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1431985 tn?1293696579 My doctor suggested I start my prenatal vitamins. I have to admit these vitamins make me feel wonderful. I haven't had to take pain meds for Osteo Arthritis, I seem to be regulated, and my hair and nails are beautiful. I have way more energy than usual to keep up with my 3 year old. I have been TTC since July 1st. (Mirena Removed). My cycle varies from a 35 day to 45 day. Last Month I thought I was pregnant because my period was 20 days late. UGH!!!
Avatar f tn Ok I am 20 yrs old and I have always had an irregular cycle but I started taking prenatal vitamins about a 3 weeks ago or so. I am about a week late on my period I took a pregnancy test a week ago and it came up negative but me and my boyfriend always have unprotected sex. My breasts have been extremely sore for the past 3 or more weeks and they have grown larger and heavier. I have been having on and off light cramps but still no period or bleeding at all.
Avatar f tn I had an unprotected sex with my boyfriend and had my period 2 days later but this month i cant find my monthly visitor its been late 4 over a week,...gone 4 a preg test that came out negative,am so worried coz i dont want a baby.
1543631 tn?1293565747 my period is late 60 days....also tests are negative, when it was late about 2 weeks i went to a doctor, and she said no pregnancy, but still no period....i also not know what to do... I think you must visit doctor...
Avatar f tn If I were you I would definitely take a test sooner than later because if the test is positive I want to start taking prenatal vitamins and making the appointments with the doctor. I don't know whether you want to be preggo or not, but if you do and are Congrats! Keep us posted.
1841515 tn?1318675464 but to be on the safe side its best that you live like your pregant, eat healthy, take prenatal vitamins (if you are trying to get pregnant its best to already be taking vitamins) Are you taking the tests according to the package? (with your first pee in the AM?) i would say to wait a few days and test again, if your period becomes 2 weeks late and your still getting a negative result then talk to you Dr about seeing if you can get a blood test to check for sure or not... good luck!
Avatar n tn If you have been having unprotected sex and your period is a week late, it would not be unreasonable to take a pregnancy test, cramps or no cramps.
Avatar f tn IT seems like to me you are in fact pregnant . Make a doctors appointment and take a blood test . That will tell you for sure . I didn't find out I was pregnant until 10 weeks . I'm now 12 .
Avatar m tn My cycle is usually very regular and on time. My last period was on 13th june. I am not on any medication except basic prenatal vitamins. I am not stressed and i am healthy weight. I am around 6 weeks late for my period. I have done multiple hpt and doc urine test negative. Doc ruled out pcos as no problems with periods previously. Had 2 days extremely light spotting 4 weeks ago. No medical contitions. Thyroid and blood sugar tested when started ttc and all fine. Please advise.
Avatar f tn For the past 2 weeks, I have been experiencing sore breasts, eating every two hours - including waking up in the middle of the night for a snack, sharp pains in my stomach - but not in the uterine/ovary area, nausea, and to top it all off I am a week late for my period, this morning I took a urine pregnancy test which came out negative and I was a bit disappointed in the result.
Avatar n tn Now I'm a full week late and no signs of period or anything. I have no idea whats going on. My friend thinks the vitamins my counselor told me to take for my OCD might of gave me a false negative. I take B-complex, vitamin D-3, L-Phenylalnine and Valerian root. My pee actually has been very bright lime green color and it shows up on the test like that too, so could that of played a part of what.
Avatar n tn Doc wants my a-1c to be 6 before getting pregnant, and i am already taking prenatal vitamins and omega-3 for preparation of pregnancy.
1811593 tn?1316551307 I have benn having unprotected sex for about 13 months now, ive been having a regular periods, then i realised i am 9 days late for this months period.. i took a preg test when i was 5 days late and it was negative. But just recently ive been waking up feeling sick, and cant bare the smell of food!, ive been weeing alot, and was just wondering does anyone have any ideas when i should take another test?...
Avatar n tn I'm 5 days late on getting my period and i'm not shure if i could be pregnant or if it is from stress my period has always been on time i have been late by 2 days but never by 5. i have been getting some craps every now and then like i'm going to get my period i have been very dizzy and tierd and nausea at times. i took a pregnacy test yesterday and it was negative. i was wondering if it was normal to have cramps if i was pregnant?
