I stupidly shaved and then it was really irritated, red and itchy (Note: These are not 'shaving bumps'). I borrowed some of my wife`s foundation because I had to go to work and that made matters even worse.
Avatar n tn Thanks, I'm still feeling ill (fever that comes and goes, nausea, swollen neck). I'm just worried the razor rash on my penis shaft might have opened up during the sex and some of her vaginal fluid entered these areas that the condom didn't cover. As I said in an earlier post, the condom didn't go all the way down. This is my last post on this. Thanks for the advice.
Avatar m tn Hope somebody can help... Over a year ago I got my hair cut, just a normal trim - the razor only being used on the back of my neck. On the walk home, my neck was really itchy but that's pretty normal after a haircut so I ignored it. A few days later the itch hadn't gone away and I'd noticed painful bumps in the area, I couldn't see them obviously so I took a picture and saw that the top of my neck was really red and irritated, covered in little red bumps.
Avatar f tn I've had an extremely itchy rash on my shins for a couple years. They are small red welts and the itching can be unbearable. No cortisone creams or antihistamines have worked. I had bed bugs a couple years ago and I think the rash started then, but I definitely don't have them anymore and the rash is still bad. It gets worse after hot showers or exposure to bugs (mosquito bites, etc.).
Avatar m tn Anything which causes the hair to be broken off short with a sharp tip can cause ingrown hair. Shaving is the leading cause. The embedded hair causes a localized inflammation (sometimes painful) response in the skin. Symptoms include rash, itching skin, hair which remains in spite of shaving, and infection and pus collecting under skin. Treatments for ingrown hairs include putting a warm washcloth over the ingrown hair and shaving in a different direction.
Avatar m tn About 8 to 12 months ago, I noticed some dark spots on the front left part of my neck, within my shaving zone. I had not noticed this before and I thought it might be due to my shaving. However, the spots have persisted and I am now curious as to what it could be. It appears there are a few on my lower left cheek as well. They are not bumpy at all. There is no itching or pain and never has been. There is no discharge at all.