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429615 tn?1204508080 Hi, my name is Amanda. I just found out that I'm pregnant. I have a little red headed boy named Quint who is almost 2 1/2 years old. I'm happily married to the man of my dreams. I believe I'm about 5 weeks pregnant. Found out Feb. 28th. I live in Virgina and love living in a small town. I love the Lord!!! He is so awesome, he has done so much in my life. I am nothing without him. I also sing and have made two CD's that i've done.
Avatar f tn Im not looking to be judged so please if you only have negative things to say don't post. Im currently 38 weeks pregnant. I've struggled with opiate addiction for 2 years before getting pregnant. I was using heroin before finding out at 4 weeks. I stopped the same day I found out. I wasn't scared of withdrawing because I wasn't using a lot or everyday. Fast forward to 30 weeks I admitted to the ICU for severe asthma. They kept me there for 5 days.
1460967 tn?1512404738 Ahh Girl look at my belly (x3) I-I-I pig out Ahh Girl look at my belly (x3) I-I-I pig out When I finally fall asleep, my leg begins to cramp Got a fetus in my belly, and Tums by my lamp I pee my pants when I sneeze and I'm so afraid blow it, blow it, blow it, blow it (achoo!) I'm pregnant and I know it Ay! I'm pregnant and I know it Check it out!
Avatar m tn He hadn't *** in our foreplay but he did *** into the condom. I'm young and I don't want children. I can bear lyrics are care of myself, plus a baby? No thank you. Please help I play sports and basketball is coming up. I don't want the baby to interfere with that.
Avatar f tn Has anyone found yourself when brushing your teeth start throwing up when brushing your tongue ? I usually have no problem but now that I'm pregnant I find it a struggle to not throw up when I start brushing my tongue...
Avatar f tn I'm 23 years old and I'm 17 WEEKS pregnant with my second child. And With this pregnancy has been so hard for me. I'm tired all the time and and feel so different from my first pregnancy. Is this has something to do with the change of age. I was 16 when I had my first child?
Avatar f tn My friend was pregnant nit k lyrics was it around her 21st birthday but she was also a bacholorette it was super hard to plan but we actually had a pure romance party I'm not into those things but it was super fun and we actually went bar hopping for a little bit just for her to see the atmosphere and then we went to the casino...
Avatar f tn (unsure if that's the title, but those are the lyrics) It just seemed so fitting with everything... Trying to get through the bumps in the road for me and Corey, and trying to have a successful pregnancy. I told myself after this baby is in my arms, I could add to my sleeve and add the lyrics "out of the woods" to it. I feel like I'm ******* bipolar. One minute I want to punch him in the neck. The next... I want to get on my knees and beg him and cry and hug him and kiss him.
Avatar f tn If your not sure go to the hospital... Rather be safe than sorry!
415867 tn?1323369103 I've done my scrapbook (and some 3D u/s announcements) with the lyrics from Bruno Mars "Just the way you are". Except the one line about the sexy laugh, I just LOVE this song and think it's appropriate for MY miaracle daughter that is about to arrive in 6 weeks!
Avatar f tn You should talk to your doctor about something you can take for headaches while pregnant......when i was pregnant with my son i had to be put on a medication. Im pregnant now with my 3rd child and will be getting put back on the headache meds on Thursday when i go back to the doctor.
319281 tn?1238546523 At the end they show pictures of the two of them and their other child and they sing this song that they had come up with...and i was crying like a baby (since that is why i do now pregnant) And i just thought i would share the lyrics with you all....its so cute! "Look how far we've come after all, and i just couldnt be with out you, and i wouldnt wanna be without you You know some times you drive me up the wall.
Avatar f tn I'm so sorry that sounds gross or whatever but anyone who is pregnant probably has some experience with constipation. does anyone have any advice on what I can do or take to make me go like now?I can't feel like this all day and I have an hour and a half before work to figure this out.
Avatar f tn I was on Lyrics, Cymbalta, Maxlat (migranes) and Topamax. I did feel much better on them, but my hubby and I are trying for baby #2 (we're struggling w/ that too, starting a fertility med this month... wish us luck) so I had to come off of the meds. Lyrics was wonderful!!!! About a week after I started it, I wok up and could stand straight up, I started crying b/c I NEVER thought i'd see a day w/o pain. I tried Ambien, and it made me SOOO SICK, I threw up for what seemed like forever.
