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Avatar f tn Hello I just found out that I am pregnant. Both my husband and I are already excited. Now he has picked the names of the baby. If its a boy, he will be called Jesus Adrian ( after him and his favorite Guy name) if its a girl, she will be called Anabell Zelda (a mixed between his mom name and my fav book character, the middle name is from his favorite video game princess). What do u guys think?
Avatar f tn As others on here have told you, it would be dangerous for you to get pregnant so soon after a C-section. There is a chance that you will lose that baby too and your heart will be broken again. And not to mention it's dangerous on your life. Getting pregnant right now won't take away the pain of losing your precious little baby. Some therapy and time is the only thing that can heal you. You need to give yourself at least a year to ttc again.
Avatar f tn I did when I was pregnant but I was a tank and WAY too hormonal for it... So my husband ban me from it, lol. We stopped though, it got too easy... So now we play on the PS3, I love me some Skyrim.
Avatar f tn hi, im new to this so not sure if i posted my last post correctly so doing it again just in case!! i found out i was pregnant a while ago and wld have been 9wks this fri (22/5/09).
Avatar f tn and it was even harder since he was deployed in Afghanistan and communication was scarce... when I was about 7 months pregnant we were talking via Facebook instant messager and he suggested Mikala... I dont know how he came up with it in his head but im pretty sure transformers has something to do with it... I chose how to spell it though and we named her McKayla. With this one we agreed on a name at 19 weeks... just 1 week after we found out we were having another girl...
Avatar n tn we dated another year and decided to get married (of course, my mom was not at all happy, she even thought i was pregnant and my brother lectured me for about a week) but, nothing anybody said changed our minds. we got married at city hall nothing fancy. we got our own apartment and lived there for about two years, then we bought our little castle (that's what i call it). i always wanted a big wedding and he knew that and always told me that he would give me one. three years ago he did!