Pregnant hot dogs

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Avatar f tn You can eat hot dogs but I wouldn't consume too much! Hot dogs have nitrates in them! When I was pregnant with my second if I smelled or touched a hot dog I would vomit!
Avatar f tn Hmm, nitrates are found in a lot more foods then hot dogs. Don't think I have ever heard this one. If you are being really healthy you probably shouldnt eat any processed foods, which includes most cheeses and much much more.
Avatar f tn So I've been craving hot dogs like crazy !!! Is it okay to eat those while pregnant?
Avatar f tn Is it bad to eat hot dogs while you're pregnant? I just ate one and I'm panicking!
Avatar f tn are we allowed to eat them in moderation? Lol I love the hot dogs at SAMs club but I know we aren't supposed to eat them...
Avatar f tn You can eat them as long as yu do so while its steaming hot...
7763229 tn?1396626895 I actually didn't know we aren't supposed to eat hot dogs o.o I cooked them according to the instructions on the package though, so maybe I was doing fine. Kprince, pizza has been fine for me. I'm 2 days overdue and through most of my pregnancy I've used cheese pizza as a tummy settler. Red Baron though, not restaurant made. I also take Zantac 150 twice a day, so if you're not on tummy medicine it might unsettle you.
9498641 tn?1411576331 I think I've eaten more hot dogs than anything while pregnant.. I get the all beef Oscar Meyer.
Avatar n tn This is so weird to some but I love cold hot dogs. I'm pregnant and have eaten one a day for the passed three days. I just read they could have something in them.. do you think that is bad?? Or should I just stop eating them?
Avatar f tn is it bad to eat hog dogs while pregnant . this is my second time eating them but of course I only ate them while they were extremely hot and cooked all the way .
Avatar f tn Okay so I heard is not good to eat hot dogs when your pregnant. What if they are cook in the grill can I eat or is it the same thing?
Avatar f tn I just ate 2 hot dogs&& i keep hearing there safe, not safe so now i feel lost and guilty
Avatar f tn Beef hot dogs or turkey dogs cooked well, I suggest. But that's me because I am laying off of pork for me entire pregnancy.
9704378 tn?1553726192 I've eaten hot dogs throughout my pregnancy & my baby is still fine, nothing wrong with him.
1391531 tn?1289164143 But too hot for dogs to charge around in the midday sun! And by 8 at night it was beautiful, so we did most of our running then. It's the best thing for dogs, especially long haired dogs, to stay cool in the day, even if it gets boring, and go out in the early mornings or the evening. They do hate it though, don't they? How do you tell an active healthy dog "Wait till 8 tonight" when it's only 11am!?
Avatar f tn Yes u can eat hot dogs longs there cooked I eat corn dogs all the time
Avatar f tn 9 weeks pregnant. Ate three hot dogs and a apple feel so full makes no since the lats hot dog didn't even have bread with it smh.
8550901 tn?1400740690 I know you not supposed to eat hot dogs and some pregnant girls still do . Once in a blue isn't bad I know lol but I haven't ate hot dogs for so long the last time I ate it was at the beginning of the pregnancy .
Avatar n tn i am craving for corn dogs and hot dogs.. i called my doctor and she said it's okay to eat... not too much though... cold cut... when you eat that.. need to heat up little bit.. I am having Chicago dogs tonight...
Avatar n tn Having her shipped in the cabin would be the safest way. Service dogs, such as therapy dogs, seeing eye dogs and other guide dogs, and dogs for the deaf, are allowed to be shipped in the cabin, with their human.
Avatar f tn I am hungry but don't want to cook....can pregnant women have hot dogs? Can I put them in the microwave for a quick time cuz I feel nauseous and need something to eat ASAP.
Avatar f tn They said cold cuts, hot dogs or prepared foods aren't good for you while pregnant. Did anyone else hear that?
Avatar f tn Lilly - there are raw hot dogs that are sold in the grocery stores. They cost about 3 times as much as cooked ones, and they are actually healthy for you. You do have to cook them, though, it's like buying raw turkey. The problem with processed cooked hot dogs isn't bacteria, as I understand it, but the fact that it's loaded with nitrates and garbage. Cooking them, or heating them up doesn't solve that problem.