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Avatar f tn I see people on this all the time talking about prenatal vitamins and im wondering should I be taking them? The only thing my doctor told me to get was folic acid and now im worried incase I should have been taking something else all along? :/ ... Should i get them? And also what kind? I dont have a clue about these things :( I dont see my doctor until the 26th..
455110 tn?1205964069 Prenatal vitamins are multivitamins intended for women who are pregnant or hope to become pregnant. Sometimes prenatal vitamins are recommended for women who are breast-feeding, too. Most prenatal vitamins contain more folic acid, iron and calcium than do standard adult multivitamins. Prenatal vitamins have been claimed to promote thicker hair and stronger nails, but researchers haven't yet proved whether prenatal vitamins truly have these effects.
Avatar f tn Ive googled &seen that they benefit not only with baby but with hair growth &nail growth… ive been taking mine &icut my hair in first of september &still feels short -,- its not growing fast or "glowing" is there a certain type of vitamins that really help??, iam taking some gummy type in a clear jar plastic green twist off taking 2aday.
Avatar f tn Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy will you notice a difference. The prenatal vitamins they say help with hair growth, however I believe its more hormonal changes within you. When you notice your hair growing you will also notice your nails growing faster than usual. I have been taking prenatal vitamins for only 3-4 wks... I would say its more hormonal changes than the vitamins, for myself atleast.
Avatar f tn should you keep taking your prenatal vitamins after you give birth?? or switch a different kind?
Avatar f tn Keep taking prenatal vitamins that is what helps.
Avatar f tn You're supposed to take them the whole pregnancy but honestly I never have with any of my kids and this is my third Dr is OK with it because my diet is good.
Avatar f tn So i visited a friend today and she looked at my prenatal vitamins that i had with me and was surprised they didn't have dha in them. She gave me some dha vitamins and recommended that i take them and continue to do so. My dr didn't mention dha. Am i alone in this?
Avatar f tn I am 22wks and I've only taken 14 prenatal vitamins my whole pregnancy. I know if you eat well (and I do sometimes) that everything will be fine but do yall suggest I still take them just in case? I dont want my son to not be healthy or lack nutrients he needs. But then again, ppl have been having perfectly fine babies way before these vitamins were invented. POST YOUR OPINIONS OR EXPERIENCES. Thanks!!
Avatar f tn What's everyone's favorite prenatal vitamins? I just bought nature's bounty but I really don't know what I'm supposed to be looking for.
4850939 tn?1370543309 The prenatal vitamins make me sick so my doctor told me about the gummy prenatals.
Avatar f tn Yes everyday. It's really important for the babies growth. My prenatal have DHA which is suppose to help support brain and eye growth and is suppose to help your child later on learning wise.
Avatar f tn Im 19 weeks and i havent took non of my prenatal vitamins since i was 12/13 weeks due to the fact that they make me sick, what could happen if i dont take them? I feel like im harming my baby, i have an appt on thursday im gonna talk to my doctor about it hopefully my baby is ok. What are some good prenatal vitamins yall could recommend?
Avatar f tn I barley took my prenatal vitamins the whole 5 months im 22weeks my freind told me i need to start taking them , asap but ive been to my appointments and my child is growing fine drop some opinions below i dont want to have a still born
Avatar f tn t have a doctors appointment until the 13th of January and ill be like 8 weeks. Am I supposed to take prenatal vitamins now or when I go to the doctor will they give them to me?
Avatar f tn Also they will increase the growth rate of your fingernails and skin cells. Many women who are not pregnant take prenatal vitamins to help with thinning hair, weak fingernails, or skin problems.
Avatar f tn Ive been using the Santogen pre-natal vitamins as they also have vitamin D, they are good for after brith and breast feeding, talk to your midwife but the over the counter ones are the same as the pescription ones (and cheaper!
Avatar f tn Since i plan on breast feeding, do I continue to take the prenatal vitamins after I give birth?
Avatar f tn i dont shave my stomach but it is getting so hairy that i am thinking about using nair if its safe.. my dr said it is my hormones and can also be contributed to the prenatal vitamins im taking..