1330108 tn?1333680904 This must be something like what my husband read in our baby books when I was pregnant with my son. We were grocery shopping one day and he looked at me and said "You know you are going to go blind and grow a mustache right?" I didn't know what he was talking about until we got home and found this page open in the "What to Expect" book LOL! (The mustache was referring to how your hair can grow in unexpected places and thicker then usual.
Avatar f tn Hey everyone. I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and contemplating on having a natural birth. I am petrified of the whole labor idea, but feel it's the healthiest for my baby. I also believe I want to opt out of having my baby vaccinated... anyone out there try the natural route or at least give thought to it?
Avatar f tn I like baby mine, but some of the lyrics kind of bothered me since it's about other people not liking him, so I changed them up a bit in certain parts. Lol... I need to look up stay awake bc I don't even remember that one.
Avatar f tn Geez, what is up w/ all these crazy posters lately? I feel like they are bugging me more now because I am hormonal and pregnant! I can't believe how dumb ppl can be!! AAAAHHHHH...OK, good, breath let it out... OK much better.. So what will all you ladies be doing this weekend? I am still feeling ill at night, so I have to plan day trips, plus my daughter (22 months) HATES being in the car for long periods of time. Well, use this as an open forum if you'd like...
Avatar f tn As I got more pregnant, it got very exhausting and I made a promise to myself to relax and not push myself and have a clear mind before my baby boy comes (in less then two weeks and still unpacking and getting ready) and I still text her and talk to her when im not busy and try and talk but I usually only get one text and then she would stop texting me.
1041303 tn?1421390941 These are the lyrics to a song called " I still love you " by Deestylistic This is a beautiful song, it is a rap, but regardless it is beautiful. It is on youtube.
Avatar f tn @lyrics mama yeah i find it easier 2raise boys i guess cause of having all sons :) i have 1 niece whom i love n adore shes a good kid with me but drives her mother my sister crazy with tantrums etc lol
Avatar f tn The ways that we helped grieve was to keep him a massive part of our family, we have his name on a plaque on the wall, his funeral song lyrics are framed and up in my daughters room, and we talk about him and his name is mentioned are bout the time, this helps me so much because he's still with us and it's still very real. We have a baby box that has his little belongings from the hospital in.
Avatar f tn my cousin use to live with us and her babys daddy use to hit her and her stomach when she found out she was pregnant. he all of a sudden wanted to be there but she left him and came to live with us. the cops said he has no right to be there and you could get a restraining order if he even goes and is bothering you. hopefully it won't come to do. but if he decided to go to court after he gets a DNA test he has right.
Avatar n tn You sound like me exactly a year ago. Welcome to the wonderful world of being Bipolar. It gets easier, just hang in there and listen to your doctors. I remember how I felt this time a year ago and it was hard. I went manic late November before last and stablized, after starting meds the end of last January, mid-March. If you have any questions on your new journey and need anything drop me a message. Good luck and hang in there!
Avatar f tn I am soooo freakin out nw cld i have slept walked or let someone into my apartment?? I was singin loudly n yelljn lyrics i rem. i haeht sleptwalked as an adult but as a child i have before. Pls someone help me rationalise . Has this happened yo anyone before?? My clothes were all on n i woke up in e same position but inforgot to turn on my vid cam last nite.
1188245 tn?1271801742 Today I want to talk about something important. Rather, something important in my life....Music. Where to start? I have litterally been listening to music my entire life. My mom listened to music while she was pregnant with me, "Achy Breaky Heart" by Billy Ray Cyrus was playing when I was born, and ever since I have been dancing, singing along to and just jamming out to amazing music. In the past, I dunno, 5 years or so I've REALLY gotten into music. In all aspects.
Avatar f tn Hey ladies need some support! I'm going on 19 weeks pregnant and needless to say I've been keeping it a secret from my friends and family. Now don't judge me! Me and my boyfriend were considering abortion because we don't feel ready but I'm still pregnant lol. Today I've been so emotional because I feel alone and confused about my relationship. My boyfriend just moved to Denver, CO and I live in Indiana. He is still slightly pushing for the abortion but I'm not.