Prenatal vitamins for hair loss

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Avatar f tn It's really the pregnancy. The estrogen prevents hair loss. It make it healthier though.
Avatar f tn Stress is a huge reason for hair loss on anyone. My mom experienced hair loss while undergoing treatments. I have experienced hair loss for stress, medications for migraines (seizure meds for prevention will do it every time). Also my doctor put me on a great prenatal vitamin that helped with my hair loss and I started to have new growth. Soak with your doctor and see what he recommends. Could be a simple imbalance due to stress in itself or the cancer side effects.
Avatar f tn Im 16weeks and loss about half of my hair. It makes me depress everytime i see how plenty of hair i loss. I tried every hair fall shampoo but none of those worked. I don't wanna comb my hair anymore.
Avatar n tn Anemia is common in pregnancy and a big cause for female pattern hair loss. Maybe iron supplements would help. But blood tests would say for sure. Also thyroid count (low or high) can affect hair loss.
Avatar f tn I take prenatal vitamins, chlorophyll for iron and calcium pills.
Avatar f tn Eat well. Pregnancy-related hair loss can be a symptom of a diet deficient in essential vitamins and nutrients. Make sure that you are eating a well-balanced diet, with plenty fruits and vegetables, and taking any vitamin supplements your doctor has prescribed. Avoid frequent hair washings, and refrain from over-styling your hair. You may even want to consider a short style until at least 6 months postpartum, when estrogen levels return to normal and hair loss is minimized.
Avatar f tn I'm losing hair too. Not in clumps but I clog the drain once a week from my hair loss. And all my friends said their hair was so full and healthy during pregnancy and after lost some. I get a ball of hair during evey wash and its not normal for me also my scalp itches like crazy and I don't have bugs lol o had my husband check lol!
Avatar f tn Are u still taking your prenatal vitamins. That should help your hair.
Avatar f tn Prenatal vitamins are very good for u and the baby, it provides protein and other nutrients that the baby needs to have and keeps you and especially the baby strong.
455110 tn?1205964069 Prenatal vitamins are multivitamins intended for women who are pregnant or hope to become pregnant. Sometimes prenatal vitamins are recommended for women who are breast-feeding, too. Most prenatal vitamins contain more folic acid, iron and calcium than do standard adult multivitamins. Prenatal vitamins have been claimed to promote thicker hair and stronger nails, but researchers haven't yet proved whether prenatal vitamins truly have these effects.
Avatar f tn has anyone experienced any hair loss? My hair is coming out like crazy in the shower and it just started a week ago....
1994124 tn?1422574099 I have heard that if you continue to take your prenatal for a year after u give birth it helps with hair loss
Avatar f tn Completely normal. My hair grew thick and long with my son and with my daughter and this baby girl my hair just falls out. Esp after washing it. Its ridiculous. Good job ive got a decent mop on my head lol.
Avatar f tn t say it is something abnormal, it looks like the amount I usually loose in the fall. Funny think, the loss started right after I reintroduced my prenatal vitamins some weeks ago. If I wasn't taking the vitamins I would think I was experiencing some deficiency, but I'm taking them every day! I read hair loss is common after the delivery, when hormones level go back to normal. Should I be worried? Anybody losing hair? Thanks!
Avatar f tn Avoide using heat application too this will onky make matters worse hun xx
Avatar f tn Prenatal vitamins are both healthy for you and the baby. Continue to take them even after the baby is born.
Avatar f tn So I'm 17 weeks pregnant and well I'm obviously taking my prenatal vitamins, but I wanna start taking the hair nail and skin vitamin as well? Do any of you know of its safe ? Or is it too much?
Avatar f tn I do t think the hair loss stop but you hair dose grow in thicker and faster I started noticing at the end of my second trimester
233053 tn?1321643821 t had the hair loss problem, but I was talking to my mom the other day and after the birth of my brother she had a hair loss problem for months. My aunt is a hairdresser and she told my mother to take b vitamins (my mom couldn't remember which one in particular) that a deficiency after pregnancy (with a live birth OR a m/c) can cause hair loss. That may not be your case but if it is, it's an easy fix. Good luck!
Avatar f tn There is nothing in prenatal vitamins that encourage hair growth. That's a myth. This is a hormonal thing that differs from woman to woman in pregnancy. Just like some people are sicker than others.
Avatar f tn Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy will you notice a difference. The prenatal vitamins they say help with hair growth, however I believe its more hormonal changes within you. When you notice your hair growing you will also notice your nails growing faster than usual. I have been taking prenatal vitamins for only 3-4 wks... I would say its more hormonal changes than the vitamins, for myself atleast.
Avatar f tn Is it okay for me to buy I think it was an equate prenatal vitamins for me? Without seeing the doctor first. I already have an appointment but its next week so yeah. Should I wait or what?
234013 tn?1231110193 Who is taking OTC prenatal vitamins and who is taking a prescription? I have been on a prescription but my insurance won't cover any more through my local pharmacy. I must do a mail order. I really don't want to mess with that. I am considering buying OTC vitamins. Anyone else taking them....what brand????
Avatar f tn t been able to keep my prenatal vitamins down. My doctor suggested Flintstones gummy vitamins . Seems good so far.
Avatar f tn There not only for baby but for you too. Like your hair, nails, skin all sorts. If youbhavent takes any now and haven't been tilde to have any I wouldn't worry.