1803771 tn?1316037644 Ever since around august 10, I have been haveing unprotected sex constantly (yes I know I am stupid but don't criticize me for it) I was due for my period on september 1st and I haven't gotten it. I am now 11 days late on my period. I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative. Is there a possibility I might still be pregnant??
Avatar m tn I'm taking my prenatal vitamins just in case also just to add. My symptoms are, nausea (can barely eat in the morning, and I usually eat the most in the morning!), extremely tired (I am sleeping so much), missed period, lower abdominal pain, and when I drink coffee it shoots out of me!! When usually I'm dealing with constipation problems. Sorry for the tmi. That's all of them. Any information or help would be great, Thank you!
Avatar n tn about 14 days after ovulation, so if you ovulated late this cycle due to stress sickness or just because, your period would come late. It could also mean your preggo!
Avatar n tn Now, my period is 5 days late (I calculate like a crazy woman). I am NEVER late and was sure THIS WAS IT. Lo and behold the test had a big minus. I cried. I didn't test in the a.m. but it says you don't have to. I am scared to test again just to see another sad result. I feel queasy but maybe I am wishing these symptoms on. How accurate are these tests?? How long should I wait to do it again? Thanks!!
Avatar f tn And yes we are both aware of pre-ejaculation but we aren't SCARED to get pregnant we just figure if it's meant to happen it will happen. Well, I'm 3 days late on my period now...I'm never late...always 27days or 28days...ever since I was 10 I'm now almost 21 so I have a pretty consistant period cycle. I have had VERY tender breasts for the last 2 weeks and I've experienced some dizziness and some nausea, mood swings (which NEVER happens to me EVER) and I'm SOOOOO tired...
Avatar f tn Try every other day and relax it will happen soon enough o and don't forget to take prenatal vitamins that's what the doc told me when i was trying
Avatar f tn For the past 2 weeks, I have been experiencing sore breasts, eating every two hours - including waking up in the middle of the night for a snack, sharp pains in my stomach - but not in the uterine/ovary area, nausea, and to top it all off I am a week late for my period, this morning I took a urine pregnancy test which came out negative and I was a bit disappointed in the result.
Avatar n tn kind of people and as sson as I quit smoking and drinking Decaf - Well, my period is late... Will this change in daily activites effect my cylce?? thanks! Good luck to all of you in the same "late" boat.
533193 tn?1289730945 The prenatal vitamins would not cause any kind of delay in your period. They also shouldn't cause weight gain... maybe you should try another brand if you think the ones you are taking are affecting things. Take a test.. you may be pregnant. Since you have been pregnant before did you feel symptoms with those pregnancies? I have been pregnant 2x (one baby) and both times I got the same exact symptoms so I pretty much have an idea at about 11 days past ovulation if i'm pregnant or not.
Avatar f tn I'm 5 days late on my period I haven't had any spotting or anything. I'm never late on my period what do I do now?
Avatar f tn ) good luck
156714 tn?1254715757 you need to get a test because if you havent had a period in months you are very late for prenatal care and that is VERY important.. and if you did want an abortion, then it very well could be too late for that as well.
5838296 tn?1375198804 I started taking NOW Female Balance and Prenatal vitamins daily 3 weeks ago and it helps a lot. From what the doctor described as the symptoms that means that I have always had a high Testosterone level, but my old doctors never did any test they just asked if I wanted birth control pills which won't solve my problem. I really want a none medication required why to fix this...
Avatar f tn I've been doing all the natural supplements that are supposed to help with ovulation plus I am taking the prenatal vitamins and the ones with DHA. I just ordered preseed as well and from the 9th thru the 15th (my cycle is 28-31 days) now so I have to cover all the days...I will be very busy...LOL!! Keep your fingers crossed and say prayers. Maybe April will be my month!!! I love you Ladies...
Avatar n tn Hi everyone, I just wanted to say that my period is 17 days late today, which makes 47 days since my last period came on and I got a negative blood test on this past Wednesday. I was 14 days late for my period at the time. Can anyone give me any suggestions as to can I still be considered pregnant after that negative blood test. I am not doing any bleeding whatsoever. No bleeding, spotting, or nothing. My gut feeling inside tells me I'm pregnant.
Avatar f tn My problem is I ovulate late and i am unable to see the doc untill the end of dec. Does anyone have any suggestions how i can bring ovulation forward naturally?? looking forward to any help i can get thank you all in advance.