10 weeks pregnant symptoms disappearing

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342647 tn?1291107933 Hi ladies - I am now 10 weeks along and have had very little symptoms for about 4/5 days now. I know symptoms can come and go and do start to disappear when nearing the 2nd tri but is it ok to be feeling normal and not really even pregnant. A week ago I was gagging, had a heavy tummy feeling and felt really pregnant now i feel fine. I do have really bad skin (which i always get with pregnanies) and still alot of wet discharge down there but other than that i feel good.
Avatar f tn Yes! Actually got a little freaked out and got a blood test today. I'll get results tomorrow. I should be 7 weeks. I had some symptoms but they seem to be gone now, even the fatigue.
342647 tn?1291107933 Hi ladies - I am nearly 6 weeks pregnant and I think my symptoms are disappearing - before I even got a positive result I had slight nausea, sore boobs and just that feeling I was pregnant. I was tired and had a sensitive tummy (husrt when coughing, blowing nose etc). Now i feel fine, sore boobs every now and then, and slight cramps (similar to period) and still a heavy feeling in tummy at night but not much else - I just don't feel pregnant anymore.
8529755 tn?1412629642 My boobs were really sore and then around 10 weeks started to feel better. I'm at 13 wks now and all is fine. I think what you are experiencing is normal.
Avatar f tn This is my first pregnancy. I am 29 y/o, 5 weeks 3 days pregnant. I started with bloating, mild cramping, and breast soreness at about my first missed period on the 2nd of this month and got 2 postive HPT's on that sunday. I am concerned that my breast tenderness and cramping have stopped after only a week. Am I still pregnant? No spotting, bleeding severe cramps or even discharge. First time so I have no idea what to expect. Thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn At about 10 weeks most symptoms subside and yeah you will feel as if your not even pregnant.
1384583 tn?1288991489 I wouldn't worry about it. I'm 8 weeks pregnant and was so concerned at 6 weeks because my breasts stopped hurting and I hadn't felt any real morning sickness. I went for a scan last week just to check, and everything is normal and was told just consider myself very lucky!
Avatar f tn I found out at the hospital as well that I was 3 weeks pregnant my hcg was 128. A few hours later had risen to 145. Long story short I went on to miscarry at about 6 weeks with NO added symptoms! No pain, no cramps, clotting etc. I had spotting my whole pregnancy and my only sign of miscarriage was one slightly more red spot when I wiped. That's it. My dr. Told me that I had a very rare form of miscarriage effecting only a small amount of women.
Avatar f tn Im 5 weeks and it seems all my symptoms are disappearing , The minor cramps, breast tenderness, nausea.... could this be a misscarrige?
Avatar f tn I'm 5 weeks and I know what you mean. My symptoms definitely come and go, especially breast tenderness and nausea. Everything I've read says this is normal, so I'm like you--just trying not to worry, especially since I'm so early!! But no, you're not alone!
Avatar f tn I am wondering a little something, is it common for my ms to be disappearing at only 9 1/2 weeks? This is my 3rd pregnancy, I had 1 child but the last time I was pregnant I m/c so I am a little worried.
Avatar f tn So when i fell pregnant the second time every little change freaked me out. At about 10 weeks my symptoms started to disappear and i was so concerned something had gone wrong. I was able to call my doc and come in for another scan just for peace of mind. The baby was fine and about a few days latter everything was back again.
1293529 tn?1325184540 Symptoms or lack of symptoms are not indicative of a problem. Most doctors won't even see you until you are 8-12 weeks pregnant. Also pregnancy symptoms can fluctuate. They can come and they can go. Don't read so far into them and enjoy this time!
1878545 tn?1348937282 What does this disappearing symptoms means? Does it means that the std is gone? Or it is still there, without showing any signs?
Avatar f tn How do you guys feel at 10 weeks pregnant? I feel like this has been the worst week for me I've been so sick. How do you guys feel?
Avatar n tn Well, if you're referring to the same pregnancy, then they disappeared first, then reappeared. Same concept applies. Or, are you thinking this is a new pregnancy? Is your other post the same question? I didn't check.
Avatar f tn Ok I have a question I'm almost 11 weeks pregnant and my brest hurt and so did my nipple but now they don't is that something to worry about
1487690 tn?1316760585 I never felt pregnant in the early weeks! Symptoms can also fluctuate. Try to enjoy the weekend. I KNOW it is hard because I've been in the same limbo for five pregnancies.
Avatar f tn ) nd had 0 symptoms!
Avatar f tn I am very nearsighted and have very bad vision in both my eyes, my left being the worst. While I was in the hospital trying to save my unborn daughter (I was on bedrest 10 weeks) I noticed what looked like shooting stars in my vision about every other say. (Only in my left eye) It would only last a second, and I did not have a headache or any pain when it happened. This happened when I wore my glasses and contacts.