Pregnant upset stomach

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Avatar n tn i am seven months pregnant and i have an upset stomach that is causing me to have diarrea what should i do?
586373 tn?1312031791 Wind and abdominal discomfort, slept very little at night, an hour or so the next afternoon.
1008739 tn?1250612588 Sleep was interrupted thanks to my upset bowels. Bleck!
Avatar f tn 9am awoke with upset stomach, took medication and one cracker, gradually eased up.
Avatar f tn Felt neausous, had crams a diarhea but no headache. Not sure if its postdrome or a bug but I had these before after a couple of days with a headache just not this long.
Avatar f tn Sulphur burps and regular diarrhea . Only eaten toast and drank water and tonic water . Started with severe pain in upper naval .
Avatar f tn stomach discomfort, diarreah, nausea
Avatar f tn For the last week have had painful, swollen gut with a feeling of nausea.
Avatar f tn Didn't feel like eating or drinking much of anything.
Avatar n tn Not feeling well.
Avatar m tn Upset stomach this morning, malaise tired..fluish feeling..gonna be a COD day i guess.
Avatar n tn I took 2,000mg of metformin AKA Diet Pills for two days.
1787345 tn?1316310945 Woke up this morning 5am with extreme stomach pains following by Dhyiria
1242992 tn?1367863265 no appetite.....feeling quite queasy.
1546323 tn?1293646390 For about a week or 2 my stomach has not been right. Also hemorrhagic acting up.
363243 tn?1331033850 Woke up on Monday with my stomach feeling upset. I took her to school and I felt like I was going to gag when I went to Walmart. I felt the same when I came home. It felt like something was stuck in my stomach. I didn't drink enough water today and I only ate a half a slice of pizza.
Avatar n tn Heartburn and upset stomach woke me up at night.
363243 tn?1331033850 My stomach was bothering me since early this morning. I took Prilosec and it felt better so I ate something but I felt sick. I got a little sleep and I woke up just feeling sick to my stomach...feel yucky.
Avatar f tn Lately, I have not been eating much due to the fact that I can't keep anything in me. I'm not throwing up either, but I have constant diaherra after trying to eat something. I have horrible cramps in my stomach that come and go without warning. I've been trying to keep dehydrated. I'm not under to much stress and I don't think it's from anything I ate. Any suggestions on what is wrong with me? Please help I can't take anymore of this.
Avatar n tn does any body knows what is safe to use for upset stomach i am 13 weeks pregant thanks
Avatar f tn I am 7weeks pregnant today. And I feel like I have an upset stomach all day. Its not cramping its more like a dull nauseous kinda feeling. Im tired all day. So my question is... is it normal to have an upset tummy all day?
Avatar n tn Hi everyone, I'm currently 13 weeks pregnant and everything I eat seems to upset my stomach (like food poisening) even though that's not the case. I haven't had any morning sickness or nausea though. Is this happening to anyone else?
Avatar n tn Thats how i felt and feel this morning.. i ended up throwing up.. :( and i havemt this whole pregnancy.. i just drank water and ate some crackers and it soothed it a bit.
Avatar f tn I'm 33 weeks n ik being pregnant u really can't take medicine but I have a stomach virus have not been able to hold down anything even just fluid wat can I do or take to help? I went to the ER n they said I couldn't take anything for it...
Avatar n tn very upset stomach and head
Avatar f tn Had a bad bout of stomach upset, not sure why.
Avatar f tn It's hard to think before you act sometimes When you're mad, and pregnant, but really try to start talking it out about how u feel & not letting it all build up inside, that's dangerous. Lol there was actually a pregnant lady that got shot in the stomach today over an argument that started over social media, her n her baby are in surgery now.