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Avatar n tn i am seven months pregnant and i have an upset stomach that is causing me to have diarrea what should i do?
Avatar n tn does any body knows what is safe to use for upset stomach i am 13 weeks pregant thanks
Avatar f tn I am 7weeks pregnant today. And I feel like I have an upset stomach all day. Its not cramping its more like a dull nauseous kinda feeling. Im tired all day. So my question is... is it normal to have an upset tummy all day?
Avatar n tn Hi everyone, I'm currently 13 weeks pregnant and everything I eat seems to upset my stomach (like food poisening) even though that's not the case. I haven't had any morning sickness or nausea though. Is this happening to anyone else?
Avatar f tn I'm 33 weeks n ik being pregnant u really can't take medicine but I have a stomach virus have not been able to hold down anything even just fluid wat can I do or take to help? I went to the ER n they said I couldn't take anything for it...
Avatar n tn Thats how i felt and feel this morning.. i ended up throwing up.. :( and i havemt this whole pregnancy.. i just drank water and ate some crackers and it soothed it a bit.
Avatar f tn not letting it all build up inside, that's dangerous. Lol there was actually a pregnant lady that got shot in the stomach today over an argument that started over social media, her n her baby are in surgery now. I mentioned that to say, just because we're pregnant doesn't mean we have a force field around us & unfortunate things can still happen. I have to remind myself to calm down for my kids sake. No argument is ever worth it.
7527649 tn?1410588076 He called me really mean names and he also said im the wrost mistake of his life and regerts getting me pregnant when he plan this baby.
Avatar f tn i find that hard to believe bc for one this whole pregnancy i lost weight so yall telling me that the last week he holding my stomach hostage he wanna gain his weighg oh no sir you got to come on out of me, i love you to death and glad i made it to 9 months but mommy would love to go back to her weight before she found out she was pregnant with u.
8464451 tn?1409887576 Ive got them all over my belly from my first pregnancy they are my tiger stripes wouldnt change them for the world my daughter was worth it now pregnant with baby number two and no doubt i will get loads more lol
489099 tn?1286224581 Im so upset, i know its part of being pregnant but not sure if after the baby im going to feel so pretty and attractive anymore. Like hubby is not going to see some other chicks with nice soft skin with no stretch marks, and think i look better. I know im probably being super silly, but im just so upset. So are these stretch marks going to get bigger and long? Is there a possibility that they will stay small?? I heard that stretch marks are genetic, but my mom never got any.
Avatar f tn Porn can cause real issues. My husband watched porn before we got together 3 years ago and he was so dependent on it that he couldn't stay hard while we did things. It took 2 years for his joy stick to return to normal where we can actually have normal sex... i caught him looking up porn the other night and I flipped. Not only did it cause use relationship problems for those 2 years but now I feel fat and ugly since being pregnant...
4204106 tn?1374704816 The 24 year old started saying if I said anything to her she would come over and kick me in the stomach as hard as she could and watch me double over in pain knowing my baby would be dead. When I read it was so mad I stated to cry. It took my a little over a year to get pregnant. I have been doing everything to make sure nothing happens. My husband just laughed I know he would never let it happen but still. I'm so upset. I made a police report but they can't do anything yet.
Avatar f tn I'm actually In a situation where I gotnkickes kicked out my mothers because I'm pregnant I have legit no where to go in a week I need to be out. But I know there are resources out there to help mother's like us that are struggling. Look into that talk to your doctor maybe she or he can direct you in the right way. I will be praying for you. I know God will provide and guide you. I'm not saying it's going to be easy, we are going to struggle & be uncomfortable.
Avatar f tn i was laying down and it hit me. i found out the babys sex yesterday and now im upset. i was hoping for one thing and i dont get that. but then sex the baby is would be pretty exciting. ill tell everyone the babys sex either monday or sunday. i gues im a little diapointed. im going to love this baby either way but you kno its like you have your heart set on one thing and i dont kno. im just really upset.
325224 tn?1342799514 Last night I was just a bucket of nerves thinking about what i'd do if I lost this baby (and i'm only 5 weeks!). I ended up getting such an upset stomach and back ache that I had to, ahem, use the restroom twice. When I woke up this morning, I had no cramping whatsoever until a few hours later and now the upset stomach will come and go like i'm going to need to use the bathroom, but subside very quickly. The cramping is back, not constant and even milder than it has been.
Avatar f tn Now I wonder if any of you had upset stomach from aspirin. I always took it with food. How long do you take them? Are there any of you only taking lovenox and folgard but not aspirin? I don't know how long my stomach can handle aspirin....
Avatar f tn I know my tummy hasn't been feeling good that day and the day before. Now I wonder if any of you had upset stomach from aspirin. I always took it with food. How long do you take them? Are there any of you only taking lovenox and folgard but not aspirin? I don't know how long my stomach can handle aspirin....
Avatar f tn Im 37 weeks and i gained about 30 lbs my sister also gained 30 lbs and was skinnier then i was before i got pregnant but, i am taller and her stomach is twice the size of mine.
Avatar n tn i just wanted to let all u know im not pregnant nn im very upset.
Avatar f tn Hi all, I'm 35+2 and for the past 4-5 days ive had a really upset stomach - been really gassy and had really bad diarrhea (tmi sorry). I know I haven't eaten anything dodgy, and I know it's not a sickness bug as im feeling well in myself, im just not too sure what's going on. Is it a sign of going into labour, or something else? Should I be worried?