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Avatar f tn Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy will you notice a difference. The prenatal vitamins they say help with hair growth, however I believe its more hormonal changes within you. When you notice your hair growing you will also notice your nails growing faster than usual. I have been taking prenatal vitamins for only 3-4 wks... I would say its more hormonal changes than the vitamins, for myself atleast.
Avatar f tn Ive googled &seen that they benefit not only with baby but with hair growth &nail growth… ive been taking mine &icut my hair in first of september &still feels short -,- its not growing fast or "glowing" is there a certain type of vitamins that really help??, iam taking some gummy type in a clear jar plastic green twist off taking 2aday.
Avatar f tn I was very anxious for my hair to grow as well but even with eating healthier and taking my prenatal pills daily my hair has not grown at all. I feel my hair actually got so dry :/ but everyone can be different.
Avatar f tn Everything you need is in the prenatal vitamin. It also helps with your nails. Trust me your hair will grow quicker than normal during pregnancy. And as long as you take your vitamins you'll see a difference. But don't freak out if it's not growing as fast as you'd like.
8464451 tn?1409883976 t pregnant that take prenatals for hair growth, nail growth etc.
Avatar f tn Also they will increase the growth rate of your fingernails and skin cells. Many women who are not pregnant take prenatal vitamins to help with thinning hair, weak fingernails, or skin problems.
455110 tn?1205964069 I believe Gwenneth Paltrow swears her long locks of gorgeous straight blonde hair are due to her taking prenatal vitamins for years. Who knows? I guess we'll know to back off the prenatals if she turns up with colon cancer! Here is a blurb on taking prenatal vitamins from Mayo Clinic that might help explain it more clearly: Prenatal vitamins are multivitamins intended for women who are pregnant or hope to become pregnant.
Avatar f tn i dont shave my stomach but it is getting so hairy that i am thinking about using nair if its safe.. my dr said it is my hormones and can also be contributed to the prenatal vitamins im taking..
Avatar f tn This may sound really weird but, my hair is also naturally curly and about to the middle of my back. Aaaanyways, use 'Mane and Tail' shampoo and conditioner. It's for horses...aha but I've been using it since about August 2012 and it totally works! It helps keep your hair healthy to. Mine got thicker and shinier. You can buy it at Walmart :) or you can also take prenatal vitamins, they won't hurt you if you aren't pregnant but they also help your hair and nails grow!
Avatar f tn prenatal vitamins can help along with masaging the head to increase circulation.
7136384 tn?1390142888 s because of your prenatal vitamins. They help hair and nail growth. And the idea about it being a boy because you have a lot of extra hair, could be true. Before I got pregnant I just had peach fuzz on my tummy and now it looks darker and longer, and I'm having a boy. But yet again, I shave my arm pits and legs a lot more than usual. Also your pubic hair will probably begin to grow so much you can't keep up with it.
Avatar f tn The prenatal vitamins that you take daily are what's suppose to help with the hair length and nail growth.
Avatar f tn If you just take regular prenatal vitamins, your hair and nail will grow super fast. Because the prenatal vitamins have vitamin d & foliage acid which helps with hair and nail growth.
Avatar f tn Maybe i need to cut my hair nd then see wat happens cause my hair has gotten shorter up top from me having a mohawk at one point nd it broke my hair off in the middle
Avatar f tn There is nothing in prenatal vitamins that encourage hair growth. That's a myth. This is a hormonal thing that differs from woman to woman in pregnancy. Just like some people are sicker than others.
Avatar f tn Well i've only got 28 days until my little man is due (yay!), and i'm wanting to continue to take my over the counter prenatal vitamin after birth. I was wondering if that was safe? Or if it'll still give my hair and nails the same awesome effect with growth... I don't see why it wouldn't be safe, seeing as how it's a vitamin, but i'm just curious.
Avatar f tn I barley took my prenatal vitamins the whole 5 months im 22weeks my freind told me i need to start taking them , asap but ive been to my appointments and my child is growing fine drop some opinions below i dont want to have a still born
Avatar f tn I don't know what those are but your prenatal vitamins contain folic acid which promotes hair growth.
Avatar f tn I am more of facial hair, the more kids I have the more facial hair I get thankfully it's fair.This is my worst nightmare coming true.
Avatar f tn I take my prenatal vitamins but recently started taking a hair skin and nails due to my hair thinning and nails pealing so I'm hoping that helps
Avatar f tn Thank God I'm not the only one! My stomach has gotten sooo hairy too! My doctor said it's caused by hormones and also the prenatal vitamins cause hair growth.
Avatar f tn My hair is falling out like crazy. In afraid to even comb it sometimes. Dr just said keep on my prenatal vitamins n I've been taking an extra vitamin e supplement.
1759122 tn?1390189882 Usually hair gets thicker because of the prenatal vitamins. Do you take those at the moment? I was losing my hair because of the anemia. I didn't have enough iron and i was getting sick after vitamins. Once I started iron supplement I felt better and my hair stopped falling out. It happens also due to the hormonal storm in your body. Often after having a baby women lose a lot the hair but then it comes back.
Avatar f tn hi a few months ago i had a cancer removed, had a good month once i was home but now all i want to do is sleep and more upsetting to me is that my hair has got really thin i have read on here that morphine can thin hair but also for months before my hospital stay i could not keep food down so i was bot getting enough vitamins ect could all this plus the stress contribute to my hair loss?
Avatar f tn My hair and nails have grown but my hair has ots moments when it randomly falls out :/
7585726 tn?1397871765 Noooooooo. Should probably of asked way sooner lol but read the prenatal bottle. Should have 800 mg of folof acid and some iron in it I forget how much. Only time u would need to take extra vitamins of it your prenatal don't have dha. I tale spring valley prenatal and 200mg of dha.