Pregnant lower back pain

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Avatar n tn Lower back and hip pain. So damn over being pregnant.
Avatar f tn I have missed my period, but am feeling cramps in lower abdomen and some pain in lower back?
Avatar n tn did aquasizes, tired lb pain,
Avatar f tn -Slight lower back pain, noticeable when dirving.
Avatar n tn My lower back was in extreme pain. Also had a head cold. lower back tightened up and I could not bend over.
Avatar f tn Lower back pain - no exercise
Avatar f tn Lower back pain - no exercise
1667852 tn?1313588829 Woke with lower back screaming!
636891 tn?1365202536 Still having problems with my back. I find if I just keep moving it helps. Taking Ibuprophen for pain only in the morning.
1809109 tn?1331803777 Severe lower back pain and cramping- period?
Avatar n tn lower back pain, bilateral sciatica, mild pain today
Avatar f tn Lower Left back hurts feels like its my kidney
Avatar f tn 30 - Sudden sharp pain in lower back while making bed - pulling fitted sheet on mattress. standing/bending at waist - hard to stand up. sharp, stinging pain in lower back and back of right leg. trouble standing, sitting, walking, laying down. back of right leg now just aching. lower back very painful. took percocet and put ice on lower back, sitting in straight-back chair with feet flat on floor limited relief.
Avatar f tn Lower back burning like pain and lower abdomen discomfort (heavy feeling).
Avatar m tn Lower back pain in the lumbar area, Both hips hurt all day
Avatar f tn No problem on treadmill today.
Avatar m tn VA Drs said I have nerve problems and disc problems between 4 and 5 diss have chronic pain Take Hydrocodone 7.
1474611 tn?1416632958 My lower back and right hip have been hurting for almost a week now.
Avatar n tn Still no spotting Puffy nipples Constipation (Mild) Sore nipples (Mild) Slight food adversion lastnight Lower back ache (mild) YAY!!!!
Avatar f tn 2 days now of lower back pain when I stand up and when I move
1105450 tn?1375683721 I had such sever lower back pain that i had to use a heating pad
1323047 tn?1279193919 Just lower back ache
1105450 tn?1375683721 I had sharp pain go through my lower back today on my way to the chiro.
1637739 tn?1371688706 The pain in my lower back is here again and worse today. Not so much on my sides but lower back and hips. Feels tight. Like my muscles are all sore. When I went to bed tonight my fingertips were feeling numb - more pronounced on my left hand.
Avatar f tn low back burning and achy pain. numbness and tingling in lower calf/ankle and foot. driving me nuts.
Avatar f tn Lower back has alot of pressure right at the spine. Problem urinating.Takes a long time to get flow going.
Avatar f tn Can't get comfortable. Pain in lower back is very strong sitting, standing and laying down. Frustrated, don't want to take pain meds bc they constipate me.
Avatar n tn Feels like lot of pressure on lower back/upper sacrum. Very tender across lower back and down hips.