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Avatar f tn Ok I am 20 yrs old and I have always had an irregular cycle but I started taking prenatal vitamins about a 3 weeks ago or so. I am about a week late on my period I took a pregnancy test a week ago and it came up negative but me and my boyfriend always have unprotected sex. My breasts have been extremely sore for the past 3 or more weeks and they have grown larger and heavier. I have been having on and off light cramps but still no period or bleeding at all.
Avatar f tn I had an unprotected sex with my boyfriend and had my period 2 days later but this month i cant find my monthly visitor its been late 4 over a week,...gone 4 a preg test that came out negative,am so worried coz i dont want a baby.
Avatar f tn I see people on this all the time talking about prenatal vitamins and im wondering should I be taking them? The only thing my doctor told me to get was folic acid and now im worried incase I should have been taking something else all along? :/ ... Should i get them? And also what kind? I dont have a clue about these things :( I dont see my doctor until the 26th..
Avatar f tn Taking prenatal vitamins gives your reproductive system the proper vitamins to give you a better chance:) folic acid is the main vitamin that helps
Avatar n tn m a full week late and no signs of period or anything. I have no idea whats going on. My friend thinks the vitamins my counselor told me to take for my OCD might of gave me a false negative. I take B-complex, vitamin D-3, L-Phenylalnine and Valerian root. My pee actually has been very bright lime green color and it shows up on the test like that too, so could that of played a part of what.
Avatar f tn t come in may my doctor gave me prenatal vitamins to take. I forgot what its for. Does it help get me pregnant? Can some1 calculate when I ovulate so ill know? It might b to late, I dont know.
3113559 tn?1347750099 Vitamins CAN cause sickness, therefore leading to dehydration, but there are so many alternatives, taking them before bed, taking them with or without a meal, taking gummy versions, etc. I really would've found a different way, because like anniebrooke said, the folic acid, among many other things, is important. There are, and were plenty of women that never took vitamins and their baby was fine, but personally, I don't miss a day of taking my vitamins. I'm sure your LO is just fine!
Avatar f tn Im 19 weeks and i havent took non of my prenatal vitamins since i was 12/13 weeks due to the fact that they make me sick, what could happen if i dont take them? I feel like im harming my baby, i have an appt on thursday im gonna talk to my doctor about it hopefully my baby is ok. What are some good prenatal vitamins yall could recommend?
Avatar f tn Try every other day and relax it will happen soon enough o and don't forget to take prenatal vitamins that's what the doc told me when i was trying
Avatar f tn I have a question can prenatal vitamins help a woman with balancing her hormones and to help her with ovalation cause I don't ovalate I have PCOS that's what my doctor told me and me and my bf is TTC so he put me on Provera for ten days to start my period and birth control to help regulate them..
Avatar f tn I read some where that taking prenatal vitamins when you are trying to conceive is a good idea. Anybody know anything about this? I'm really hoping this month is the month! Throw some baby dust my way!
7922758 tn?1396296070 I had been taking my centrum prenatal vitamins and they we're making me vomit. Then went to the doctor and they gave me different ones . I started taking them today and once again made me sick. . Is it that they're the big horse pill looking ones or what . Should I try the gummies? Those other ones make me feel awful.
Avatar f tn Can switching prenatal vitamins cause any harm to me or my twins? I forgot my prescription prenatals at home, but I had mine from the Womens clinicz instead of nothing I decided to take those? I know I could've waited til I got home, but it will probably be late so I didn't want to forget? Also does it matter what kind you take at all , and although my doc says no does anyone think I should be taking more than one a day since I have two babies?
1628445 tn?1299577992 ve been taking Materna Prenatal Vitamins for about 3 weeks now (I started on Feb 15th) because when my husband comes back we will be TTC so I was advised to start taking prenatal vitamins in advance. Maybe the late period has something to do with the prenatal vitamin? Maybe I overdosed on some vitamin or mineral? For example iron (27mg per pill) or Vitamin C? I'm racking my brain to try and find out whats causing this lateness.
1841515 tn?1318671864 Its hard to say for sure, there are other factors that can cause your period to be late, such as stress, weight gain, ect... and there are factors that can cause a false negative too... but to be on the safe side its best that you live like your pregant, eat healthy, take prenatal vitamins (if you are trying to get pregnant its best to already be taking vitamins) Are you taking the tests according to the package? (with your first pee in the AM?
Avatar f tn Prenatal vitamins will not help you start your period. There are many ways to determine when you ovulate. You can chart your temperature each day in the morning before you get out of bed. When it dips a bit, you are getting ready to ovulate. When it spikes, you have ovulated. You should have sex around the dip in your temp. Also, medhelp has trackers and apps for this. You can find them under the Health Tools at the top of the screen. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Me and my husband are ttc. We've been trying for months and nothing, and this month my period was 6 days late and as soon as I get ready to go get a hpt my period starts. I don't know what we're doing wrong, it seemed easier with my first 2, and I want to have my third and last before I turn thirty, which gives me two years. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm anxious.
533193 tn?1289727345 The prenatal vitamins would not cause any kind of delay in your period. They also shouldn't cause weight gain... maybe you should try another brand if you think the ones you are taking are affecting things. Take a test.. you may be pregnant. Since you have been pregnant before did you feel symptoms with those pregnancies? I have been pregnant 2x (one baby) and both times I got the same exact symptoms so I pretty much have an idea at about 11 days past ovulation if i'm pregnant or not.
Avatar f tn I am 12 weeks pregnant and just found out a week ago. Started taking prenatal vitamins now I'm cramping really bad and having very soft stools. Is this morning?
Avatar f tn There's some days when I forget to drink my prenatal vitamins, is it bad if I don't take them exactly everyday?
Avatar n tn If you have been having unprotected sex and your period is a week late, it would not be unreasonable to take a pregnancy test, cramps or no cramps.
Avatar f tn I may or may not be pregnant. My period is late but the test still came up negative. This is kind of unplanned, so I haven't been taking any prenatal vitamins. I want to change my diet, because if it turns out I AM pregnant, I want my baby to be in the best possible environment. I'm probably going to pick up some vitamins after work today to make sure I'm getting enough folic acid, etc. How much should I be taking and what else should I be concerned about? Thanks!